Marriage is am crucial step in everyone’s life. And it is very important to find yourself a suitable partner with whom you can spend your life. This can be much difficult than what you think. And that’s what makes people nervous. You might ask some stupid question or may act in a weird manner. All of this just because you are nervous. Has this ever happened to you? Well worry no more, today we shall share with you 5 questions that you should ask while seeing a woman for marriage. Let’s begin!

  1. Start with something simple.

Always remember that the person sitting in front of you is as nervous as you are. So it is advisable to start with something simple. Something like her hobbies, her food preferences, places she has visited. Remember, your intention should be to make her comfortable before moving forward with questions.

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  1. Ask about her education and career goals.

The women of today’s generation are very ambitious and focused about their career as well as higher education. They really appreciate if their possible husband takes interest in that field. Not only does it gives her self confidence, but it also tells you how secure and comfortable would you be in this relationship.

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  1. Ask about her family and lifestyle.

Knowing about her family and her upbringing can give you a peek into her life. And on knowing about their lifestyle you can rationally think and make your decision. Keep in mind that the most important thing about starting a relationship is compatible. And having the above information tells you how compatible would you be with her in future.

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  1. Ask about her post marriage expectations.

Woman have many expectations from marriage. And they really appreciate if you ask them about it. This makes things clear from the very beginning. Asking about post marriage expectations helps you know that whether you are an ideal match for her or not. And if you are then it tells you about your goals as a partner.

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  1. Ask about her responsibilities towards her parents.

This is a very important questions. It helps you know that how is she planning on taking care of her parents after marriage. This also shows that what kind of responsibilities, concerning the groom’s parents, is she willing to take up when she gets married. A nice woman who would take proper care of his parents and love them like he does- is what most men look for.

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