I Am in Love, Lust, or Attraction? 10+ Love Question Answer Relationship Problem

I Am in Love, Lust, or Attraction? 10+ Love Question Answer Relationship Problem

No relationship is perfect. Every couple faces their own ups and downs. The love journey is full of uncertainties and surprises. With situations and circumstances, we sometimes feel that our partners have changed. Or the spark which bloomed in earlier days is not the same anymore. There are several questions we want to be answered, out of all we have shortlisted the 10+ love question-answer relationship problem for you.

Its no guarantee that everything will remain smooth always. Love is like a roller coaster ride! Together you both have to overcome the problems and emerge as winners. A number of times so many questions fluter in our mind when these problems arise.

We have no guidance on what is wrong and what is right. Our emotional sentimental mind correlates these questions with the same situation their friends may have faced. On the verge of comparison, we might take the wrong decisions sometimes.



Before justifying anything, let us understand that it’s completely perfect to be imperfect. Yes, sometimes it may happen that we question ourselves. question our partners, and question the relationship.

But until and unless we don’t question, how will we get a beautiful answer. A question about love and relationship is going to help you a lot.

From all the ‘relationship’ questions and answers which oscillate in our mind, here’s the list of 10+ love question-answer relationship problem.

1. I fought with my boyfriend. Now I am waiting who will make the move first. Am I doing right?

When it comes to making the first move, we hesitate with this ‘me’ concept. When it comes to sorting out an argument, again we hesitate with this ‘me’ concept.

What we don’t realize is that slowly and gradually this hesitation develops into ego. It is never wrong in making the first move whether the question is for proposal or seeking an apology.

Whenever an argument sparks or there is a fight. You expect your boyfriend to approach and cheer you first. What you don’t know is that the same expectation he also keeps from you. In the wait of who will approach first, the strained relationship further wrenches.

Isn’t it better to sort out things rather than waiting from the other side and holding grudges? So keeping aside your ego, never hesitate to demolish this ‘me’ concept.

love question answer relationship problem

With some couples, there’s a rather completely different scenario. Whenever there’s an argument, it’s always one-sided efforts where only one partner tries to resolve the problem. In that case- this is a serious problem! Have patience and wait from the other side.

Let your boyfriend feel your absence, let him realize your importance. You never have to completely pour yourself in order to quickly fix the problem. If he tries to get back to you.

Congratulation! He is completely yours. It does not mean you always wait for him to wrap up the fight. It happens in love. Sometimes you may have to take the first step.

2. My girlfriend does not spend time with me as before? Did she find another guy or else?

Don’t start feeling insecure if you are feeling that you are unable to spend the equivalent amount of quality time with your girlfriend like you used to before. Apart from love life and family life, every individual has their own professional life as well.

There comes a time when we all need to devote ourselves to our careers in order to be the best. This lasts only lasts temporarily, but we all have a common misconception that love fades away if you don’t give time.

long distance

Instead, its opposite is actual reality. Love blooms with distance! Because you crave each other’s presence. You will think about your girlfriend day and night. And she will think about you every time.

Even during that little time you get to talk with your girlfriend, always desire to make the best out of it. And most importantly, you both have to work for each other so that in the future you can stay with your girlfriend forever.

So next time don’t get upset that you are not able to see your girlfriend from time to time. Because less time to spend doesn’t mean less love.It’s the reciprocal which is true.

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3. I want to marry my girlfriend. I am not getting how to impress her parents?

One of the most asked questions in the list of 10+ love question answer on relationship problem.. Every love story has a climax. A climax that decides the faith of the main characters.

It takes a lot of guts and confidence to impress your girlfriend’s parents. But believe me, if you overcome this climax, your love story will bloom at another level.

love question answer relationship problem

We live in a sophisticated society where you need to get approved in order to strive. This mentality is outdated but still prevails.

It’s won’t be an easy task to woo her parents, it may take more time than expected. You will be judged by every perspective from how you sit to what you do.

But the only thing it requires is your confidence. Don’t step back even it looks difficult. Treat them just like your own parents, and gradually you will decipher the route up to their hearts.

Use the same charm which you used to impress your girlfriend. Be humble, courteous with your gestures. Because who does not like confident son in law! I am sure, you will definitely make up for their hearts.

4. Now my boyfriend does not talk to me like before. He stays silent and does not want to share his problem with me? Why did he change his behavior suddenly?

If you feel uneasy about your boyfriend talking less. If you think your partner is becoming silent day by day. You feel as if your boyfriend is losing his interest while talking with you. Then understand that he is indicating something to you.

understanding your partner's silence

This silence does not indicate to the end of your relationship, rather it highlights the comfort he is trying to finding in the silence by being with you.

Unexpected things happen in everybody’s life. It’s natural that an individual loses his/her interest in everything and become silent. But this doesn’t mean your boyfriend is ignoring you or losing interest in you. Instead, its the time he needs you the most.

He wants you to understand his pain, and comfort him with his comfort in the silence. Give your boyfriend some time and eventually, things will crawl back to normal.

Ask him politely the reason behind his silence. Maybe he is in deep pain. If he tells you the reason. Then ok. If not then maybe now he is not willing you in his life anymore.

Don’t force him to talk to you in order to divert his mind. Instead, give him your shoulder to cry upon in order to empty all the emotions he has buried inside.

5. My girlfriend fights with me on a small issue. She keeps arguing. I do not like her behavior. Should I break-up?

There are misunderstandings, quarrels in every relationship, even between two friends or with your parents. And these arguments are absolutely healthy. If you fight that doesn’t mean you are losing your grip with your love. Because with every fight, your love for each other grows even more.

Your girlfriend might think you aren’t giving her much time, or she is down with her monthly cycles. And therefore, she may just outburst.

But it never means fighting is bad. Quarrels will show you from where she might lack and aid you in helping her out.


Arguments provide you with an opportunity to know your better half even better. It also provides the opportunity for you both to understand yourself and work to become a better version of yourself.

Next time whenever there’s a fight, don’t feel down instead, work out together, and come out much stronger. Try to find out the reason why she often fights? Why she turned angry? When you will find the answer to the question. I am damn sure your relationship issues will be solved.


When it comes to trust in love. We often think true love does not exist. And after that, we started finding true love questions. Not to worry you are at the right place. From the list of 10+ love question-answer relationship problems, here are some handpicked questions for helping you. Read more true love questions.

6. My boyfriend is over possessive. He always checks my call history. Is it good or bad?

Are you feeling that your boyfriend is controlling you too much? Do you have to report each and every single thing you do throughout your day to him? Do you feel he is being over possessive? Then, here I am to help you out.

Possessiveness is just like salt. When there is the required amount, it is perfect. But when there’s an overdose, it is harmful.

love question answer relationship problem

Being possessive in a controlled way isn’t bad. Instead, it will give him an opportunity to care for you. And so an opportunity for you to care for him.

It’s similar to cherishing your favorite thing and taking almost care in handling it. But make sure to control your possessive nature so that it doesn’t become a burden on your loved one.

And next time when you think your boyfriend is trying to be possessive, let him just care for you. But if it appears like his possessiveness is killing your privacy. Then talk to him. Because personal space is an important part of life.

7. Is sex important for a successful relationship? Or true love is the reason for a happy relationship?

It’s not mandatory for having sex with your partner for a successful relationship. The perspective depends from person to person.

For some, it may be important, and for some, it might not be important. There is no wrong in doing it because it’s healthy in its own way.

Sex gives you the opportunity to connect with your partner and yourself both. You both understand each other and identify how you both can become one. Instead, intimacy is a symbol of a healthy relationship with your partner.

But, that doesn’t mean a relationship can’t be successful without having sex. There are several other ways to show affection towards your partner.

Like, you can kiss them, hug them, cuddle them. A gentle gesture of touch to showcase love is more than enough to tell your partner that they are important for you.

If you feel that sex has become the only reason to stay in love. Then it is not true love. It is only lust. Love, romance, and sex are important elements. But if you only end up to sex then you are not in love.

8. I am not feeling a strong connection with my girlfriend like I used to before, Is she distancing away from me?

Suddenly are noticing a gradual change in your girlfriend’s behavior? Is she acting strangely around you? Then, my dear, it must be a warning signal for you.

An intentional distance is more harmful than a forced distance. In the forced distance, the circumstances or situations act which doesn’t allow you to interact with your girlfriend much.

Like, in case of long-distance relationships or when you both are working upon your careers. In this case, you both are wanting to talk to each other, but your busy schedules don’t allow you to.

love question answer relationship problem

On the other hand, in the former case, its the distance deliberately created leading to an end with heartbreaks. Your girlfriend will start to ignore you, she will show her dislike for the way you have originally been, she will complain too much about you, and maybe back-bitch behind you.

Then it’s a sure case, Your girlfriend is distancing from you. If you are facing the problem of a communication-gap with her then at the first try talk with her.

Let your girlfriend sort it out with you and know what is exactly going wrong. If the reason for this treason seems very big, don’t hesitate to leave. But if it is something that can be worked out, then definitely do it.

9. My boyfriend has been acting wired recently, is he cheating on me?

Its never easy to swallow the truth but infidelities don’t hide long. This question is one of the most important ones in the list of 10+ love question answer on relationship problem.

Is your boyfriend showing new interests in his clothing style or the way he talks? Then, it must be because they might have someone else back in their mind.

The number one excuse he can give to you is that he is working overtime or he is too much burdened with his work, directing to the conclusion that your boyfriend is finding ways to avoid you.

The very guilt of his wrong deeds is restricting him to confront, but eventually, the truth always comes out.

love question answer relationship problem

If your boyfriend is cheating on you, then he will easily get irritated while talking to you. He will show less interest in you and find every reason to avoid you. Because if he was into you then he would always find a reason to talk and be together.

A drastic change in your boyfriend’s way of acting around you is a clear sign that something’s wrong! If you happen to ask for their phone or passwords, he will avoid the conversation.

He would face difficulties in making direct eye contact with you. It’s better to confront and end it before you hurt yourself even more.

10. I do not know I am in love, lust, or attraction?

Another important question in the list of top 11 relationship questions and answers. The feeling of love for someone. and attraction for someone is different. But surprisingly, these two intermingle.

Often we get confused that what are we feeling for the person standing in front of us- is it love or is it attraction? The feeling of attraction is kind, gentle, and caring. Whereas the feeling of love is very intense and deep.

love question answer relationship problem

If you feel you want to care for somebody in a very kind way, then you are affectionate towards that person and attracted by them.

If you feel energetic or strongly attracted by looking at someone when they dress up, then it is a purely physical attraction that is lust.

But if you are feeling a very strong desire of fondness and happiness for a person then congratulations- you are in love!

The attraction is temporary, but the feeling of love persists for a longer period. When you are in love, you find al means to be with the person you love.

Surprisingly, love follows attraction and there might be a mixture of love and lust. First, you like someone, gradually if its love then you start loving that person.

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11. My boyfriend makes an argument with me very often. His behavior irritates me. How should I let him know about his bad habit? It hurts me because I love him & I do not want to lose him.

When the situation isn’t too extreme and there has been just a heated argument, whether it’s your boyfriend saying something unwanted in respective of your family, career, or choices, then let it be.

Understand one thing that we all are human beings and some time or the other we do commit mistakes. Nobody is perfect and everyone is bound to say or do something unexpected by your loved ones.

But to resolve it out, please do talk to him about it. In order to love your boyfriend, you might hurt yourself by not sorting it out.

love question answer relationship problem

Most importantly, forgive yourself before forgiving him. Make yourself calm and burry down the grudges. All arguments last temporarily until we keep holding deep down in our hearts.

So ultimately it’s up to you and you only who has to let go of small petty issues. When your boyfriend comes seeking an apology, accept it, and forgive him.

I know the scenario becomes too emotional for anyone, but in return take from them a promise that he will never repeat it again. It would be best if you demand some chocolates and roses too. (wink)


Here’s the complete list of the 10+ love question answer relationship problem . We all agree that no relationship is perfect from the start. We have to put combined efforts to make it perfect. On the roll to make it perfect, we encounter several situations where we question, and it’s evident that questioning is bound to happen- it’s inevitable! Appropriate reasoning and answering can only help us overcome what we lack in order to strive for a perfect relationship.

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