Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With A Woman.

Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With A Woman.

Falling in love is one of the most special feelings ever. You feel excited and motivated. Everything feels new and beautiful when you are falling in love. As if ‘love is in the air’. Do you feel like there’s this special man in your life and now, finally, he’s falling in love with you? But you are not too sure. Or are you dating a guy and you think he’s finally falling in love with you? Well, don’t worry. I’m here to help you out and by the end of the articles, you’ll have a clear answer. Here are, 10+ Signs a man is falling in love with a woman.

It’s a universal fact that most men cannot express their feelings freely. It takes a lot of time for them to open up. But that does not mean he’s not falling for you. He might be very much in love with you but won’t say a word about it.

He would try his best to hide his feelings in front of you but that’s where guys mess up. The moment they try to hide their feeling, they get nervous and it becomes obvious that he feels something for you.

Usually, man try to hide the fact that he’s falling in love because they are afraid that you might not feel the same about him. And in case this guy is your friend and he confesses his feelings for you. And you don’t feel the same for him, then he could lose the friendship as well. He obviously does not want that.

But if in any way, he senses that you reciprocate his feelings, he would use subtle ways to show you that he’s into you. I’m sure you’re here to find out if this guy is falling in love with you or not. But before going into the signs let us see what makes a man fall in love.


What makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman?

Signs a man is falling in love with a woman

It is never easy to make someone fall in love with you. And it is also not easy to fall in love. It takes a few characteristics and features that make one person fall in love with another. We fall in love with another person by getting attracted to their behavior and the type of personality they possess.

We love to talk to them and spend time with them when we are falling in love. Let us find out what are the most common characters/ features that make a man fall in love with a woman

Though the criteria might not be the same for everybody some things are common for everybody. Men get attracted to women if they possess these qualities way faster. So without wasting any more time let’s dive in and see what makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman.

These are the five qualities that make any man fall in love with a woman-

  1. Your Honesty- Honesty is always the best thing in any relationship. The more you are honest the more truthful the relationship is. Being honest is always a good quality not just when it comes to relationships but also when it comes to life, in general.

So if you want a man to fall in love with you be honest with him always. This will prove to him that you are trustworthy and that you are capable of his trust. And we all know that relationships are built on trust. The foundation of any relationship is mutual love and trust.

2. Straightforwardness- Straightforwardness is a quality that most men like. As we all know no man likes drama and the faster he gets to know what is on your mind the faster he’ll be able to get his acts right.

So always be straight forward if you want a man to like or love you. Tell him what you exactly want from him and the relationship and then work towards achieving that goal together

3. Empathy- Empathy in itself is always a good character. It is always a good thing to have sensitivity for yourself and others. It shows that you’re a kind and caring person. Everybody wants a life partner who loves and cares for them.

So if you want this guy to fall madly in love with you then lose that attitude and break down your walls. Communicate with him and make him realize that you’re a caring and loving person. Be sensitive and vulnerable. Men always love that.

4. Strong Mindset- By a strong mindset, I want to convey that no matter what happens she would not change her mind about you as long as you treat her right. A strong mindset is very important for a relationship to work. It provides a sense of assurance and cuts out the insecurities. You can be sure that your partner is not leaving you no matter what.

5. Ability to love and respect others- This is a very important quality as a human being. We should be able to love and respect others irrespective of what they do professionally or personally. That’s what makes us a good human being.

A man would always wanna be valued and respected in the relationship. And not just a man, everybody would want to be valued and respected by their partner. So always be a good person and never be afraid to show it.

Early signs he’s falling in love with you.

Early signs that he’s falling in love with you can be many. Here I’ve listed a few of those signs which are most important. You need to observe him carefully to notice these signs. But you have to be subtle so that you don’t make yourself look like a creep.

You have to be discreet in your actions and make yourself comfortable in front of him. Make sure you don’t go over the top looking for signs. Always maintain your integrity. Be confident in everything you do and always have that beautiful smile on your face. That will make him fall in love with you even more.

Without any further delay let’s start with the early signs he’s falling in love with you. Here are few obvious signs that are very common when somebody’s falling in love with you.

1.He looks into your eyes while talking.

Signs a man is falling in love with a woman

We all know that eyes never lie right? No matter how much we try to hide our feelings, the eyes will always disclose your secret when you see this one amazing person. So look closely into his eyes when he talks to you.

If you observe carefully, you’ll notice that whenever this man talks to you he looks into your eyes deeply. He makes strong eye contact. His eyes say it all. There’s a charm on his face every time he looks at you. And you can really see that he loves to talk to you.

Well, this definitely means he has feelings for you. Nobody would waste their time if they are not into you. So if you have feelings for him too, get ready to get some special treatment.

You can also notice him staring at you quite often. Give him the stare back, occasionally. That would make him feel special. That is one of the major signs a man is falling in love with a woman.

2. He behaves like a perfect gentleman around you.

If a man is behaving like a gentleman around and trying hard to conceal his flaws then chances are that he’s trying to make a good impression so that you like him too. Men do not really care about what kind of impression they make on other people unless it’s someone they really care about.

This man will say all the right things and make you feel so happy. You can sense that you almost forget about your problems when you are around him. And you can see in his eyes that he loves spending time with you. The twinkle in his eyes when he’s around you is undeniable.

He would do all the right things in front of you and will be at his best behavior. He would try to make you feel special in many ways and would always make sure that you’re having a good time with him. Isn’t that adorable? This is one of the major signs a man is falling in love with a woman.

If you are into him too then try your best to impress him (though he’s already impressed with everything about you) because efforts should come from both sides. That is how any relationship works.

3. He always complements you.

Dear girls if you are spending time with someone. And willing to know his feelings for you. Then notice his behavior for you. If your favorite person is not too shy but he wants you in his life. In any situation, he would try to win your heart.

No matter what the situation is. He would make you laugh always. His happiness lies in giving you compliments about your appearance and your personality. You would feel like he’s the most amazing person. Well, at least, that’s what he’s trying to make you believe.

When his heart started feeling for you. You would see that he would start to notice even small things about you. That nobody else has noticed earlier. He would compliment you about little things like your hair or a pretty dress that you wore. For example, the pink lipstick suits you most, you look pretty in a yellow dress, etc.

And he would try to make sure you that he notices everything in you which makes you pretty for him.

4. Hidden signs a man is falling in love with you is he makes you laugh.

Signs a man is falling in love with a woman

Who doesn’t like a funny person? A good laugh with a special person feels amazing. So if a guy is falling in love with you he would go the extra mile and make you laugh and feel good. He would send you jokes on social media like Instagram and Facebook and cheer you up.

If you are ever feeling down and you talk to him about it he would do anything in his capacity to cheer you up ad make you feel better. We all need a person like this in our life. And if you already have a person like this in your life hold on to him tight and do not let him go. He’s worth keeping!

You should always look out for this kind of person in your life who actually cares about your well-being. We don’t get a caring person in our life everyday right? When life gets hard these are the people who stand by your side and do not abandon you no matter what.

So if you are looking for a sign to find out if he is in love with you or not, this can be one of them.

5. You grab all his attention

In a room full of people, if you are the only one getting his full attention, every time then trust me this guy is very much in love with you already. At least, he’s falling deeply falling in love with you. When he’s giving all his attention to you it only means that he finds you the most attractive in the whole room full of people. And that in itself is a big compliment.

Make sure to make it worth his while. You have all his attention because he thinks not only do you have a beautiful face but also a beautiful mind. He sees potential in you and he is probably head over heals for you.

So if you reciprocate the feelings do not be shy. Show him that you like him too in a subtle way and he would be over the top. Make him feel special like he does. Give him compliments and trust me you can see his cheeks turning all red. Always be confident in your act!

But first, make sure you did not misread the situation. Otherwise, it might creepy him out. He might even do this to try and be a good friend. So pay close attention and understand the situation of his heart.

6. He’s protective of you.

Signs a man is falling in love with a woman

If you’re dating this guy or you’re friends with him, you’ll notice that he’s very protective of you. He wants to protect you and save you from any harm. But that does not necessarily mean he wants you to rely on him. This is more an act of love and a gesture to prove to you that he cares about you deeply.

That is why you might also notice that he doesn’t entertain the idea of you doing notorious or crazy things with your friends that might get you in trouble. He would always give you good advice and save you if you ever get in any kind of trouble.

He might become possessive too sometimes. But all this just means that he’s falling in love with you more and more. So much so that even the thought of you getting hurt makes him sad.

But be careful as too much possessiveness is a major red flag. Everything is good as long as it is within a limit. So notice if this protectiveness is transformed into too much possessiveness. And immediately talk to him if it bothers you and makes you uncomfortable.

7. He never told you to change.

When someone truly loves you, they love all of you. You would never see a guy tell a girl, who he is immensely in love with, to change. That is what true love is. He accepts all of you just as it is. No, give, and take. Not just accept, he loves all your imperfections and crazy habits.

He loves how weird and goofy you get sometimes. And he would want you to know that he’s extremely comfortable around you and you should be comfortable around him too. Love is an amazing feeling and it does not happen in one day. It takes a lot of time to built up love and trust.

He loves everything about you and never tells you to change anything, especially, your physical appearance. You would never see him telling you to lose weight or gain weight or wear less makeup. He would never judge you for anything. And ladies, if you’re looking for love then this is it.

8. If he helps you then it is a real sign man is slowly falling in love with you.

If a guy is in love with you, he would genuinely want to help you with anything that you might need without any ulterior motives. He would want to be the person you go to when you need help.

It’s not like he would want you to rely on him for everything but he would make sure that you know that you can turn to him for absolutely anything that you need and trust me. Trust is like one of the basic components of love and the foundation of any relationship.

If he loves you he would help you out selflessly. And he makes sure to you that he’s always available for you. And you would notice that he would never be too busy for you. That is how you know a man is in love with you and this is one of the major signs a man is falling in love with a woman.

9. He talks about his future with you and you’re in it.

This sigh is for those who are dating a guy but still did not go to the ‘I love you’ phase. Well, if he talks about his future and what he wants in life with you that in itself is a big thing.

We don’t usually talk about our future with people we don’t care about. We only talk about these important things with someone whom we adore and we love.

If he sees a future with you then that is one of the clearest signs a man is falling in love with a woman. That means he’s choosing you as his life partner and he wants to spend his entire life with you.

He is extremely serious about you and he would do all it takes to be with and make things work.

So if you want the same, work hard and put a lot of effort into the relationship and it would definitely work out. Show him how much he means to you and always communicate with your partner and tell him to know if something goes wrong. This helps a lot in a relationship.

10. Signs a man loves you deeply he will introduce you to important people in his life.

When a guy is truly in love with you, he would publicly accept you. He’s so proud of you and not at all embarrassed. Friends are an important part of everyone’s life.

And when you have someone special in your life. You would obviously want to introduce him to your friends or at least tell them about him.

If he’s falling in love with you he would make you meet his friends. And slowly all of his friends will become your friends too. You all will hang out together and trust me his friends will love and respect you a lot if he’s serious about you.

Other important people in his life include his parents and siblings. Soon you would meet them too and almost become a part of his family. His family will know you well. A man only takes you to his family when he is completely in love with you and wants to spend his life with you.

He dreams to be a part of your family too. so if you’re serious about him too, don’t be afraid and introduce him to your friends and family. He would be extremely pleased with this gesture. This is one of the signs a man is falling in love with a woman.



We need to understand that if someone really loves another person then they would act right and treat the other person right. He would shower you with love and affection and you would never have to question yourself if he really loves you or not. So never settle for words but always for actions!

In a generation where people mistake lust as love, don’t fool yourself. You’ll meet a lot of wrong men before you meet the right one. So never lose hope because there is somebody out there who is looking for you in every person they meet. And the day you find him, it would be magical. And you would deserve it.

These were the signs a man is falling in love with a woman and if you have any more questions you’re most welcome to ask me in the comment section below.

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