10 don’ts of long distance relationship


A relationship can be fun, having a great time with your partner, sweet little talks, hugs and kisses and a lot of memories. But at the same time relationship come with a lot of responsibilities and challenges. A relationship, which you might think of as a cake walk can turn into your nightmare if you are careless and don’t deal with situations as adults. Especially a long distance relationship comes with some special challenges which a normal couple escapes. Let’s find out the 10 things that you shouldn’t do while being in a long distance relationship. And remember all the problems that occur, only you can solve those. You are the centre of YOUR world, and only you have the power to set everything right.

  • Don’t let the distance hamper your relationship.

Distance is the biggest factor which affects your relationship. Unlike usual couples you cannot frequently meet your partner. You may feel that you are missing out on a lot of your partner’s life. But sadly this is what it is, you have to keep up with it. Be strong. And you should discuss it with your partner as well, if that helps.

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  • Don’t blame your partner for the lack of time

It is really tough to find time for your partner. You might be busy all day with work or studies, or some other thing. It truly hurts but you cannot just blame it on your partner that they don’t find enough time for you. Rather what you can do is fix a schedule, like when you would call, maybe before bed time or during breakfast. In that way you will always feel connected.

  • Don’t keep secrets

Being in a long distance relationship means you won’t have your partner around all the time. You can do things that you want to, no restrictions, but that doesn’t mean you should lie about it. Whatever you do, don’t keep it a secret, tell your partner about this because there is no future for a relationship based on secrets. I know you might be thinking, how can a small, simple, harmless secret, hamper my relationship? But honestly, it’s not about how big the secret is, it’s about you hiding it from your partner. They automatically feel neglected and dejected.

  • Don’t shut yourself out during an argument

Fights happen, be it in a long distance relationship or not. They just happen. And sometimes it gets so big that you don’t feel like talking to your partner at all. But here is where the mistake happens. Being in a long distance relationship makes it worse because your partner is away from you and he can’t judge your feelings or your mood. He wouldn’t know anything at all. Until and unless you speak yourself. To solve a fight it is important to stay open, and say what is in your mind. In this way only can you properly discuss the problem and find a stable solution.

  • Don’t compare your relationship

This is a very unhealthy thing to do. Not only does this disheartens you but also makes you think that your relationship doesn’t have a bright future. Every relationship is unique in its way. You may want to compare your relationship to a couple who gets to see other more frequently than you do. That’s normal, this stage comes in every relationship. But you have to understand that conditions are totally different. What they can have at this moment, you can’t. Or, what you have, they can’t. I mean you don’t have your partner hanging around your neck 24/7, do you?

  • Don’t be always doubtful

Doubts are what kill a relationship. And the distance makes it more tough. You can’t be around your partner anytime you want and the lack of time makes it worse. You may start having doubts about your relationship or your partner cheating on you for nothing. Try to control your emotions, and discuss such things with your partner. This will help you be more stable and fight the situation. Trust your partner a little and don’t jump to awful conclusions without any solid proof.

  • Do not assume that your partner knows your expectations

This is a trait that is mostly seen in girls. They expect their partner to understand their emotions and fulfil their expectations. But woman, understand, your partner has no magical power. Until you tell him what you want he wouldn’t understand. Communicate with your partner, that is the easiest way to convey your feelings and helps in finding solutions.

  • Do not pretend that everything is okay when it isn’t

Problems occur almost everyday, some are small some are big. Being in a long distance relationship, most of the times you don’t have your partner to help you with it. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk about it with your partner. I understand that you don’t wish to discuss each an every problem of yours with a person who is hundreds of kilometers away from you, but that doesn’t mean that you lie to them about it. Of course they can’t come and face the problem for you but atleast they can suggest some solution. Remember, even being away, they have the right to know. They are as much worried about you as you are for them.

  • Don’t believe that all long distance relationships have the same fate

You might be knowing people who have been in a long distance relationship. They try to give you advice based their experience. But remember, it’s on you, what you choose and what you ignore. Many people, based on their experience might have told you that long distance relationships don’t last long, they are not worth it, in the end it would just be nothing, and stuff like that. But remember, not every relationship is the same. It’s depends on you,  your relationship will go in the direction in which you want to take it. Don’t fall prey to such false saying. Believe in your relationship and it shall work.

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  • Don’t be afraid to change

A relationship is bound to bring many changes in your life, especially if it is a long distance relationship. Your preferences may change. Your time table may change. But don’t be afraid of it, accept it as a part of your life. Changes come for good.

So here are a few tips to help you. Do implement it. And remember that problems will always be there, you just have to stick together and fight it.

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