True Love Stories

heart broken love story

Short Term Love Gave Her Life Time Heartbroken Pain

What is love for you? A feeling, commitment or passing the time? Why do you fall in love instantly? Or why do...
one sided love story

An Incomplete, Sweet & Salty One-Sided Love Story

What makes you nostalgic, happy or sad? Do you still remember your one-sided love? Or you still think of your incomplete love...
true love story of india

Dislike Brought Shagufta-Danish closer, Love at its best

Some say true love does not exist, some belief true love has divine power. Every love story has a story. Some love...

Famous Love Stories

miranda kerr & evan spiegel love story

Miranda Kerr Found Love as Evan Spiegel at Dinner Party

Beauty with the brain is a synonym for Miranda Kerr. With sweet dimple on cheeks, a pretty smile on face her beauty...
chanda kochhar love story

Chanda Kochhar: A Banker’s Love Story

Chanda Kochhar is not an unknown name. In fact, Chanda Kochhar is the synonym for ICICI. A strong personality with a...
astrid menks susan buffett

Don’t Miss Secrets of Astrid Menks-Warren Buffett,Susan

What do you wish to know? And why do you desire to know? I think you are willing to know the secret...
prince harry meghan markle love story

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Fairy Tale Royal Love Story Ever

Everyone desire to know the love life of the Royal couple. We wonder most of the time. The royal couple has...
kapil dev love story

Kapil Dev Love Story: Cricket & Girlfriend, Wife & Worldcup

It is Kapil Dev who made India proud in 1983 by lifting WORLD CUP. Under his captaincy, India won its 1st World...

Ancient Love Stories

Love & Relationship News

Assam Police Arrested Three Muslim Sisters For Love Jihad

Arram police arrest three muslim sister
Assam police turned beast and broke every single record of humanity. What Assam police did, has shaken the women across India. The...

Love Freely In Rajasthan, Police Will Give Security

love freely in rajasthan police will give security
Yes, exactly you are reading the very true headline. The day has gone when lovers had to face police cases. Now you...

BJP MLA Daughter Sakshi Married HARIJAN

Sakshi Mishra saw no boundaries, no limitation, no cast barriers. For Sakshi, it is only true love. Isn't she is an inspiration...

5 Things To Do This Valentine’s Day

5 Things To Do This Valentine's Day
As love day is not so far in case you haven’t been picking up on the hints of your partner. Let’s talk about some...

Top 5 Bollywood’s lesser known Affairs

affairs of bollywood
When it comes to Bollywood, even a common person's curiousity rises. Well here is a list of some alleged affairs of the film industry. 1....

Love & Relationship Tips

10 exercise couples should do together
You would have tried definitely tried everything in pair, have you ever tried doing workouts together? Try it once as two is the...
One Sided Love
One sided love is the one that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such by the beloved. This type of love is...
20 signs he loves you truly
What is the most tragic question for women? And what confuses the women most? Oh, girls, you don't know!! Let...

Love & Relationship Tips

5 Things To Do This Valentine's Day

5 Things To Do This Valentine’s Day

As love day is not so far in case you haven’t been picking up on the hints of your partner. Let’s talk about some beautiful ideas regarding...
Signs man respects & care you

10 Romantic Signs Your Loving Man Respects And Care You

What do we expect in our life? Hmmm, success, money, stardom, happiness, and love. And what is the most important expectation of your life? I...
relationship goals

Relationship Goals: Girl Should Do For Boyfriend

We do lots of things to spice our romantic relationship. We try every single tip to make our partner happy and smiling. But dear girls...
secret desire of a man for women

These Cute (Secret things) Men Like in Women Most

What do women know about men? Ummm you would say man are hardworking, romantic, loving, caring and sexy as well. And what do we...
Romantic relationship tips for couple 2019

Don’t Miss Secret Relationship Tips For Couple

Making and falling in love is easy. But continue this relationship forever is something like climbing MOUNT EVEREST. A romantic relationship is amazing in every...

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