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The Romantic Journey Begin During my College Days


When I (Nishat Firdaush) was in my early days of college. I felt something very necessary, but unable to explain. I felt love all around. But in Indian society somewhere we are not open in love and sex. Still, elders avoid talking about love, feeling, romance or sex. That is why with my team we decided to start a platform to talk about it. Because we did not wish to make this natural emotion to make a taboo in Indian society. And started my love cum relationship website www.jodistory.com with my awesome team.


For me, love is not a feeling to hide. Already the world is suffering. We need love, care, and emotional support to overcome the challenges of career and society. My team has designed a suitable place JODISTORY where everyone can land to gain emotional or mental support.

“Love site does not mean only for lovers. Animals need love and care also. We are human beings. More feelings than animals. Sometimes we are facing relationship issues, or expect love tips. Maybe sometimes we wish to share a personal romantic love story with the world. We are open to all. Join our hand at JODISTORY.


Almost every day we watch, read or listen to the negative side of our society. For instance honor killing, rape, elopement, suicide for love, or murder for one-sided love. But why these heinous incidents take place? Nobody thought. Whereas we thought to diminish these problems as much as possible. That is why my team writes on every BURNING TOPIC in JODISTORY. For example love stories of celebrities, true love stories of ordinary people across the globe, love tips, relationship goals, honor killing, stopping child abuse, POSCO Act, etc.


In fact, we are trying to motivate people to break the stereotype. No one approves inter-caste marriage in India. But love has no cast, gender, age, color gap. Love is eternal. And we should respect it. That is why our writing team is doing great work to bring change in the mindset of society.


We are trying some experiments on society to bring a romantic change. Our team is willing to make a real love series of grand couples age 60-70 years. So that youth can know the density of true love and emotion along with grand tips for a lifetime relationship. 

“Love never gets old and it has no expiry date,”


There is no news portal only for love and relationship tips. That is why we are planning to launch the Romantic News Portal JODISTORY. The concept behind it is to reach true lovers. And try to flaunt the ROMEO-JULIET Who did inspiring things to make love story a successful tale. 

News Portal Has Another Side Also

It will also show the negative side of society such as honor killing, murder for love, etc. So that we come to know the reality of Incredible India. And people may try to stop these insane work. So that love may bloom in every nooks and corner on the earth.

Join Us

We are LOVE PLATFORM for lovers across the world. Our main purpose is to listen to your emotions and feelings. Our team is working to make your personal life romantic, happy & cheerful. That is why JODISTORY shares different love stories of celebrities and normal people like you & me, love tips, news related to personal crime. So that you may come to know about the happenings of a romantic world.

We are working to gather awesome & strange love stories throughout the world. So that we can put an inspiration for the person who thinks love does not exist or there is no TRUE LOVE on earth.

Our team writes LOVE TIPS every day to sort out your romantic issues. We bring personal news like eloping, honor killing, rape for love, etc. In short, www.jodistory.com is a complete solution for love stories, love tips & love news.

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