10 Signs He’s Cheating & Affairs. How To Know?

Subtle signs he's cheating and having an affair

When we have a relationship with someone, we invest ourselves wholely to that particular relationship. But not every time our relationship turns out to be the best for us. Nowadays cheating on partners has become very frequent. People are starting to normalize cheating in relationships. But it is always very heartbreaking catching your boyfriend having another affair. It is difficult to find out. But do not worry ladies, I have listed 10 subtle signs he is cheating and have affairs.

Maybe you are getting some subtle signs, but you are not too sure about it. Also, we feel hesitant to dig up to some evidence. Because women invest too much emotionally in a relationship. But if you are finding your boyfriend suspicious, you have come to the right place.

All those signs that you were suspecting can be right. Here are the 10 subtle signs to know if he is cheating on you and have affairs outside. So, don’t stop and read the signs.

signs he is cheating and have affairs

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When your boyfriend is cheating on you, you will definitely get some signs. Understanding those warning signs is very important. If you ignore those, you will be the one suffering later. So, do not ignore these important warning signs to know about his cheating and affairs.

1. Changes in his appearance all of a sudden

We human beings love to change our appearances sometimes to have a different taste. But that does not mean we start doing it suddenly. Changes do not come all of a sudden. Behind changing of appearance definitely lies a reason.

If you are noticing a whole different man in front of your eyes and can not relate to his changes, something is definitely not right. Your man will be dressing specially and differently than usual. Also if your boyfriend does not have a beard, he will start growing beard.

All these signs show that he is cheating and having affairs. Because maybe his new partner has asked him to change his appearance. If you are noticing these signs, do not ignore them thinking natural.

Signs he is cheating and have affairs

His new appearance is to impress the new partner he is seeing. He will definitely try to convince you by saying that these are just normal things. But my advice will be, not to ignore these things. If you ignore them at an earlier stage, it will only be harmful to your later life.

2. Changed behavior – Warning signs of cheating and having affairs

If your boyfriend is acting totally different around you, maybe there is something going on. For example – if suddenly he is ignoring you or giving you too much attention, probably he is cheating on you.

You will see him not interested in the conversations anymore. Change of behavior shows a lot about a person. If he is not paying attention to you anymore, it is time to speculate the situation deeply.

Often behavior changes when something in our lives is not going great. But that does not mean you will avoid his changed behavior. Talk to him and try to get to know if something is wrong or not.

But if he swiftly avoids this conversation, you must get worried about your relationship. If his changed behavior does not have any serious matter behind it, it is definitely the red signs for you.

Signs he is cheating and have affairs

You have to go deep to the matter because delaying it is not the option. If he starts getting interested in someone outside, it is obvious you will become the second priority to home. And he will definitely try to ignore you every time.

So, if you are watching any of these signs, be prepared to catch him cheating and having affairs.

3. You two have become distant to each other

Remember those days when you and your boyfriend used to spend ‘quality time’ together. But now it seems like there is no time left. Are you witnessing that your boyfriend and you have become distant to each other?

Maybe then the news is not good for you. If you are feeling that your boyfriend is distancing himself from you, you should worry about the situation. Because in that case, he is spending his time with someone other who has become important to him.

If he is growing closer to someone else, he will start avoiding one on one conversation with you. The distance will make things easier for him. He would easily cut off his feelings from you.

Signs he is cheating and have affairs

These are serious signs that he is cheating and having affairs outside. So, if you are facing these things in your relationship, start preparing yourself for the worst scenario.

4. His schedule has become too busy too soon – Warning signs of cheating and having affairs

We all are busy in our lives and works. But that does not mean that we become too busy to give time to our partners. Has your boyfriend become too busy in his works too soon? Well, then these are warning signs of cheating and having affairs.

No matter how busy we are at work we always try to manage our time to spend with our beloved one. If your boyfriend loves you, he will definitely try to make time for you.

But if you are noticing that he has no time left for you and he is always giving excuses about this, he is definitely cheating on you. He will try to make you fool by the excuses.

Signs he is cheating and have affairs

So always keep in mind not to get fooled by his excuses. Because before he had plenty of time for you. But now all of a sudden he is unable to get the least amount of time for you. If you feel that he is acting weirdly and this is not normal, it is because he is cheating on you.


When your boyfriend is planning to cheat on you or is cheating on you, you will get some unusual warnings signs to know if he is cheating and having affairs. These signs seem a bit new to you but do not ignore them.

5. He has become very protective of his phone

Becoming very protective of the phone is not something casual. If he used to let you touch his phone previously but not letting you touch it anymore, there is obviously something suspicious.

Being secretive about his phone calls or messages is not a good sign. Also if his phone did not have a password previously but now it does, he is definitely hiding something from you.

His protective nature for his phone all of a sudden and having a password – these are red signs of cheating and having affairs. If you feel he is trying to hide something from you, think about it and do not let it go easily.

signs he is cheating and have affairs

Because when we commit ourselves in a relationship, we invest trust in each other. And naturally, we share our passwords or use each other’s phones. But when these things are not happening in a relationship and he is acting too cautious about his phone, you need to have a talk with him immediately.

6. He is always busy on social media – Important signs of cheating and affairs

Becoming private with his phone can be ignored but this one can not be ignored at all. If your boyfriend is getting very addicted to social media and is always busy on it, he definitely is cheating on you.

Observe carefully that was he always addicted to social media or this addiction is much recent. If he has become addicted to social media much recently, maybe he is meeting new people there. And we all know social media is a platform to meet new people every day.

We can make new friends through Facebook or Instagram. But if he is too busy with it, it is because he is cheating on you and chatting to some other girl.

Also, if stops tagging you on his photo or remove all your photos from his account, it is definitely a big sign of cheating. Addicting social media and removing you from his social media – these signs truly show that he is going to cheat on you.

7. He is unreachable and not returning your calls or messages

Is it getting difficult to get in touch with your boyfriend? Is he not returning your calls and messages? Are you finding his phone unreachable or unavailable while he is out?

This is because he is busy with someone else and avoiding you. To add on, is he making excuses for not returning calls saying he was busy at work? Do not get carried away with his lies.

signs he is cheating and have affairs

If someone loves you he will definitely give the effort to make the relationship better. No matter how busy he is at work, he will find some time to call you or even text you. But, if he has stopped doing these things, these are signs of him cheating and having affairs.

If this happens rarely in your relationship, that can be acceptable. But being unavailable on the phone and not returning texts or class regularly is not a small issue. It will definitely spoil your relationship later. So be careful of these things and confront him as soon as possible.


When a partner is cheating and doing something wrong, there are always physical signs that he or she is giving. He or she may be giving these signs unconsciously but if you can read those signs, you will be benefited. Let’s discuss some of these physical signs of cheating and having affairs outside.

8. He is avoiding eye contact when cheating is discussed

It is human psychology that we tend to avoid eye contact with someone when we are guilty of the sin discussed. And it is a major sign of being guilty.

For example, if you are discussing your friend who got cheated recently and he is avoiding eye contact with you during this conversation, it is a cause of concern for you.

signs he is cheating and have affairs

He feels that his eye contact will make him guilty. Because a man who is doing a wrong deed will be guilty to have eye contact. It is a very natural thing for human beings. In his head, he is making some different answers and making lies to tell you. And that is why he is always avoiding eye contact when the topic of cheating is being discussed.

To avoid eye contact he will pull his phone or gaze randomly here and there. Do not avoid these physical signs. Because you will be the one suffering later.

9. Patting your back while hugging

You know when you try to avoid hugging someone and just pat on their back. Really awkward to do with someone. But in a relationship, it is actually a sign of cheating and having affairs.

Your boyfriend may do this subconsciously. But this sign is very accurate of cheating. This shows that he does not want to involve in an intimate hug with you. And that is why he just patted on your back.

signs he is cheating and have affairs

Also, it means that he had intimate hugs with his first few dates with his new partner. If you are getting it too frequently that means he is not into you anymore. Often girls avoid this sign and don’t take it seriously. But I will suggest not to ignore it and dig deep into it.

10. Avoiding cuddling and often intimacy with you

If your boyfriend is not cuddling with you like the previous time, maybe he has found someone else. He wants to have this intimacy with that partner because he feels emotionally more attached to that person. And he will start ignoring cuddling with you.

Often in relationships, intimacy comes second to the couple. But that does not mean it doe not matter at all. If your partner was involved in you and you two would get intimate frequently but that does not happen anymore, it shows he is not interested in you anymore.

signs he is cheating and have affairs

If he is avoiding intimacy with you, it is because he is getting it outside. He feels no need to get close to you. These are really important physical signs to know if he is cheating and having affairs outside. So, do not neglect these signs if you want to have a happy relationship.

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This generation has normalized the concept of cheating with the concept of polygamy. They feel having more than one partner is natural and it feels thrilling to them. But cheating in a relationship can never be a normal thing. It breaks someone’s trust, faith, and most importantly the heart. Having a full-time commitment to only one person is definitely better than to roam around to too many people.

So, have the concept of commitment and trust in a relationship. And if you feel at some point that your partner is cheating on you, it will be best to break that relationship. Start a life afresh because no one deserves to be cheated on.

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