Relationship Question Answer|My boyfriend has the same feeling for me or not?

My boyfriend has the same feeling for me or not?Relationship Question Answer.

Do you have a lot of questions related to love and relationship? And are you eager to find out the answers to those questions? No worries! You have come to the right place. In this article, there are questions as My boyfriend has the same feeling for me or not? Below is a love relationship question answer for you only.

Relationships are built on love and trust. So you always need to be consistent in your actions. You cannot just give up putting effort suddenly. And you cannot love him/ her one day and forget that he/ she exists the next day. Consistency is always one of the main constituents of a relationship.

Subsequently, being honest and transparent is also essential in relationships. This is how the other person starts trusting you. Without trust, no relationship can exist. So make sure you are able to trust your partner and make him trust you too.

Problems arise in every relation and sometimes you need outside help to solve that problem. If you love someone and you are sure that they love you too then don’t give up on them. Try to work things out and always communicate with your partner. Because a good person who loves and cares about you is always worth it! Without any further delays let’s get started with a love relationship question answer.

 Relationship Question Answer

Must-Read Love Relationship Question Answer

1. I have fallen in love with my neighbor. Should I propose her? She is my landlord’s daughter.

Falling in love with a neighbor is quite an old school and to some extent romantic. We have romanticized this so much more so because of Bollywood. In Bollywood movies, it might seem to be really fascinating and romantic to fall in love with the ‘girl next door’. But in reality, it is quite different.

There are feelings involved. Not just yours. The other person’s too. And if she is your landlord’s daughter that can make things more complicated. As in our society, falling in love is still a taboo. Your landlord might not be enthusiastic about the idea of you dating his daughter.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure your feelings are genuine. You need to understand if it is love, infatuation, or just mere attraction? Only if you are sure that what you feel for her is love and nothing else then you should take this risk. Because if your feelings are not genuine then its not worth it.

If she gives you some hints that she likes you too then you should definitely propose her but keeping the relationship private would be best for the time being. As it might get messy with your landlord. Try to maintain a good relationship with him as someday or the other you will have to disclose your relationship with his daughter to him.

So you need to be extra careful and sure about your feelings as well as hers. Relationships come with responsibilities. You have to try and live up to your partner’s expectations because that’s how relationships work. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to making things work with somebody you love. It is never easy!

2. How can I feel my boyfriend has the same feelings for me?

 Relationship Question Answer

One of the main components of a relationship is trust. Without trust, no relationship can exist. It will eventually fall apart. So if you’re in doubt whether your boyfriends feel the same way about you or not then the first things you need to do is make sure that you love him and you love him enough to trust him unless he gave you reasons not to trust him.

What I meant by that is unless he gives you reason not to trust him then you should be able to trust him. If he does not lie to your face, is honest with you and reliable then you should trust him.

If you want you to know whether your boyfriends feel the same way about you or not, you need to observe his actions carefully. When a man really loves you then he would do every possible thing to make things work between you two. He would not make up excuses, cancel plans, or do any sought of thing that could cause damage to the relationship.

When a man really loves you, you can see it in their actions. He would be a hundred percent dedicated to you. He will make sure that you know how much he cares about you and how sincere he is towards you. And when you guys would be together he would give you all of his attention. Most importantly, he wouldn’t just say you are his priority but he would definitely make you feel like that.

Never settle for words. Actions speak louder than words. A man who wants to play with you will say many things to make you feel good but he would never follow up to the actions.

You deserve a man who will show you everyday how lucky he is to have you in his life. So if your boyfriends do so, he’s absolutely worth keeping. But if he doesn’t then he is just playing with your feelings and you would be better off without him.

3. I am in a relationship but I do not want to be in a serious relationship with my boyfriend. What to do?

If you are already in a relationship and you do not want to be in a serious relationship with your boyfriend then you should definitely communicate with him about this. Because this is a serious topic and worth having a discussion on it. Because your boyfriend might catch feelings and fall in love with you whereas you might not feel anything at all for him.

So there’s no point in breaking somebody’s heart. You should always be clear about what to want from a relationship and communicate about it with your partner. This solves a whole lot of problems from the relationship.

You should talk to your boyfriend that you do not want a serious relationship at this point in your life. And you just want to take things easy and have fun. I am sure he would understand. Or if he does not want the same things then he can always walk out. There should not be any pressure directly or indirectly from either of you.

You should be clear with him that you guys are just dating in its nothing serious at least for the time being. In the future, if you think your relationship should take a serious turn then that would be for the best.

But worrying about the future right now does not make sense. This is how a lot of amazing life long relationships are made. People started dating casually and then fell head over heels for each other and ended up together for the rest of their life.

4. I am confused if he is flirting or giving me signals that he likes me. What should I do?

In such a situation you first need to figure out if the guy is genuine or not. You can get to know that by learning about his past relationships. If he is nothing more than a flirt then all his past relationships would have been a train wreck.

If he is flirting with you that of course means he is interested in you and there’s no denying the fact that he’s attracted to you as well. But you need to make sure that this is not a habit of his to flirt with every girl he sees. Otherwise, he might turn out to be a playboy whom you obviously don’t want to date no matter how cute he is.

Being genuine is one of the most important qualities while being in a relationship. So what you should do is find out is that if he is actually serious about you or if he is just playing around with your feelings.

If somebody likes you then he’ll try to let you know in a gentle manner and certainly not by flirting with you in an outrageous way. So be smart and observe his behavior carefully. If he likes you he would definitely respect you at all times. He’ll make eye contact with you and gently compliment you. Not just about your physical appearance but also about your mind.

You deserve a man who notices the small things about you and appreciated all of you. And a flirt will never do that. If you realize that he is a playboy do not get attracted to him. Invest your feeling on somebody only when you are sure the person is genuine. So do not settle for anything less than that.

5. Before proposing to me my boyfriend was caring, supportive, and understanding. I think he is taking me for granted after I accepted his proposal. What do I do?

If your boyfriend was more appreciative of you before you accepted his proposal chances are that he is taking you for granted. And you should not be tolerating that at all. For a relationship to work out equal efforts are required. Without that, any relationship is bound to fail.

If he does not care for you or understand you like he used to do before it just means that he does not respect you enough to do so. If somebody loves you he or she would do anything to keep you happy especially when you guys are in a relationship.

He is taking you for granted and you do not deserve that. You deserve to be happy in a relationship. And if you can see the change in his behavior right after you accepted his proposal. That might also mean he is just playing with your feelings and does not really care about you.

The first thing you can do is confess this to him and communicate with him. It might happen so that he had been quite busy in his work or studies and could not prioritize the relationship. Sometimes communicating about these things can solve these problems.

But even after repeatedly addressing these problems, no changes come in his behavior that definitely means he’s taking you for granted and this will not change. You should value yourself and get out of the relationship to save your integrity. Always remember you deserve the very best!

6. More love relationship question answer. I love him so much but now he dumped me. I did not understand why?

Being dumped is always one of the worst things ever. Especially when you loved that person with all your heart and soul. But you need to understand that it is absolutely not your fault. He was the problem. And if he dumped you even after knowing that you love him then trust me he never loved you.

If you gave your hundred percent, worked hard to save your relationship loved and cared for him and he still ends up dumping you then he never deserved you in the first place. But if you just said that you love and care for him but never showed it to him then he does have a valid reason to leave you.

In a relationship, you need to make sure that your words are being put into action. You need to show your partner that you love and care for him. Making each other feel special is really important. Otherwise, the spark will die, and eventually, the relationship will fall apart. So when you are in a relationship, be consistent. Always be committed to your partner.

A person can end a relationship for a lot of reasons and it mainly varies from one situation to another. There might have been some underlying problem in the relationship which you guys could not solve or one of you took the other for granted.

Not just that, he might have just fallen out of love or he was never in love with you. This mostly depends upon how he treated you in the course of the relationship. But if he gave up on you even after knowing how much you love him, then you definitely deserve better.

You deserve somebody who notices the little things about you, keeps his promises, and treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Never settle for anything less than that. Always value yourself and do not tolerate any disrespect from anybody. Because if they can’t respect you, they can never love you.

7. I found my girlfriend through a dating app. But I think she has no such feelings. The dating app is killing feelings and true love or my girlfriend is not taking me seriously?

 Relationship Question Answer

Dating apps like tinder, bumble are a new addition to the dating world. It is quite common nowadays and almost all of us have been on a dating app at some point in our life. Meeting somebody through a dating app or in person does not make much difference. As long as the person is genuine.

You need to be able to trust the person you intend to date. And she needs to prove to you that she is trustworthy and vise versa. Relationships come with a lot of responsibility and if you are not ready to take those then you should not be in a relationship.

Dating apps have actually helped a lot of people to meet amazing people who later became their life partner. But obviously many people had a bad experience with dating apps too. Many of which might even be related to cybercrime.

But here the concerned question is whether your girlfriend is taking you seriously or not. In my opinion, dating app has nothing to do with it. Dating app actually helped you to bring you guys closer but now if he is not treating you the way you deserve that’s not her.

If you treat her properly and take care of her then there shouldn’t be any problem unless she has a problem with you. This just means that your girlfriend does not value and respect you enough. She is not taking you seriously and you absolutely do not deserve that. You deserve better than her. If she really cared about you she would do the necessary and would definitely make you feel your worth.

8. I have a female best friend and I know her for a long time. In the beginning, I had a crush on her but I tried to ignore those feelings. But now even after 3 years, I feel like I’m totally in love with her. Should I make a move?

 Relationship Question Answer

This is a very important love relationship question answer. Many of us face the situation once. Dating a friend is always risky, let alone a best friend. A best friend is a person with whom you can share anything and everything.

You can talk about your feelings or your problems and you can share any part of your life with them. Falling for a female best friend is very normal nowadays. But many people choose to suppress those feelings to save the friendship.

Sometimes you are successful in suppressing your feelings but sometimes it becomes impossible. The feelings just don’t go. So you have to be careful in these situations. One wrong move can destroy your friendship. But suppressing those is really hard too. It hurts a lot to see the person you love with somebody else.

If you are stuck in a situation where you fell in love with your best friend then before confessing your feelings to her you need to look for signs if she likes you too. If she likes you she would definitely give you some hints to make you understand that she likes you. Few signs that a girl might be into you are-

1. She gives you her full attention.

This might seem a little confusing but if you notice carefully you will get an answer. You will see that she prioritize you over others, any time of the day. Well, that’s not just because she’s your best friend. This means she likes you too.

Only if a person likes you a lot then he or she will prioritize you every time. Even in a room full of people, she would give you the most attention. And even if nobody listens to you while you talk, she would. You know that you can count on her for anything.

3. She shares her problems and secrets with you.

When a girl likes you or loves you she wouldn’t hesitate to share her every problem with you. If she’s sharing her problems with you it means that she trusts you a lot and she knows that you would understand her no matter what. So do not break her trust.

She would even share her secrets with you and make you feel like you’re actually important to her. She would never be too busy for you and will always have time when you would need her. That is one of the biggest signs that she likes you.

4. She loves to spend time with you.

Everybody loves to spend time with their best friend. But when you guys are together you can notice that she behaves differently around you. She doesn’t behave like that around anybody else. You know that she is comfortable around you.

When a girl is comfortable then you know that she is at ease with you. She would always prefer to spend time with you and make plans so that you guys can hang out together. You can feel that you are comfortable with her too.

These are a few of the signs that she likes you a lot.

Nothing is more adorable than spending your life with your best friend as your life partner. Being friends with your partner is one of the most important things in a relationship. So if you think your best friend is into you too then you should go forward with it. Express your feelings for her and hopefully, she’ll reciprocate.

9. I am in a relationship. I feel like my boyfriend does not love me and I think I should leave him. But I love him too much to dump him. Should I try harder or let go?

If you are in a relationship and you know that he does not love you the way you want him to then there’s no point in being with him. You’re in a relationship to be happy. Not to cry every night. If he doesn’t make you happy or does not even try to do so then he is not for you.

Nobody is perfect but a man who keeps on trying to make you smile is worth keeping. You deserve the best. In a relationship, love is not the only thing that is important. Mutual respect is equally important. If your partner cannot respect you, he can’t love you too. It takes a lot to make a relationship work. Everything has to be mutual.

Without efforts, no relationship works. If you feel like your boyfriend does not love you then the first thing you should do is that talk to him. Communicate with him and maybe the problem will be solved. Communicating in a relationship is very essential. You need to have a level of understanding with each other.

If your relationship lacks all these things then it’s not worth trying for. Even after communicating, he does not treat you better or at least acknowledge the problem then trust me he does not care about you or the relationship at all. If you repeatedly told him to get his acts right and he did not change a single thing then there’s no respect.

You should understand that you’ll be losing your dignity if you continue being in this relationship. If he did not get his act right even after you tell him to do so there’s no way he’ll ever change in the future. You are wasting your time and energy on a person who can never make you happy. And nobody should do know.

Know your worth. Always believe in yourself. Believe that you are more than enough and it was not your fault that he couldn’t love you. You know you gave your best and you tried but it was not meant to be. So its time to move on. You deserve so much better than this.

10. My boyfriend is going through depression. How can I help him?

Depression is quite a common psychological disorder nowadays but it is extremely hard to deal with it. Only the people who are going through it can feel it. Being in a relationship with somebody who is depressed can be very challenging. It will drain you out as the other person would not be cooperating too much.

But you need to understand that your mental health matters the most. You should not disrupt your mental health for anybody, not even for your boyfriend. And if it is affecting your mental health then its time to let go of the relationship. You cannot help him if you’re not fine yourself.

So be sure that you are fine first mentally as well as physically. Mental health is the most important thing. If you are not at peace mentally you wouldn’t be at peace in any aspect of your life. You need to look after yourself before you take care of anybody else.

When you see your loved ones suffering from depression it is really heartbreaking. But the thing that he needs the most is your support. You need to be there for him even if he pushes you away. As long as it is not affecting you to any extent. You can tell him things like “I don’t know what you are going through but I am always there for you. You can count on me for anything and I’m not leaving.”

This will give him some level of assurance and might make him feel better. It is always nice to have a person who cares for you. When your partner is depressed, you are the one who has to put more effort to show him that you actually care for him. And when he overcomes his depression he will forever be thankful to you that you were there for him when nobody else was.

But before doing all this, make sure that he actually loves you otherwise you would be doing these things in vain. This will affect your mental health to a large extent. And you obviously don’t want that. Put yourself first. Even with depression, he should make you feel loved.

Though he might not be able to express his feelings as much he should do the basic that is needed to be done. Otherwise, there is no point in being in the relationship. Look out for yourself first because you are the most important person in your life.

Must Read Love Relationship Question Answer


I hope the love relationship question-answer solved many of your confusion. The main point of being in a relationship with somebody is to be happy with yourself as well as with your partner. If it doesn’t make you happy then it doesn’t belong to your life.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below. I would be happy to answer all your questions!

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