Nakuul Mehta-Jankee’s Love Story is a tale of childhood sweethearts

Nakuul Mehta-Jankee's Love Story

Nakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh are one such couple whose lives have an adept balance of love, career and success. The actor by profession, Nakuul Mehta, has won the hearts of millions of girls with his exemplary acting skills. However, his heartbeats only and only for one woman. That woman is his wife, Jankee Parekh. … Read more

Arjun Bijlani-Neha’s Love Story is a tale of “Love at first sight”

When opposites attract, they make the best couples. Arjun Bijlani is an actor with a charming personality and handsome looks. Not to mention, his impressive ability to make friends with people in a blink of an eye. On the other hand, his wife, Neha Swamy, is a reserved and shy lady. So how did the … Read more

Keith-Rochelle Love Story: Love is in the air

Keith-Rochelle Love Story

Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao’s relationship was no secret from the prying media-world. However, from the duo’s hilarious proposal to their intimate wedding, the stories aren’t unleashed, yet. But now it is high time to reveal the details of such moments. How did they meet? Where did they get married? How did Keith-Rochelle Love Story … Read more

Hina Khan’s Love Story with Rocky Jaiswal is a Sensual Tale

hina khan love story

Hina Khan is a household name. With her exemplary acting skills, flawless looks and charming personality, the girl has paved her path to success. However, there is one lucky guy, who has already stolen Hina Khan’s heart. Rocky Jaiswal, a producer by profession, is the lucky man. But how did Hina Khan’s Love Story bloom? … Read more

Robin Uthappa’s Love Story: The Match between Sportspersons

Robin Uthappa's Love Story

Surely there are many love stories which involve cricketers marrying Bollywood celebrities. But there are only a few stories when one sportsperson marries another. Ishant Sharma, Mitchell Starc to name a few. One more name that adds up to this list is Indian Star Cricketer Robin Uthappa. Robin Uthappa’s Love Story with wife Sheetal Gautam … Read more

Ellen DeGeneres Love Story is Unconventional: Love defies Gender

Ellen DeGeneres Love Story

Love is blind. No age, no flaws, no gender not even society’s blasted rules matter when one is in love. Ellen DeGeneres Love Story proves it. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are one of the most long-lasting couples of Hollywood. Not only they’ve had an exceptional career but an exceptional lesbian love story too. … Read more