15 Worst Questions Not to Ask Girl on the First Date

question not to ask on first date

First dates are always a nail-biting moment. There are so many thoughts going on the mind. There are always two types of first dates. One is where there is an instant click between the two. It seems like there is some kind of potential for you two to have something in the future. The other type of date is not so smooth one. There is some kind of awkwardness between the two. It is pretty evident that the vibe is just not matching. In the first case, there are chances of having a second date. And then blossoming into a serious connection. But the only way to have a second date is never asking the wrong questions. Don’t worry about it. I have made a list of 15 worst and inappropriate first date questions you should not ask a girl.

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Worst and inappropriate first date questions you should not ask a girl


1. If she is single never ask why.

You may think that this is a nice and harmless question to ask the girl. But most of the time this question is received in an inappropriate way. It is possible that your intentions are to flatter the girl. But she can think that something is wrong with her being single and with the date.

The intension of the question can completely backfire to you. There are many people out there who have not met their soulmate yet. Also, many people do not always prioritize relationships. They are amazingly happy and single. And their happiness matters the most to them.

And that is why you have to avoid this question. If you realize that the person you are on a date with has never been in any relationship just be happy about it. Asking too many questions about being single will definitely ruin your first date.

2. Never ask why did you end your relationship on the first date.

Taking an extra interest in the girl’s past life or about her Exes is a big turn off for the girls. You must not be very intrusive about her past relationships. No matter how curious you feel about it, you must not ask this question to the girl. And especially about her equation with her Ex.

It is definitely not the ideal question to ask on the first date. First of all, this is none of your business about her breakup. Moreover, this will bring the heartbreaking memories of her past. Most of the time girls feel judged about their character. You definitely do not want to make an impression of a judgemental guy.

Place yourself in her position and think before you ask something like this. It will not be nice for you also remembering the painful experiences. It is better to maintain a light tone on the very first date. And also you don’t want to waste your first date her complaining and getting sad about the past. So, don’t ask inappropriate first date questions to ask a girl.

Worst and inappropriate first date questions you should not ask a girl

3.”Do you see any future of this relationship?”

Maybe your date is going really well with the girl. But never ask this question. It seems like you are in a rush or you are very desperate. If your date goes well it is obvious you two will continue to meet each other.

But asking this question on the first date will portray you very eager and immature. You two have barely known each other and putting this question on the first date is quite foolish. Also, this will put a lot of pressure on the girl.

If the date is good there can be chances of you two getting together. But this can ruin all your effort. She can think you off as needy and this can ring the no bell in her head. If you truly like her just convey your feelings to her but never rush for anything.

4.”Are you dating anyone else also?” Inappropriate question for the first date

This question definitely indicates the wrong meaning. These types of questions are very inappropriate on the first date to ask a girl. Because she will think that you are questioning her character. And even if she is dating anyone else that is completely her choice. If you two have the connection she will definitely choose you over anyone else.

In the movie ‘Dear Zindagi’, Shahrukh Khan’s character Dr.Jehangir “Jug” Khan told Kaira (Alia Bhatt) that you even see many options before buying a chair. So why not do the same before choosing a life partner? And the situation can be vis-a-vis too. So you should not pick up the topic of her dating life. It really is inappropriate to ask a girl.

5.”When do you want to get married?”

For a first date question, the topic of marriage is a big no. You two just have met and it has not been much time yet. Asking about getting married is really pressurizing. Maybe she is a self-made, independent woman and to her career matters more than marriage. The concept of marriage is often really frightening to girls for various reasons.

The question makes you look like a person in a rush. First, try to get to know her more. If you two carry on for a long time, the marriage will be the next step. But always let your connection build naturally. Don’t ruin it by an intense question like this. If she is ready for marriage she herself will let you know.

Worst and inappropriate first date questions you should not ask a girl

6.”Do you want to have kids?”

Asking about having kids on the first date is way too extra. It is natural to think for a man that all women love kids. So they surely want to have their own. But let me tell you despite being affectionate to kids women not always just want to have kids. Women have a natural maternal instinct. But when the question is having their own kids they are not too sure about it.

Moreover, it is not appropriate to ask this type of question when you are meeting someone for the first time. Thinking about the future is okay but this is too forward to ask. You two can have a totally different view of it. And asking the question can actually spoil the mood so don’t try to confront this thing.

7.”How much salary do you get?” The worst question NEVER ask

It is really normal to ask about her on the first date. But that does not mean that you can ask about her salary. It is a very personal question to ask in the beginning. She will think of you as an opportunist. And please do not ask this question.

Being interested in her career or what she does for a living is natural. But please do not show interest in money. This is really a deal-breaker question and you must avoid this. She will think that you want to know this because you want to know what she can do for you. So take interest in her job but not in money.

Worst and inappropriate first date questions you should not ask a girl

8.”How is your relationship with family & sibling?”

Parents are definitely the most important part of our lives. So, you might think that asking about her relationship with her parents is really caring and gentle. But it can hit the feelings of the girl if she has some issues with her parents or does not have parents.

It is obvious that you are unaware of the issues of her life. But always think before anything that can be very sensitive to the girl. Her childhood can have deep and dark secrets. She might have had abusive parents. In these cases asking this question will definitely make the girl very uncomfortable.

Try opening up about your relationship with your family. Try to see if she is taking interest in that and is feeling easy about family talks. If she is not getting awkward then you can pop the question about her family. But if she is getting conscious about the topic then it will be good to drop the topic there.

9.”Do you like household works?” Never ask this question

The last thing you will want on your first date is sounding like sexist. If you were thinking of asking this question let me warn you at the very beginning. Asking this type of question like- do you know how to cook or can you wash clothes- always will portray you negatively.

This will definitely turn you as prejudiced who thinks that women are bound to do household things. Maybe she does not know household works. But remember this does not make her less eligible in any section.

Everyone can not know everything. She may know gardening or any other thing. So try to know her hobbies rather than these things. For example, you may ask her what does she do on her holidays. Try to know if she loves traveling or not. This will make you more attractive to her. Because women like when men take an interest in their hobbies and passion.

Worst and inappropriate first date questions you should not ask a girl

10. Do not ask ” You have more male friend or female friend?”

It is possible that she does not have any male friends or she has a lot of male friends. Both cases are fine for a girl. But if you are specifically asking about her male friends then I am sorry your date is not going to last long.

How would you feel if she will ask the question around? You would definitely be offended and would feel judged. The same goes for the girl. Don’t put this question as if she is not supposed to have any male friends. Asking these questions only will show your narrow mentality about gender equality. And also these are considered inappropriate first date questions to ask any girl.

It is fine to ask about her friend circle. But never ask about particularly the male friends. If you are interested in her try to know about her close friends. And even if she mentions about any man, it is completely fine. She can have male friends and there is nothing wrong about it.

11.”So are you willing to do job after marriage also?”

Guys, do any girl ask you the same question? How would it feel then? Not nice right? The same is expected for the girl. If you know that she is a working lady then never ever ask this question. And even if she is not working now she can work later.

Working after marriage is completely her decision and it is totally fine. Work should never come between the conversation. You can ask if she enjoys her work or not. And if the answer is yes then just don’t go to this question. Because it is clear she is a workaholic woman and she won’t compromise her work.

For the first date questions regarding marriage or after marriage is really tricky. Try to avoid these questions. Work can be a topic to talk about but not too much of it. Just leave the work-oriented vibe and try to ease a bit.

12.”OMG you eat so much, why are you foodie?” Very inappropriate to ask in first date

This question is wrong in many senses. If she eats little and you are asking this, she is probably thinking that you prefer slim girls. It is not good for your image for sure. She can be nervous about the first date. And maybe that is why she is not having anything much.

But if she is having proper food then asking this question is certainly the biggest mistake of the date. This will totally show your preference for thinner girls. If a girl is eating properly in front of you without any hesitation then it is good for you. It shows that she is comfortable with your company. But this question will destroy comfort at once. She can also think that you are worrying about the bill.

Food is a delicate thing. So always handle it carefully. Before asking any question about it think wisely that you don’t hurt someone’s feelings. Remember to avoid asking inappropriate first date questions to a girl.

Worst and inappropriate first date questions you should not ask a girl

13.”Is that your natural skin or just makeup?”

Never ask this question to a girl, I repeat never. It is your first date and it is pretty obvious that she will try to look her best. And for that using makeup is a natural thing. Also, women love makeup just like you men love watches.

There are girls who do makeup to get that confidence. And there are also girls who do makeup just because they love it. And you must appreciate both the cases. Because if she has done makeup for the date, it’s because the date is special for her. Asking this will make her efforts drown. Also, she will think you as a racist who has a preference for skin tones.

So, even if you realize that she has done makeup appreciate her effort. Compliment her if she is looking beautiful and if she is carrying off that makeup well. Though boys do not know much about makeup, try to play smart and compliment her eyes and eyeliner. It will be flattering for her.

14.”Don’t you wear traditional dresses?”

Guys, even if you are curious about her preference for dresses you should never ask this question. She has come for a date, not for any traditional festival. Obviously, she is going to wear western attire. But this doe not mean that she does not wear any traditional dress.

Interrogating about dressing choice is not a great idea. Do you want to know why? Because this type of question comes across very discourteous. Everyone wants to wear clothes of their choice. And if she is wearing anything western just respect it. Because women do not like men who are conservative about wearing clothes. And this question will definitely portray you as an illiberal person.

Worst and inappropriate first date questions you should not ask a girl

15. Not an askable question “Do you smoke or drink?”

We all know that smoking or drinking is injurious to health. But asking these things to a girl on the first date is very petty-minded. These pieces of information about someone are very private. And just asking about it out of nowhere on a first date is really out of place.

Smoking and drinking are totally her personal choice and it should not be a problem for you. Your concern for her health can completely get contrary to meaning. So, it will be better for you to avoid asking these dangerous and inappropriate first date questions to a girl

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So, we have discussed the questions that are highly risky to ask on the very first date. These are the Worst and inappropriate first date questions you should not ask a girl. But in case you have fumbled and asked any of these by mistake just own up to that and apologize to her. It is never humiliating to say sorry for a mistake.

Worst and inappropriate first date questions you should not ask a girl

For the first date let your conversation flow organically. Don’t dive into deep conversations already. Let each other take the time to open up and be comfortable. Try avoiding serious topics like politics, feminism, etc. Always choose lighter topics to talk about. Also, let the girl talk about herself and you will see that you both are just gelling well together. Be confident when you are talking. And trust me it will not be your last one.

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