Kumar Vishwas Poetic Love Story: He Proposed Manju By Poem

Kumar Vishwas and Manju love story.

Life is not about Netflix and chill, and neither it is about money or success. Life is all about love, loving, and being loved. The statement sounds more promising when we focus on the love story of Kumar Vishwas. Love of his life who supported him in the journey of becoming a poet to becoming an Enterpreneur. You are going to read Kumar Vishwas’s love story.

Well, you all have known him as a regular celebrity. A man who carries quite an interesting and colorful character. A man who is the most popular politician in AAP.

A famous personality who is equally popular on social networking sites. A person who spread his magic everywhere by establishing himself as a renowned Hindi poet.

The more you got to know about him, the more curious you will become to know about the man. A man who is socially proactive but has always hidden his personal life from everyone. Did you know, he too has a love story?? So, let’s unfold the love story of Kumar Vishwas to know more about his colourful love life.

Keep scrolling down to know more about Kumar Vishwas’s love story…

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Who is Kumar Vishwas?

Kumar Vishwas also known as Vishwas Kumar Sharma was born on 10th February 1970. He is an Indian Hindi Poet, lecturer and Politician. He is the founding member of “The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)”.

Kumar Vishwas was from a middle-class family in Pilkhuwa, Uttar Pradesh. He is a very famous poet. Nowadays, his poetries are so famous on social media. Especially among lovers and couples!

Some of his notable works in poetry are, “Ek Pagli Ladki Ke Bin”, “Koi Deewana Kehta Hai”, “Phir Meri Yaad”, “Hai Naman Apko” etc. Kumar Vishwas is an inspiration for all the struggling writers in our country!

Kumar Vishwas was a dropout from the engineering college

Dr Vishwas Kumar Sharma, better known as Dr Kumar Vishwas joined MNIT, Allahabad, one of the reputed engineering colleges in India, to become an engineer.

But he felt that he was not made for machines. So, if he would have continued that, he would have become a below-average Technocrat.

This made him make the tough decision to quit engineering. And he left engineering and followed his heart to study literature and make a career in poetry.

Kumar Vishwas’ inclination toward Hindi Literature was the start of his love life!

Vishwas passion for poetry led him to study literature. He completed his post Graduation in Hindi literature and went on to earn a PhD.

After completing his M.A. and PhD in Hindi literature, he started his career as a professor in 1994 in Rajasthan. Vishwas works as a Professor, teaching Hindi literature to students of higher classes.

During the period persuading his Master’s degree, a new chapter opened in the life of Vishwas. Love was waiting at the doorstep of his heart.

Kumar Vishwas met Manju and both of them fell in love at college!

Manju is a girl who entered the life of Vishwas and make his life more beautiful. Vishwas met Manju in the college where he was doing his Master’s degree. It was a College romance between Kumar Vishwas and Manju.

Manju was also doing her Master’s degree in literature. Both of them had a keen interest in Hindi literature and poems. Having the same interests in Hindi literature brought them closer. Kumar Vishwas and Manju used to share their thoughts and writings with each other.

Kumar Vishwas and Manju love story.

The two of them started enjoying each other’s company and a strong bond formed between the couple. The two hearts started falling for each other.

Kumar Vishwas proposed to his wife with a poem and finally, they married!

The love of the couple blossomed. Vishwas used to write poems for his sweetheart to impress her. Finally, he succeeded to convince his lady love and after their post-graduation, they decided to get married.

Kumar Vishwas and Manju love story.

The wedding bells rang and the two souls became one. The love between the couple intensified as time passed.

The couple is blessed with two lovely daughters named Agrata and Kuhu. Manju has always been the supporting better half of Vishwas. Vishwas considers himself lucky for having a wife like Manju, his sweetheart. He gives the credit for his success to his lady love.

Kumar Vishwas’ controversies and his wife, Manju strong support for him!

Vishwas has always been in the news for something or the other. He was accused by a campaign volunteer of molestation and sexually coloured remarks.

Kumar Vishwas and Manju love story.

Vishwas Kumar was also accused of copyright infringement by Amitabh Bachchan in relation to a posting on YouTube. He was also imprisoned for different cases that were registered against him.

Despite the controversies and all, the love of Manju for his better half never fades. The couple complements each other by being there for each other in every phase and every situation of life.

Kumar Vishwas’ became a Youth Icon despite being accused!

Despite many shady controversies, Kumar Vishwas has become an icon among the youth of India. He is famous for his oratory skills and poem. Dr Kumar Vishwas is a poet of international repute.

He is mainly famous for writing poems based on beauty, love, romance and attraction. Kumar Vishwas contributed his talents as a poet to Hindi television and Bollywood also.

He is a man who did not stay limited to just poetry. But also participated actively in the anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare. He is a guy who followed his heart to make it big in the world of literature and poetry.

His multi-dimensional life is definitely inspiring. Isn’t it?? He showed the country that a person needs to work his/her way to success.

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Who was Kumar Vishwas’s girlfriend?

Kumar Vishwas was pursuing his Master’s degree at a college. He met Manju in that college and fell in love with her. Kumar Vishwas’s girlfriend was Manju Sharma.

Who is Kumar Vishwas’s wife?

Kumar Vishwas married Manju. He met her at a Master’s college where both of them were pursuing Hindi literature. Soon, they got closer, fell in love and married each other.

How Kumar Vishwas met his love, Manju?

Kumar Vishwas was an engineer but he suddenly got a passion for Hindi Literature. So, he was pursuing his Master’s degree in Hindi literature and there he met Manju.

Conclusion on Kumar Vishwas Love Story

Kumar Vishwas is a poet. A poet writes everything he feels from the inside. He mostly writes in the genre of Love, Romance, and attraction. The love which he gets from his partner makes him pen down such feelings.

Somewhere the reason behind his soothing oratory skills is his healthy and happy married life with Manju. The two love birds are a perfect match for each other. The couple makes justice to the statement.

“True love is like a pair of socks, you gotta have two and they’ve gotta match”..!! I hope you enjoyed reading Kumar Vishwas love story! Let us know in the comments section.

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