Stan and Joan Lee’s LoveStory: 69 year romance

Stan and Joan Lee's LoveStory

American Comic book king, Stan Lee, has passed away recently on November 12th, 2018. Stan Lee was a comic book writer, publisher, editor, and producer. While he was generally famous for Marvel. But he also had a great love story. His wife had a great contribution to his life as they shared an about 69-year wedding that actually almost didn’t happen. Are you excited about Stan and Joan Lee’s LoveStory 69-year romance? Well, we will discuss all his love life step by step. So don’t go anywhere and make your time memorable.

In the year 1979, Spider-Man creator Stanthen 56, and his better half Joan Boocock, also 56, had been happily married for about 30 years. When both opened up to PEOPLE about their unique and cute love story—which at first almost didn’t happen.

How did Stan and Joan meet?

The pair met in 1947. When stan, who had already been popular due to Marvel and had a good reputation for being a ladies man. At that time he went to check out a ‘gorgeous redhead’ that a cousin had recommended he try and date. Joan Boocock was a hat model, replied to the door instead.

Stan and Joan Lee's LoveStory

And Stan said he took one Boocock and declared ‘I love you!’.But the problem was Joan was already a wife of someone. When describing their very first meeting with People magazine, Lee said-

“There was one girl I drew, one face, hair and body.”

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“It was just my idea of what a girl should be. The perfect woman.” He adds that when he saw his wife, Joan in real life, Stan decided it was fate. “She was the girl I had been drawing all my life.”

Stan’s Problem: Joan was Married already

Joan has married already! After her childhood love married another lady, Boocock had married a soldier of America. Joan had only known for one day in the year 1943 during World War II.And then she moved to New York. She was not happy with her marriage. Joan decided to left Reno. In those days, the best and quick way to get a fast divorce was to go to Nevada for about six weeks to establish residency. After someday, Stan lee got a letter addressed to Jack.

Stan and Joan Lee's LoveStory

This astonished him, so he came to New York from a plan. And went to Nevada to see what’s happening. When he arrived, Joan was there for him. Stan didn’t think he stood an opportunity. He was wrong. And they divorce.

Stan and Joan Marriage and Children

After an hour after a judge allowed Joan her divorce on 5 Dec 1947. Joan and Lee had a marriage in the room next door. The same judge that was granted her divorce conducted her wedding ceremony.

Stan and Joan Lee's LoveStory

Together, the couple Stan and Joan had two daughters. In 1950 Joan Celia JC was born. And their second child Jan Lee was born in the year 1953. But Jan died when she was just 3 days old. The pair bought a three-bedroom house on Woodmere, Long Island in New York, where both lived till 1952. 

Joan was Inspiration for Stan

Stan also revealed that his wife Joan was the inspiration for him. She motivated her to create many characters for his comics that exist in the real world. Also in 2011, Lee said that there was joke between them that his wife wasn’t even into comic books. He said- “My wife Joan and I are really close”.

Stan and Joan Lee's LoveStory

“And yet, I’m not sure if she’s ever read a story I wrote. She’s not into comics at all.”

Joan’s Death

Joan passed away on 6 July 2017. Due to some complications of a stroke. As she suffered it in the week. Joan Lee was about 95 years old.

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She and Stan Lee were together for 69 years. Both were completely devoted to each other. 


At last, their love story is a great example of True love and bond. Lee’s wife had a great role in his life as women are always behind men’s success. Rest is they have made a “history” and have inspired ample people We wish that two cute lovers are together in heaven and celebrating their love. I hope you liked Stan and Joan Lee’s LoveStory.comment down your views.

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