Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee’s Love Story Died After Sex Tape Scandal

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee love story

What is the exact feeling a person feels when they are in love? Most people will say that they feel a flame of passion and immediate attraction for their future partner. This is how Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s love story started too.

Lust and infatuation are two very misguiding feelings on the road to love. They often lead one to a toxic relationship even when you cannot accept it and constantly deny it. What exactly happens in a love story where both partners burn each other?

A little passion in love makes things better and deeper. But what happens when the passion fizzles out or when you realize that life is not always a roller coaster that only goes up but also comes down?

Let’s check out Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s love story to understand if it was really love or just infatuation.

Who is Tommy Lee?

Tommy Lee’s origin is Greek-American. He was born in 1962 in Athens, Greece. Tommy was the founding member and musician of his metal band called Motley Crue. He mostly played drums.

Tommy also did some solo career and music pursuits. He found another band called Methods of Mayhem which was a rap metal band. Tommy got his first set of drumsticks when he was just four years old! Later on, when he started his teenage years he received his first proper drum kit.


Who is Pamela Anderson?

Pamela’s full name is Pamela Denise Anderson. She was born in 1967. She’s a Canadian-American actress, model, and public personality. Her birthplace is Ladysmith, British Columbia. She went through breast implant surgery twice to get 34DD size breasts.

Pamela was one of the most glamorous models for Playboy Magazine. She’s famously known for her role as C. J. Parker in Baywatch from 1992 to 1997. Her career at Playboy lasted for over 22 years. She still remains the only model who has appeared and starred in the highest number of Playboy magazine covers.

Tommy Lee was married twice before meeting Pamela

Before meeting Pamela, Tommy was married twice. First, he married Elaine Starchuk in 1984. Elaine was only 18 when she married Tommy. Their marriage sadly didn’t last for more than a couple of days.

In 1986, Tommy married his second wife, Heather Locklear among 500 people. The twist in the story is that Heather was the one who proposed to Tommy to marry her just after three months of dating.

Tommy was married to Heather for eight long years before they divorced each other in 1994.

The first meeting of Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee in 1994

Pamela and Tommy romantically met on the night of December 31, 1994. Tommy was a free spirit and he licked Pamela’s face from her chin to the temple that same night.

Pamela was highly attracted to Tommy’s carefree nature. She was instantly drawn to him and wanted to be as close as possible to Tommy.

Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson married each other after four days in 1995

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee love story

Pamela went for a photo shoot in Cancun, Mexico. Tommy decided to give her a surprise and went uninvited to Mexico to meet Pamela.

Just when Tommy reached Mexico, he proposed to Pamela. However, Pamela didn’t respond immediately and took three days to give her answer to Tommy.

However, she did accept his proposal and said yes to Tommy after three days. Their wedding was untraditional. Tommy was in shorts and Pamela was in a bikini. They were getting married on a beach. Their wedding took place in 1995.

They even gave each other their blood. The couple went so crazy that instead of giving each other rings they just got their names tattooed on each other’s ring fingers. It was truly a crazy marriage just like their crazy love story.

Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson’s honeymoon in Lake Mead in 1995

Tommy and Pamela decided to enjoy their honeymoon in Lake Mead. They were really excited and wanted to document their honeymoon. So, as usual, Tommy brought his video camera.

It wasn’t unusual for Tommy to record their honeymoon because he had a habit of recording Pamela and everything else. However, things were soon about to turn bad for the couple.

Pamela Anderson goes through a miscarriage in 1995

In 1995, Pamela was working a lot and one day she collapsed. This caused a miscarriage and the couple was truly heartbroken. Moreover, the media was highly apathetic by endlessly clicking on Pamela.

Tommy was really infuriated by the media’s behavior as they kept on blocking the ambulance’s way just to click pictures of a mother who just had a miscarriage.

However, the couple survived this tragedy and Pamela threw Tommy a birthday party to distract herself. After ten days she told Tommy that she was pregnant again. Tommy was delighted.

Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson’s infamous sex tape released in 1996

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee love story

After returning from their honeymoon, Tommy safely kept the honeymoon tape in a safe. But that safe was stolen by a man named Rand Gauthier. Moreover, the tape was being sold on the internet by the Internet Entertainment Group without any consent from Tommy and Pamela.

It was truly devastating and humiliating. They didn’t even realize that their safe was gone for about two months. Pamela was truly heartbroken and knew that karma would work in their favor and the person who did this horrible thing to them would suffer.

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee’s children

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee love story

In 1996 Tommy and Pamela’s first baby boy Brandon Thomas was born. The couple again welcomed a baby boy named Dylan Jagger in 1997.

The couple felt blessed after becoming parents. After suffering from miscarriage they finally found happiness in their children.

Tommy Lee abuses Pamela Anderson in 1998

Tommy and Pamela got into a fight in 1998. Say they started fighting in front of both of their children. Pamela decided to call the police but Tommy took the phone from her, twisted her arm, and slammed the phone down.

This all happened while Pamela still had little Dylan in her arms. Pamela revealed in her documentary that her nail even tore off and the blood was dripping everywhere.

Tommy Lee goes to jail in 1998 due to Pamela’s charges

Tommy was found guilty and charged with spousal and child abuse. He was also charged with keeping a firearm. But Tommy denied all of the allegations. However, he still had to go to jail for six months. Pamela soon filed for divorce from Tommy. He didn’t quite understand what made her do that.

Tommy thought that Pamela got really scared, and thought that he was a monster. Since their kids got involved Pamela might have thought that she is making the right decision.

Their divorce was soon finalized as Tommy went to jail. He believed that Pamela just wanted an easy way out of a difficult situation because she never could deal with things.

Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson give their relationship a second chance in 1999

After Tommy came out of jail in 1999 he and Pamela decided to give another chance to their relationship. Pamela really wanted her family to be close together.

So Pamela revealed to the world that she and Tommy have decided to give their love a shot again and make their children happy.  However, it didn’t last long and their efforts bore no fruits. They were back in court fighting for the custody of their children in 2000.

She even told the police that Tommy broke his parole and drank champagne with her which put him in jail for five days.

Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, a love triangle from 2001-2007

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee love story

Pamela started dating Kid Rock in 2001 after breaking her engagement with Marcus Schenkenberg. Kid and Pamela got engaged but later split in 2003.

However, in 2006 she married Kid on Yacht in France. Pamela was very frustrated and just wanted to move on and feel free with Kid. Soon Pamela got pregnant with Kid’s baby but suffered a miscarriage and filed for divorce from Kid two weeks later.

Again Tommy entered the picture and Pamela started having a purely sexual relationship with him in 2007 after her divorce from Kid. Kid and Tommy got into personal as well as public fights as they both were highly disrespectful and abusive towards each other.

Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson give their relationship a third chance in 2008

Tommy was always too optimistic about his relationship with Pamela. In 2008 he announced that the kids and Pamela are moving in with him. He was beyond delighted and was happy for the kids as they were happy to see their parents together too.

Tommy always saw the half glass full and mentioned how he and Pamela have only tried about 800 times and now were coming for their 801st try! They only started a relationship after Pamela’s marriage ended with her third husband, Rick Saloman.

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee broke up for the third time in 2010

Even though Tommy was really excited to be together with Pamela. The couple soon broke up in 2010 after two years of giving each other and their relationship a third chance.

It’s still unclear what led them to make this decision but one thing is absolutely clear their relationship always followed an unstable and toxic pattern.

Who was the love of Tommy Lee’s life?

Pamela Anderson is undoubtedly Tommy Lee’s love of life.

What is the story between Pam and Tommy?

The story between Pam and Tommy can be seen in the series of the same name that released in 2022

How long were Pam and Tommy together?

Pam and Tommy were together for bout fifteen years considering their on-and-off relationship.

Why did Pamela and Tommy get divorced?

Pamela and Tommy divorced each other because Tommy got abusive in the relationship and even went to jail.

Do Tommy and Pamela still talk?

Yes, Tommy and Pamela still talk to each other as they share two kids together.

How old was Pamela when she had a baby?

Pamela was 28 when she had her first baby.

Who leaked Pam and Tommy?

Rand Gauthier stole Pam and Tommy’s tape and released it.

Did Pamela have kids with Tommy?

Yes, Pamela had two kids with Tommy.


Thoughts on Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee’s love story

Undoubtedly so far you must have realized that Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s love story is neither normal nor complete. They keep on getting attracted to each other time and again like two magnets. It’s like they could be a forever kind of couple but it’s just one of those relationships that never really worked out!

Their relationship also proves that love is not always rainbows but can be quite painful too. Even after loving the other person deeply sometimes a pair is just too toxic and not good for each other. So sometimes in love, it is just better to let go than hold on.

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