90+Love At First Sight Quotes Only For You: Beauty Of Falling In Love Instantly

love at first sight quote for you

Falling in love with someone at their very first sight is quite common. When you meet and feel an instant connection as if you were meant to be together from the very start. However, the interesting thing about it is that you realize it after a very long time. These love-at-first-sight quotes only can help in the process of that realization.

Their thoughts start clouding in your mind at random times, going back to the place where you first saw them. The fluttery feeling in your heart when you get a glimpse of them and want to talk to them. However, the thought of rejection stops you.

We all have been to that place once in our life. And to be very honest, I feel that the process before actually getting to know them is quite endearing.

Didn’t I remind you of your love at first sight? Don’t dwell on the fuzzy feelings alone, let your partner also be reminded of how you fell in love with them. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most famous quotes about love at first sight through which you can confess to them once again.

A quick brief on love at-first-sight quotes for you

Do you remember the tingling sensation of love when you first met your special person? The deep passion, and the extraordinary urge to meet that person, are all worth living for. Sometime our heart get confused does love at first sight exist? Yeah it exist that is why I have written quotes for you.

These love-at-first-sight quotes would surely make your day. In addition, you will experience the initial feelings of love. Send these love-at-first-sight quotes to your girlfriend or boyfriend. To make him/her realize your love.

Must-read love quotes:

On the other hand, you can send these love-at-first-sight quotes only to your partner as texts during the day as well. You may say these lines to them with your eyes full of love.

In short, if you want to rekindle that initial magic of love at first sight, read these quotes and share them with your partner.

love at first sight quote for you
1."I knew the moment I saw you that you were someone special."
2. "It's as if fate brought us together in that moment."
3." Have you ever clicked with a person instantly? yep it is love at first sight. "
4." They say Eyes are the carriers of the soul, maybe that is the reason I couldn't look away from yours. "
5." You ever met a person and got the urge to know them better? "
6." People say those who fall in love easily find another easily, let's prove them by being together for a long time. "
7." I didn't know how people fell in love at first sight until you came. "
8." I don't know if I love you right now or not, what I know is I want to spend every minute with you. "
9."It was like the whole world faded away and it was just the two of us."
10." My heart want to see you again & again, no matter you have small feeling for me right now."
11. "I couldn't help but smile when our eyes locked."
12. "My heart raced when I saw you, like it was trying to catch up to my feelings."
13. "I knew that our meeting was no coincidence."

Love at first sight quote for boyfriend.

From romantic movies to timeless literature, love at first sight has been a common theme in storytelling for generations. It is time to make these concept true for your boyfriend.

Do you tell him now and then about your feelings? If not. Read these love-at-first-sight quotes only for him and express your love to your boyfriend.

love at first sight quote for you

Surely, after reading these love-at-first-sight quotes only for him, he will feel delighted. On the other hand, you may say these quotes right onto his face. Plan a romantic weekend. Light some candles, cook something he likes, and use these love-at-first-sight quotes only for him to create the ultimate magic.

This is one of the best ways to confess your love to him. On the other hand, you might expect some magic in return from him as well. Read these love-at-first-sight quotes only for him for the desired effect on your partner.

14. "It was like I had finally found the missing piece of my heart."
15. " I do everything just to make you smile."
 16. "Soulmate is a topic I just read about it, before I saw you. "
17. "  It is never like how it is shown in the movies, just eye contact, and you are gone. "
18. " I don't remember what you wore the first time we met as I was more focused on your actions. "
19. " Sometimes it is your quirky and weird nature that attracts my heart towards you. "
20." It is the same process for everyone, denying to believe in love at first sight till someone makes them believe in it."
21. " Your first glance, your first touch is always special."
22. " I have fallen in love with you at first sight. My eyes did not gave me a reason to to steal glance from your smile."
23. " It's not love at first sight, it is let's be in love forever."
24. "I didn't know it was possible to feel such an instant connection to someone."
25. "It was like everything fell into place when I saw you."

I believe love at first sight quote for you.

Do you believe in the magic people call ‘love at first sight’? Well, these love, at first sight, quotes only can make you believe in it.

Poets and writers during the last couple of centuries have described the feeling so aptly and so magically. On the other hand, they have expressed the magic in words so well. As a result, even nonbelievers are bound to believe in it.

love at first sight quote for you

We have the best love-at-first-sight quotes only for you. Read these quotes with a little bit of faith. I assure you by the time we reach the end of the article you are bound to say that ‘I believe in love at first sight’.

On the other hand, you might use these love-at-first-sight quotes only to make your friends understand this feeling as well. Read these to friends and family and make them all believe in love.

In short, you are definitely going to create the ultimate atmosphere of love by using these quotes.

26. "Love at first sight is the purest form of love as you might WATCH her eating a whole pizza but still think 'She are the one'".
27. " What's best in falling in love is when the other person is also going through the same things as you are. "
28. " It is rightly said that I found love in places where I didn't think it would, I found it in your eyes. "
29. " The quickening of the heartbeat is when you smile to see me coming. "
30. " I didn't fall in love with you at the first day. it was our souls that sealed the deal for the life "
31. " I really did weird things to get your attention, of your someone special."
32. " Everything I went blank for a second when you walked towards me the first time."
33. " All I wanted to say you when we first met was the moment "Let's ditch everyone else". "
34. " I wish we got tattoos connecting us to our soulmates in real life too."
35. " I'm sorry I didn't hear a word you said, I was busy admiring your beauty."
36. " There was something with you in a hoodie, slippers, and messed up hair that drew me towards you. "
37. " I still remember how shy you got when I first held your hand. "
38. " I wouldn't lie that you didn't look like a model the first time we met but you looked mine."
39. " The only good part of that boring seminar was you. "
40. "I was in awe of your beauty and knew I had to get to know you."
41. "I was immediately drawn to your smile and knew I had to meet you."

Funny Love at-first-sight quotes to impress instantly

love at first sight quote for you

Love, at first sight, is not only about romance and dating. In fact, it can be funny too. Maybe you have met the person in your dreams during their most awkward moment.

To be more specific, you might have caught them at the wrong time. Relieve those funny and sweet love-at-first-sight moments with your partner.

Read these love-at-first-sight quotes only for relieving those funny and cute moments with your partner.

In short, these funny love quotes are definitely going to make the day for you and your partner.

Must-Read Quotes

42. " I still wonder how you liked me when I was just eating my sandwich ruthlessly."
43. "  I wonder how different life would be if I haven't had talked to you when we first met."
44. "As soon as our eyes met, I felt my heart skip a beat".
45. " There was a magic in the air which intertwined your soul with mine. "
46. " It's funny how two strangers who don't know a single thing about each other want to stay together. "
47. " I still don't believe in soulmates but I do believe in you and me being together. "
48. " The best feeling was when after searching you for months I found you."
49. "From the first moment I saw you, I knew I was in trouble."
50. " I love how you still look at me the same way when we met first."
51. " I fell in love with your spark when you ignored me in the class."
52. " I wish we weren't so foolish back then and just went out on a date when we first met."
53. "I didn't know it was possible to feel such a strong connection to someone so quickly."

One-sided love quotes for you

love at first sight quote for you

Love, at first sight, does not always happen from both sides. Maybe only one person feels that magic. In short, maybe it was only you who fell in love.

On the other hand, maybe the person on the other side was oblivious to those feelings in the beginning. In other words, maybe the other person took some time to fall in love.

No matter what the situation is, read these one-sided love-at-first-sight quotes only. There are some one-sided love quotes as well to help you express your feelings.

Use this amazing compilation of love quotes only to share your feelings with your partner.

54. " There are no fireworks, sparks, or butterflies dancing in your stomach it is simply a longing to be with that person every time."
55. " I can't tell anyone how I felt the first time we met because I couldn't believe you were simply there."
56. " If meeting you is a dream then I want to be here forever."
57. "I was immediately drawn to your smile and knew I had to meet you."
58. " My only wish is to go back to the time we first met and tell you how much I craved for you."
59. " It was all destined at that first moment. I knew that i had found a new home. I would go back to that home again and again."
60. "You are cherishing my life since the very first moment.''
61. "I still remember the day when you came out of that restaurant smiling. I forgot why I was there. It was only you and your smile from that moment."
62. "The first day in that bus was the first magic that happened in my life. The prettiest girl chose to sit with me."
63. "It was like I had found my other half when I saw you."

Fall in love type quotes

There is no denying the magic in the feeling to fall in love at the first sight. Here we have the best love-at-first-sight quotes only to create that magic for you.

In other words, this love quote is a feeling to make your partner fall in love with you all over again.

On the other hand, you may use these love-at-first-sight quotes only to express how you fell in love at first sight with them. This can truly be a really romantic gesture.

Must Read Quotes

64. "I was skeptical about love. I laughed at 'love at first sight'. Then I found you & love at first sight happened to me."
65. "love, if happens at the first sight, is bound to mark you for this lifetime."
66. "I didn't choose to fall in love with you. My heart did that all on its own."
67. "Love at first sight is so magical that it stays with you forever. You might move forward. You might settle with someone else. It is gonna stay hidden, in your heart."
68. "I want to be with you not because I need you, but because I can't imagine life without you."
69. "It is not love at first sight. it is about the best kind of chemistry when I met you."
70. "It seldom happens that you can plan your whole future just by looking at someone in the eyes."
71. "The purpose of this mundane life became clear after i met you. I found someone to live for."
72. "If i could ask for anything, i would want to go back to the moment we met. I want to experience that magic again, one more time."
73. "I never realized I was missing out on anything in this life. Then i met you."

Love at first sight for Romio-Juliet’s relationship

love at first sight quote for you

Remember Romeo and Juliet? They are undoubtedly the most talked-about fictional character. In other words, they are wildly popular for falling into intense love at the first sight.

On the other hand, we use the example of Romeo and Juliet as a standard to compare our own love. So, Romeo and Juliet have indeed become legends.

Here we have some extraordinary love quotes to spark another kind of romance. These quotes are so rich with intense feelings that your partner is definitely going to remember the legends like Romeo and Juliet.

In other words, these love-at-first-sight quotes only can create the fictional magic of Romeo and Juliet. Read these Romeo and Juliet love quotes to express your extraordinary love to your partner.

74. "The best kind of love story happens when two people realize years later how they fell in love at first sight.''
75. "Being with you makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world."
76. "I feel as if i have stopped aging from the moment I met you."
77. "The younger the soul is the faster it falls in love at just the first sight."
78. "Love at first time is a fairytale. I believe in moments. When two people share a secret moment together, love happens."
79. "I love you not only for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you."
80. "I didn't believe in soulmates until I met you."
81. "No matter how cheesy does it sound but I thought you were an angel the first moment I looked at you."
82. "I could not ignore the fountain of desires from our first meeting."
83. "Love happens at the first moment when there is a spark between two unknown souls."

Fall in Love at first sight quote

love at first sight quote for you
84. "You are the missing piece of my heart that I never knew was missing."
85. "It was me who fell for you at the first moment. You took too long to accept your feelings."
86. "Loving you has been a privilege. I was not alone in this world anymore. I had your love to hold on to."
 87. "Blessed are the souls who can still love at the first sight.''
88. "All my wrongdoings got cleansed from the first day I met you. You love have become my salvation from that first meeting."
89. "I am yours, forever and always."
90. "I love the way you love me."

Conclusion on love quotes

Finally, the feeling of love, at first sight, is so magical that words truly fall short. However, we have the best love-at-first-sight quotes only for you. These can help you recreate that magic.

In conclusion, everyone deserves to be reminded of the magic that love is. It is the duty of a partner to remind their special someone about this feeling.

Words might never be enough. However, words are the only way too. In other words, words are known for their magical power.

Must Read Love Tips:

On the other hand, words, if chosen correctly, can help you create the magic where actions fail.

As a final thought, expressing love is the secret magic ingredient to keep the magic alive. You can easily keep the heat, and the passion alive in your relationship by expressing your undying love for your partner.

On the other hand, there is no other way to express that love without reliving the magical moments of the initial days.

So, pick your favorite quote from above and tell them once again how much you cherish them. This is definitely going to earn you a newfound passion in your relationship.

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