10 Signs A Girl Is Secretly Attracted to You

Signs a girl is secretly attracted to you

So, we face enormous moments where we try to figure out if someone is attracted to us or not. We get confused if that touch or laugh was special or not. Especially men tend to think if a girl is doing these things intentionally or unintentionally. Often guys fail to pick up the hint. They don’t understand if a girl has any attraction towards him or not. Let me tell you girls love guys who understand their hints. If you are not understanding the signs she is giving you, she will probably think that you are not interested in her. And, you will miss the chance of having that girl as a partner. Is it giving you tension already? Don’t worry. I have listed 10 signs a girl is secretly attracted to you.

Signs a girl is interested in you

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1. If she is texting first, means she is interested in you

We all know that social media is very important in today’s world. We are always texting each other on social media, be it Facebook or Whatsapp or Instagram. And, talking in social media actually matters to us a lot.

We all have a misconception that girls never text a guy first. But let me make a thing very clear to you that they do. Yes, it may sound shocking to some guys but it is true. So, guys are there any girl who is texting you first?

And let me guess you are thinking that she is just texting you casually? If you are thinking this please stop it immediately.

There are many girls who talk with boys casually. But most of the girls text a guy first when she feels any interest. Messaging first means she is trying to show her interest in you. Even when you guys are talking for quite long and she is texting you first, she is trying to give you a hint that she likes you.

She is trying to make some effort to talk to you. And she is trying to grab your attention. Girls normally don’t say straight forward that you are attracting to her. But if they are giving these signs that mean a girl is secretly attracted to you. So, be very careful and try to understand her hints.

Signs a girl is secretly attracted to you

2. Waiting for your calls or texts – true signs a girl is secretly attracted

We generally do not like to talk over the phone nowadays. We feel this a bit annoying. Especially, girls try to avoid talking on the phone with guys they just met.

But, if she is talking with you on the phone and plus waiting for your calls, my friend you are lucky. Because then the girl is definitely interested in you.

When she is telling you that she was waiting for you to text her or call her. This purely means she is definitely giving you a hint. And, this is your time to pick it up.

Because if you were a random guy she would not care whether you are talking to her or not. But, in this case, you are for sure special to her and she is interested in you.

So, if you are getting this sign from her act wisely. Try to call her every day. Do not make her wait for three or four days. Because that will show you are not interested in her.

Also, girls like guys who have the courage to make moves. So, don’t miss out on the chance of a possible relationship.

3. She is waiting to meet you

To all of us meeting someone whom we just know for some time is a big deal. Girls avoid meeting boys because they have the fear of giving wrong signals. But, when a girl is wanting to meet you, it means she is attracted to you.

Guys, I know that this has happened to you many times where you asked a girl out and she refused. That is really heart-breaking I know.

But, if a girl is asking you to meet do not refuse it. Girls generally don’t ask guys out. They feel awkward about it. But if she is making a move and asking you out, it definitely means there is an attraction.

It takes a lot of guts for a girl to ask a guy about the meeting. But, in many cases, the girls don’t ask to meet. But, if you are asking her and she says yes in the first go, it is definitely a hint. Because if she was not attracted, she will deny the meeting.

So, remember whether she asks you or you ask her if you feel that she is willing to meet you don’t let go the chance. Cause chances do not come frequently.

Signs a girl is secretly attracted to you

4. She will give extra effort to the meeting

We do not give effort if we don’t want to. We only give effort to those things which matter to us. You don’t give extra effort for every outing or meeting, right?

But, if the meeting is special for you, you tend to do a bit more. Girls don’t give effort to every small meeting they are having.

But, if you are attractive, she will give extra effort to the meeting. For example, she will choose her dress wisely or even she will ask you what to wear. These signs mean that a girl is secretly attracted you. Otherwise, she will not make this effort for any other guy.

These things happen when she is really excited about the meeting. And, obviously, we all know that we get excited only for something interesting.

So, try to understand these signs. Observe her keenly and you will get to know if she is attracted to you or not.

5. Talking about personal life – real sign a girl is secretly attracted to you

We generally do not talk about our personal lives with any random person. Girls are especially very secretive about their personal life or previous relationships. But when a girl is sharing these things with you that means she is totally interested in you.

Girls take time to open up about their lives. Also, they just don’t start talking about it with anyone. But, if she is feeling attracted to any guy, she will talk about her life with him. She will also talk about her past relationships. Because she feels a connection between you two.

But, most of the time guys make mistakes and show too much interest in a girl’s past life. This is not something ideal to do. If a girl is interested in you, she herself will open up about these things. It will take a bit of time but she will talk about her life, about her exes, and about other things.

So, guys don’t rush into anything. If she is interested she will slowly let you know about everything in her life. You just need to wait and if she is letting you know about everything then you must understand her intentions.

Signs a girl is secretly attracted to you

6. She will be interested in your life too

When we get attracted to somebody, we also take an interest in their lives. If a girl is attracted to you she will not only talk about her personal life, but she will also want to know about your life. She will ask you about your family, friends, your interests and other things.

Often guys mistake this to be just a casual thing. But let me tell you no girl takes interest unless she feels an attraction to you.

She will start telling you about her own life and then slowly will take into yours too. She will also take an interest in your past relationships and about the reason for your breakup.

So, if a girl is asking a lot about your personal life, don’t mistake it to be ordinary. Try to tell her honestly about your life because that is very attractive to a girl.

7. Her caring nature is not for everyone, don’t misread the hint

Everybody thinks that girls are always very caring by nature. That is definitely true at some point. But not all girls care for every other guy they chat with. Until a girl feels a certain attraction to a boy, she will not be concerned for him.

If her behavior towards you is caring, it is not a random gesture. She is definitely interested in you. By showing concern and care for you she is trying to grab your attention and trying to give you a hint.

For example, if she is concerned about your health or about your mood or about any problem of yours, she is undoubtedly attracted to you. She will ask you about your day and also are you fine or not. These are signs a girl is secretly attracted to you.

Signs a girl is secretly attracted to you

8. Flirtatious body language – signs a girl is secretly attracted to you

We all have flirted sometimes more or less. And, in today’s world flirting has become very normal to us. But remember flirting over the phone and having a flirtatious body language is not the same. When a girl is behaving flirtatiously she is trying to give you a sign.

Flirtatious body language sounds very extra forward. But it is very common little things in someone’s behavior.

For example, if she is making deep eye contact with you, she is showing her interest in you. A little touching in the hand or leaning in your body a little while laughing or smiling subtlely and gently – these are small flirtings which girls do.

Girls don’t do extra flirting through their body language. Because they feel shy. Sometimes acting nervous in front of a guy also means a girl is attracted to him.

But guys always remember do not to interpret it in the wrong way and don’t say something inappropriate. Because that will just ruin the brewing bond between you two.

9. Sharing her feelings freely is special

When we connect with someone and feel attracted to them, we want to share our feelings with that particular individual. If a girl is sharing her feelings with you, it means she feels comfortable with you. And also she is attracted to you.

A girl does not share her feelings freely with everybody. Because she feels uneasy about it. But if she is sharing her feelings freely with you, you are the lucky one. She trusts you and feels interested in you. And that is why she starts sharing her feelings with you.

When she is sharing her feelings with you, try to respect her emotions. And try to understand her intension behind it. She does not want to look too eager but also wants to show her interest in you. So, read the signs carefully.

Signs a girl is secretly attracted to you

10. A little bit of jealousy shows her interest

Human beings have the tendency of getting jealous. But only when someone is special to them. Girls also get jealous and possessive about someone when they like someone.

Guys, do any girl gets jealous when you tell about your ex or someone you feel attractive? And you feel curious why she is getting jealous. Because she likes you and is attracted to you.

When you are talking about your ex or some attractive woman, she feels that you are not attracted to you. And this creates her jealousy.

Women try to show they are not bothered. But often fail to hide their jealousy when they feel attracted to someone. So, if you think that her jealousy about you is weird, you are probably not getting her hint.

Her jealousy reflects her attraction towards you. I know you feel puzzled about the reason. I have a solution for you. Just think if she starts talking about her ex or any other guy, you will also feel jealous. And, you will know the reason that it is a sign that she is secretly attracted to you.

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Signs a girl is secretly attracted to you

A final thought on signs she is secretly attracted to you

So, we have discussed all the 10 signs a girl is secretly attracted to you. I know it is hard to understand the signs sometimes. But remember when you are getting a vibe that a girl is attracted to you, try to make a move. Girls like straight forward men who can make bold moves. So, do not back off.

Cause once you miss the chance there is no thought of having a second chance.

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