Liz Hurley’s Love Story: A Timeline of Her Romances

Liz Hurley’s Love story
Liz Hurley’s Love story

Liz Hurley is one of the most beautiful and successful women in the world. But behind her glamorous and enviable life, there is also Liz Hurley’s Love story of love, loss, and betrayal. Liz Hurley has had a series of high-profile relationships with some of the most famous and wealthy men in the world.

Liz has dated actors, businessmen, cricketers, and photographers. She has been engaged, married, and divorced. She has faced scandals, controversies, and tragedies. In this article, we will look at Liz Hurley’s love story, from her first boyfriend to her current status as a single woman. We will explore her romantic history, her ups and downs, and her hopes for the future.

Who is Liz Hurley?

Liz Hurley is an English actress and model who was born on 10 June 1965 in Basingstoke, Hampshire. She started her career as a dancer and theatre student, but later became famous for her roles in films such as “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” and “Bedazzled.”

Liz also gained media attention for her relationship with Hugh Grant and her appearance in a Versace dress held together with safety pins. She has been a spokesperson for “Estée Lauder cosmetics” since 1995 and has her own beachwear line.

Liz is also a producer and has worked on films such as Extreme Measures and Mickey Blue Eyes. Recently, she starred in a steamy scene in her son Damian’s directorial debut, Strictly Confidential.

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The Rise and Fall of Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant’s 13-Year Romance. (1987-2000)

Liz Hurley’s relationship with Hugh Grant is arguably her most famous to date. They were the epitome of a movie star couple — she with that Versace safety-pin dress and he with the dashing rom-com smile. The pair met in 1987 on the set of a Spanish film, Rowing with the Wind, and stayed together for 13 years. They supported each other’s careers and attended many red carpet events together.

Liz Hurley's Love Story with Hugh Grant

Their relationship was rocked by scandal in 1995 when Grant was busted cheating on Hurley with sex worker Divine Brown. He issued a public apology and Hurley stood by him, but their romance never recovered. They broke up in 2000, citing different life goals and pressures from the media.

However, they remained close friends and still consider each other as their best friends. Grant is the godfather of Hurley’s son, Damian, and Hurley is the godmother of one of Grant’s children. They often speak fondly of each other and make each other laugh.

Liz Hurley’s Love Story with Steve Bing: A Turbulent Affair and a Tragic End. (2000-2002)

The model dated businessman Steve Bing for 18 months in the early 2000s. They met in 2000 and dated on and off, travelling to New York and Europe together. They broke up in 2002, shortly after Hurley told Bing that she was pregnant with their son, Damian, who was born in April 2002.

Liz Hurley and Steve Bing

Bing initially denied paternity and claimed that they were not exclusive when Hurley conceived. A DNA test later proved that he was the father. They did not reconcile after the dispute, but they became close again in the past year before Bing’s tragic death by suicide in 2020.

Hurley described him as a “sweet, kind man” who left a “terrible end”. She shared photos of them and said that they had spoken on their son’s 18th birthday. She also thanked him for giving her the greatest gift of her life, her son.

Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar: From Mumbai to London, a Cross-Cultural Love Story (2002-2011)

Hurley had a glamorous and extravagant relationship with Indian heir Arun Nayar. They met in 2003 at a party in St Moritz and started dating soon after. The Duo engaged in 2006 and married in 2007 in a lavish ceremony that spanned two continents and lasted eight days. They had a civil wedding in England, followed by a Hindu wedding in India, with guests such as Elton John and Kate Moss.

Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar

They seemed to have a happy married life, but they began drifting apart due to their busy schedules and different lifestyles. Both separated in 2010 and divorced in 2011, amid rumours of Hurley’s affair with Shane Warne. They remained on good terms and even celebrated New Year’s Eve together in 2024.

Liz Hurley and Shane Warne: From Lovers to Best Friends (2010-2013)

Hurley had a whirlwind romance with Australian cricketer Shane Warne. They met at a racing event in 2010 and hit it off immediately. Both engaged in 2011 in Sri Lanka, where Warne proposed with a sapphire ring. They bought a home together in England and spent time with each other’s children.

Liz Hurley and Shane Warne

However, their relationship faced challenges due to their busy careers and media scrutiny. They broke up in 2013, citing conflicting schedules and growing apart. They remained friends and expressed their love and respect for each other. Hurley paid tribute to Warne after his tragic death in 2022, calling him her “beloved Lionheart”.

Liz Hurley and David Yarrow: The On-and-Off Romance That Ended in Betrayal. (2014-2019)

Hurley had a brief and on-and-off relationship with wildlife photographer and former hedge fund tycoon David Yarrow. They met in 2014 at a party in St Moritz and started dating soon after. Yarrow was a wealthy and successful man who shared Hurley’s passion for animals and nature.

Liz Hurley and David Yarrow

They broke up in 2014, reportedly due to Yarrow’s reluctance to commit. They rekindled their romance in 2018 but split again in 2019 after Yarrow allegedly cheated on Hurley with a younger woman. Hurley was devastated by the betrayal and said she felt “stupid and naive” for trusting him. They did not get engaged or married during their relationship.

Liz Hurley’s Secrets to Being Single and Fabulous at 55. (2019-present)

Hurley has been single since her breakup with Yarrow in 2019. She has focused on her career as an actress, model, and producer, starring in shows like “The Royals and Runaways,” and launching her own swimwear and organic farm lines.

Liz has also devoted her time to her son Damian, who is following in her footsteps in the entertainment industry. She has supported his acting and modelling endeavours, and even appeared in a steamy scene in his directorial debut, Strictly Confidential.

Liz Hurley’s Love story

She has not been in a serious relationship since her split from Yarrow, but she has maintained friendships with some of her exes. Liz has said that she is happy being single and does not need a man to complete her. She has also said that she would be open to the idea of being loved and loving someone, but she does not know if marriage comes into that.

How long did Liz Hurley date Hugh Grant and why did they break up?

Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant dated for 13 years, from 1987 to 2000. They broke up because of different life goals and pressures from the media, as well as Grant’s cheating scandal in 1995.

Who is the father of Liz Hurley’s son Damian and what happened to him?

The father of Liz Hurley’s son Damian is Steve Bing, a businessman and producer. He died by suicide in 2020, after reconciling with Hurley and their son.

How did Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar celebrate their wedding and why did they divorce?

Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar had a lavish wedding that spanned two continents and lasted eight days. They had a civil wedding in England, followed by a Hindu wedding in India. They divorced in 2011, amid rumours of Hurley’s affair with Shane Warne.

Who was Liz Hurley’s last boyfriend and why did they break up?

Liz Hurley’s last boyfriend was David Yarrow, a wildlife photographer and former hedge fund tycoon. They dated on and off from 2014 to 2019. They broke up after Yarrow allegedly cheated on Hurley with a younger woman.

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In Conclusion on The Thoughts on Liz Hurley’s Love Story

Liz Hurley‘s love story is a roller coaster of romance, scandal, and heartbreak. She has had many lovers, but only one husband. Liz has faced challenges, controversies, and tragedies, but she has also experienced joy, happiness, and friendship.

She has been loyal, faithful, and supportive, but she has also been hurt, betrayed, and disappointed. Liz has been a star, a beauty, and a mother, but she has also been a woman, a human, and a soul.

Hurley has learned from her mistakes, grown from her experiences, and moved on from her past. She has not given up on love, but she has also not settled for less. Liz has embraced her life, her son, and herself. She has found her balance, her peace, and her strength.

Liz Hurley’s love story is not over yet. It is still unfolding, evolving, and surprising. It is still full of hope, possibility, and wonder. And It is still her story, and it is still beautiful.

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