Love Story of Rohini and Shekhar: That Friend’s Party


When you were in high school, you must have thought of having a life with your crush or maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend. Spending a happy life together, sharing some special moments and loving each other for ever. You must have thought of it, at one point atleast. Kids and their dreams. Unrealistic, right? But this unrealistic dream turned into reality for- Rohini who has now spent over seven years with her high school sweetheart, her partner Shekhar.

For the story to begin, let’s go to the year 2009 when Rohini first met Shekhar. Shekhar was a new admission to 9th grade, her class, it was his first day in the new school. Rohini describes the moment when she saw him as a mixture of magic, jitters and butterflies in her stomach. A totally unknown person, whom she had never met in her life before, gave her such a happy and in a way complex feeling. But she was not willing to settle with these feelings, she wanted to discover more. Rohini is a determined lady, she gets what she wants. Since that day Rohini began to take some serious interest in him. From finding chances of talking to him to being there to help him with anything he needed Rohini always tried to catch opportunities to interact with him. Soon they become friends and these friends became “CLOSE FRIENDS”.

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A year passed by and year saw many things- fun, fights and pranks. Rohini mentions that once she pulled a prank on him, that terribly failed. Once Rohini texted him with an unknown number. Failing to recognise that it was her, Shekhar really panicked and had his elder sister to make a call on that number. Even today, they think of this time and laugh to their heart’s content.

Over a year their friendship had grown stronger and they had come closer to each other as well, partly because they wanted to and partly because everyone in their class used to associate then with each other and tease both of them. Oh that high school romance and how simple it used to be, just nothing to worry about. They both like it but nobody was ready to come forward and accept it.

Love Story
Love Story

And then one day, something unexpected happened, Shekhar playfully asked Rohini, if she would like to go on a date with him. Well he didn’t get the answer he was expecting. Rohini actually didn’t give him a proper answer- it was neither a yes nor a no, just a blank silence. And this silence continued for seven long days. Yes, you read it correct, seven long days. Apparently she was nervous, her nervousness was taking over. In a teenagers life it is a big step and just like a regular teenager Rohini was nervous and worried. She just wanted to take a thoughtful decision.

Seven days passed and then came a turning point in their life, a friend’s birthday party. They had no idea that they would be seeing each other in that party- it was an accident, more of a surprise or maybe an accidental surprise. The moment Rohini saw him, she couldn’t control herself, but talk to him. That moment she understood that he was worth it, worth the wait, worth the fights and most importantly worth the smiles. Yet, she couldn’t confess her feelings. That day when she went home, she texted Shekhar and told him everything, clearly indicating that their friendship was moving forward. But didn’t give a proper answer, he just said that he wanted to talk in person. But that could hardly happen as could hardly find time during the school hours to talk over this matter. His idea having failed, Shekhar decided to retreat to the former and more reliable source of communication- Texting. He confessed that he has similar feeling. Rohini was thrilled. In this context Rohini says:

“I remember that I literally began to jump on the bed on reading that text. It was by far the happiest day of my life.”

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And that is how it began. Soon their friends found out about this, and then the entire class. Soon they became the most popular couple of the school. Since that day, to this day this couple has been through a lot. From pitty fights to a typical long distance relationship. But this couple has survived it all. They believe that no problem can bring them down until they are together, until they support it each other. Their caring and understanding ability is something that is unique and has kept them together for so long. And this where this couple makes you believe that HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS are no myth.

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