What Situation We Face After Failure Of True Love

Situation after love failure questions answers

As we all know love is a complicated thing. Not all the time we face a happy ending with our beloved once. Some relationships work out and some relationships do not work out. And often after failure in love we face many difficult situations to deal with. On the one hand, we are heartbroken and on the other hand, we have to fight with life to be happy. So, today I am discussing what situation we face after the failure of true love. And I will be giving answers to all the situation after love failure questions.

I know it is not an ideal situation to have your heart broke. When a relationship ends there is definitely one of the two having a heartbreak. And if it is you, you are at the right place to get help. Having a failure in love does not mean that you can never be happy again. Are you facing a terrible situation and not finding any answers to your love failure questions?

Situation after love failure questions answers

Do not worry darling. I am here only to help you to deal with your heartbreak. You will have the best advice. I have all the answers to your love failure questions and also the way to come out of this terrible situation.

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Heartbreaks are the worst situation to be in. Whether it is a man or a woman, nobody wants to be heartbroken. Becuase true love matters to us very much. And when our relationship fails we start blaming the other halves. Then a dirty blaming sours the experience even more.

And after that breakup, we start to find answers to love failure questions and try to come out of that worse situation. I have covered all those queries that you guys had. Come and have your answer to every question that is coming to your mind right now.

Situation after love failure questions answers

1.Signs my love is successful or a failure

We all want to work on our relationships. But no matter how hard we try to keep our relationship going, not every relationship is meant to be successful. With time people change and things change in a relationship.

In a relationship, there are always some phases where we think to give up. And many of us actually do. But some tries to hold on and to get through that situation. But even if we do not find these faces, there are always some signs that show whether a relationship is successful or it is going to fail.

And if you are in a situation where you are finding answers to love failure questions, this is the correct place for you. Let us see some of the signs of a successful relationship and some signs of a failing relationship.

Signs of a successful relationship

If you are confused about whether your relationship is successful or not, I am here to clear your doubts. A successful relationship will have these signs that I am going to talk about. Here are some signs of a successful relationship that will help you.

1. You think of your partner a lot when you two are not together.

2. Both of you respond positively and feel genuinely happy about each other’s good news.

Situation after love failure questions answers

3. You two listen to each other.

4. Both of you make decisions jointly.

5. You two trust each other completely.

So, if you have these things in your relationship it is a successful and healthy relationship. There are many other signs too but I have covered some of the important signs.

Signs of a failing relationship

I have discussed the successful relationship signs. Now it is time for the signs of a failing relationship. If you are feeling that your relationship is failing, these signs will help you to be more sure.

1. You two do not even care about fighting with each other.

2. You spend zero time with your partner.

3. The trust is gone from the relationship.

Situation after love failure questions answers

4. You do not feel like getting intimate with your partner anymore.

5. You two are abusing each other on another level.

So, I have discussed both the signs of a successful relationship and a failing relationship. Now, it is your time to take a note from both the signs. And now you have to understand which one matches more with your relationship.

And if you are finding more similarities with the successful one, it is really good for both of you. But you two have to keep working to make your relationship even better. Because the more you work on your relationship the better it turns into.

But if the failing one is more similar to yours, I will suggest you have a talk with your partner. See whether he or she is willing to fix those problems or not. And if they are not having a similar interest in fixing the relationship, it is better for you to come out of that relationship.

2. True love failure questions answers are what is the situation after failure – Is it rest or pain?

When you go through a breakup, there is a whirlpool of mixed emotions in your head and heart. And this is very normal to be in a mixed emotion. Definitely the situation can be stressful for you. Because it is not easy to get over a person whom you loved truly. And that is why you seek too many answers to a situation and love failure questions. And you also feel that are you feeling pain or rest after a breakup.

It is natural to be in a dilemma of these feelings. Becuase often after a failure of love we feel overwhelmed by different emotions. And that is why we do not find the exact way how to feel about it. I can help you with these feelings and to understand how you are feeling.

Situation after love failure questions answers

Failure of love is something we do not want to feel at any point in our lives. Because when a relationship ends we start facing many situations. We start to find answers to so many questions. For example – “Did I do anything wrong?”, “Is there anything wrong about me?”, “Why does he/she not want to fix things?”, “Can I fix it again?” etc.

Every relationship ends on different notes. Some end with a fight and some end with a mutual decision. And feeling pain or rest after the failure of love largely depends on it. Because the result depends on the reason.

Now, let me give you some examples so that you can understand the whole thing clearly.

When is the situation not painful in love?

For example, you had ugly fights with your partner after catching him to her red-handed while cheating. In this case, it will be you ending the relationship because no one deserves to be cheated. After the breakup, you definitely will feel terrible pain. Because it was the failure of your true love.

You had given your hundred percent effort to these relationships but still, it did not work out. And you will feel that there was something wrong with you, that is the reason he/she cheated on you. Most people feel the same way.

At first, we feel horrible about ourselves and we can not bear with the pain. But to be very honest once you believing in yourself, you will see that it was not your fault. It is your partner’s loss that they can not carry on the relationship. And slowly you will find rest and peace of mind.

Situation after love failure questions answers

Because once you start valuing yourself, your pain starts to fade away. And you feel free and peaceful. Your initial pain no longer stays with you. So, try to get over the situation as soon as possible.

When is the situation painful in love?

Now let’s see some situations where the situation s really painful and we find ourselves in deep suffering. Sometimes there comes a point where you see that things are just not working out for you two. No matter how hard you both are trying, you two are not the perfect match for each other.

You two face difficult situations in your personal lives too. And you feel that this relationship is stopping you to grow as an individual. So with mutual consent, you and your partner decide to part your ways apart.

It seems like a really mature decision. And it really is a mature decision. But not always mature decisions bring happiness into your life. After parting ways with your partner you will feel a temporary rest.

But with time the void and space will increase. And you will start remembering your other half. Flashbacks of the beautiful moments that you two had spent together will come to your mind. And slowly you will start feeling the pain of failure of true love.

In life, we make decisions that at first seem to be really good but later on we understand that it actually affects us badly. And most importantly the decision where you need to leave your partner is the worst one.

Situation after love failure questions answers

The situation seems more painful because you can not forget your true love. But going back is not an option. Because you two mutually decided to break things off. On the one hand, you know it is good for you two, but on the other hand, you are missing your partner badly and living a painful life.

This situation will bring some love failure questions but you are with no answers. For example, you will think about whether to go back to your partner or not. Or you will think about whether your partner has moved on easily or not.

The more you will think about these things the more painful it will be for you. So, my advice is to keep these thoughts away. Remember one thing that you two have made this decision for some good. And you two will have the best memories of each other with you.

3. Who is more affected in the love failure situation? A man or a woman? True love failure questions and answers

Breakups are not the ideal situation to be in for anybody. Breakup is always hurtful for both persons. And everyone takes their own time to deal with it and to move on. In many cases, people search for answers to these love failure questions where the situation is about the breakup. We try to figure out who gets more affected by a breakup – is it a man or a woman?

We all know that heartbreak affects differently on man and woman. But there is a lot of theory and studies that prove women are affected more emotionally and physically by a breakup. Men on the other hand move on easily but never recovers from that. Let us see it in an elaborate way.

How do women feel after a breakup? How do they respond?

Studies prove that women get more affected both physically and emotionally after the failure of love. They find themselves in deep grief and often do not know how to cope with it.

Women are very sensitive creatures as we all know. They get traumatized after a breakup. Often they harm themselves physically to get over a heartbreak. They feel physical pain will neutralize their emotional pain which is absolutely wrong.

But, the theories have also proved that women move on faster after a breakup. They come out more strongly and emerge as a more fierce version of themselves. They take this experience as a learning and move forward more powerfully.

Situation after love failure questions answers

This is a plus point for women. Cause women are very headstrong creatures. Once they decide to do anything, they do not give up. Another thing is women are very sensitive about situations. And this only helps them to understand the situation and to utilize it in the right way.

How do men feel and respond after a breakup?

The studies have shown that while women use their emotions wisely, men handle the situation totally differently. After breakup men feel nothing and move on easily. Often they engage themselves in alcohol and drugs. But they do not engage themselves in self-evaluation.

And this only does worse for men. Because they temporarily get over from a breakup with the help of other things. But they actually never recover from that situation. They actually struggle to move on even after a long period of the breakup.

Situation after love failure questions answers

Men try to forget things with other stimulations like drugs or small romantic encounters. But this only harms them. Because these things can never be the solution to heartbreak. They will take a very long time for self-realization. And they will realize that the loss is irreplaceable and incomparable.

This is a natural trait of men to show their strong side to the outside world. But they face the agony and pain inside which they can not cope with.

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Final thoughts on the situation after love failure questions answers

So, as you guys saw that love failures are not the perfect situations to be in. What situation we face after love failure is very tricky to say. Because we face many low points where we feel to run away from everything. But the only way to get over love failures and heartbreaks is to date someone new.

I know it sounds a bit crazy. Moving on from a relationship is definitely not easy. But you only can forget someone with the help of someone else. Human psychology and human hearts are the two most complicated things in the world. Not every action of ours has a reason or definition.

Situation after love failure questions answers

And that is the reason we forget our pain with new happiness. And a broken heart needs to be fixed. If it is not the old one, it will be a new one who will fix your heart. So, never lose hope in yourself and try to deal with your heartbreak as maturely as possible.

If you have any more questions about love please let me know in the comment section. I will be happy to give answers and help you.

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