True Love Tricky Questions|I Feel My Partner Will Leave Me

tricky and true love question answer

Being in love is the most amazing feeling one could ever have. It is the most beautiful thing in the world. But, where there is love, there is a fight. And where there is a fight there is doubt. You might be having many doubts regarding various problems in your relationship. True love tricky questions answers will be very helpful to you.

Not a problem, we are here to seek out everything. By solving all your doubts we’ll not let any problem become the reason for your breakup. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear mind about what to do and what not to do. As all your confusion will come to an end.

The relationship is a very precious thing. But, it runs on balance. One person by loving extra cannot do anything. You both have to take care of it by pouring all your affection.

1. My partner always says I m busy! How to know that my man is going away from me?

True love tricky questions answers are here to solve this question. If your partner doesn’t talk to you for a few hours or for a short span of time. You don’t need to worry about the same.

But if he doesn’t pay attention to your needs. If he gives more excuses then efforts. That’s definitely s very huge sign that he is distancing away from you.

He doesn’t reply to your text for hours and doesn’t call you for the entire day. If he doesn’t respond there are always two reasons. One is, he is really busy. Second, he is pulling away from you.

If he always gives you attention but sometimes doesn’t reply to you it means he is occupied somewhere.

But, if most of the time ignore you and very few times give you all his attention. That shows that he is losing interest in you. If he always gives one or another reason – he has worked, he has a party to go, has to travel.

The point is where are you at his priority list? He has time for everything and not you. Above all, the most important sign is your own gut feeling. Vibes never lie, if you really feel most often that he is acting weird, then he probably is.

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2. My partner asks me to inform him/her where I am 24*7, is possessiveness good or bad? Our true love tricky questions answers will solve your doubts.

Always remember, that there is a huge difference between protective, possessive, and over possessive. Protectiveness is when your partner respects you. Possessiveness is insecurities and trying to control your partner every time. Possessiveness is always been as a sign of love.

But always remember, that if your partner is over possessive it becomes negative and leads to the failure of your relationship. There’s a very thin line between love and possessiveness. But, that thin line makes a huge difference.

Over possessiveness also hurts and irritates the partner you are possessive for. It creates distances in your relationship. It becomes a foundation for your partner in the long run. Another partner often tries to escape them. Instead of being possessive, try to love your partner give them efforts and freedom. 

3. I feel good whenever I see him/ her my heart goes all Mallow, how to know it is attraction or love?

The perfect answer lies in our true love tricky questions answers blog. The first main difference is that attraction can happen in a fraction of a second. But love takes time to grow and become stronger. While attraction becomes less with each passing day. Love increase with the passage of time.

If you distance yourself from that person when you see their flaws, it means you are attracted. But, if you see perfection in their imperfection. It means you are in love with them. true love tricky questions answers are helping you?

Missing someone when you are alone is natural. But missing someone while everyone is around you, it means you are deeply in love with that person. It’s very natural to feel attracted to someone by seeing their physical beauty.

But if you love someone’s inner beauty more then how they look, it’s a sign of deep love. If you are attracted to someone, you’ll be more interested in doing fantasy talks rather indulge in deep conversations. Falling for the soul is love while falling for someone’s looks is attraction.

If you genuinely someone you’ll put all efforts for your relationship to work. But, if you are only attracted you’ll stop putting efforts after a short span of time. As the attraction is temporary and love is everlasting. 


true love tricky questions answers

There are some questions about love and relationship that revolve around our heads. And because of this confusion pure feeling of love becomes a matter of stress for us. We are unable to decide that whatever our partner is doing with us is it normal or not. We get the answers only after taking this party’s view.

Below, we have covered all possible questions and given their answer based on psychology and experience. You’ll get every answer you are looking for.

4. My partner doesn’t reply to me for long hours, but is online most of the time, how to know that your partner is cheating on you or not?

In this virtual world, social networking sites play a very important role in everyone’s life. If your partner is now changing their passwords and not even sharing it with you.

There are high chances that he/she is cheating. Uncertainly he or she regularly deletes chats if you have their passwords that’s definitely not a good sign.

For instance, they don’t get connected to you for long hours, it means there are high chances that your partner is cheating on you.

If they give excuses like:- I was driving or busy with some personal work. If he/she gives it sometimes it’s ok. But if they do it at regular intervals it’s a huge red signal.

If your partner starts doing things, they never did earlier like staying awake at late nights, getting dressed well every time, they may be lying.

In case, your partner doesn’t talk much about the future and doesn’t try to strengthen the emotional connection, it’s a thing to be emphasized on.

Your man starts changing his daily routine for some senseless reason, Dienst invites you to his personal ceremonies, doesn’t take you out for a date. You are the only one who plans things out. All these are indicators of the fact that your partner is cheating on you. 

5. My girlfriend always forget important dates, how to handle this situation?

When it comes to relationships, it’s very important to celebrate each other’s special dates. Even if your partner forgets important dates that don’t anything positive or negative. All that matters is their reaction. How they react to it conveys everything.

If your girlfriend feels apologetic for the same then it’s ok. If she takes it for granted and often ignores it even after you telling her everything, it clearly states that she doesn’t care.

Another factor that can be considered to consider that how much time all this has happened.

Are they bad at remembering all the important dates? Or this irresponsible behavior is shown only when it comes to you. If it for the first or second time, you should simply tell her that you are feeling hurt about the same. There’s no need to take any big action.

But if she repeatedly does the same, then you have to be clear in your mind that she doesn’t care. Your important dates have nothing to do with her. You have to let her know that although it’s not important to her, it’s important to you.

6. I love my boyfriend but he insists me to have sex with him, is sex really important for love or not? 

If you do sex with your partner just because of fear of losing that person. That’s not worth it. It will not lead to intimacy, it will only satisfy the feeling of the list, not intimacy. Having sex in a relationship has two aspects of it. Partially it is important and partially it’s not.

It totally depends upon you and your partner. Many people have a healthy relationship with their partners even without having sex. While some relationships fail even after having full sex. Although, we can’t ignore the fact that sex does add intimacy in a relationship.

Sex provides immense satisfaction but up to a certain point. But love, affection all these factors also brings intimacy to relationship not only sex.No one can ignore the fact that sex reduces stress and boost immunity.  When there’s a lot of sex in a relationship, it becomes a very small part of the relationship.

But if a relationship has zero percent sex in it, it sometimes becomes a big problem in a relationship if your partner is a sexually active person. 

7. My boyfriend always says that I am overreacting whenever I complain to him about anything, is my partner trying to correct me or trying to blame me for everything? 

Blaming is the most toxic thing to do in a relationship. Being blames every time can be really painful and hurtful. If your partner sits with you and points out your always he/she wants you to make a better person. But if he/she just blames you for every fight and never take accountability of their actions.

It clearly means they are playing a blame game. Partners often use blame as a defensive wall. It is clearly a negative thing to do and create a lot of problems in a relationship. If they are blaming you for everything. It clearly means that they are making you a villain for the mistake they are doing.

Their inefficiency to communication often leafs to Miss communication in your relationship. Sharing your feelings can never sound an overreaction yo the right partner.

If you react it means you felt something. Your partner is supposed to understand the pain behind your reaction. Not to, blame you for everything. By doing this he/she is making you a vulnerable person in your own eyes. 

8 What do compliments reveal about your relationship? 

Even in general life, compliments have huge importance. It makes someone feel best about themselves. However, when it comes outcome to relationships. Their importance becomes double. Compliments show your partner that you appreciate them and you feel that they are really worthy.

When you say things like:- I love the way you feel and there’s no else like you. Or commenting on physical appearance like:- I like your eyes and your dressing sense is fantastic. All these make your partner feel that you really notice them and it makes them feel special. The way your partner compliments you, tells a lot about your relationship.

It’s the sweetest gesture you can make to your partner. It creates positivity in the relationship. Also, it makes your partner feels that they are thought about. It makes them feel that you notice small – small things about them.

You can’t even imagine, how much these small gestures enlighten your partner and simultaneously your relationship. It creates a sense of excitement and happiness between both of you. It prevents boredom to exist in your relationship. 


true love tricky questions answers

Who doesn’t want to fall in love? After all, it is the most peaceful feeling of all. But sometimes, this feeling of peace breaks in pieces. As there are many confusions going on in our head. And when our queries don’t get solved it takes the form of stress. Our main issue is we have countless questions answer about love. But no one is there to answer all the queries. Not to worry. We are here for all your answers.

Sometimes one doesn’t know what’s important in a relationship and what’s not. No worries at all’ we have answered everything below. Whether you have a question regarding giving space or confused between possessiveness and over possessiveness. You’ll get all your answers.

9. My partner always asks for giving him/ her space. Is giving space important in a relationship? 

Taking your own time in a relationship may sound selfish but in reality, it’s not. It’s very essential for a healthy relationship. Every single individual has a need to have some individual time. Moreover, when you and your partner are separated.

You’ll often miss each other and it’ll increase each other’s importance in your lives. It also allows you to be in genuine contact with your family and friends. Your partner is not your world, only a part of your world. If he/she is asking for space by their mouth.

The best thing you can do is to give them some alone time. If you’ll forcefully, keep talking to them it’ll sound irritating to them. They may get frustrated and it can lead to negative consequences in your relationship. Space in a relationship can make a huge difference. 

10 I feel that my partner will leave me soon, is it my doubt or the reality?

If your partner doesn’t talk about the future and avoids deep talks. It’s a very huge sign that he/she has lost interest in you. If they talk of breakup after every single fight, it clearly means that this relationship is of no importance in their lives.

When you go down in their priority list, it means, they are not into you anymore. Giving more importance to their work and friends rather than you is a clear indicator that your partner will end the relationship soon.

When someone stops making efforts, don’t answer what you did the entire day and never plan things out. All these are indicators that your partner has lost their interest in the relationship.

If they have stopped making long term promises and stopped giving commitments, it is a huge red signal for you. If your man/ woman is losing interest in you he/ she will give more excuses than love.

All their time and attention that was once yours, it has been divided among all. If their words never match their actions, it is the biggest signal for you. 

11. My partner never make an effort to make me happy? Do that states that she/ he is losing interest in me? 

Effort indicates the love and care in your relationship. In fact, the most important thing to keep a relationship ongoing in a healthy manner is effort. Fewer efforts clearly indicate a lack of interest. We put effort into one we consider worthy enough.

It makes a relationship stronger. If one partner puts all effort and the same is not reciprocated from another side, the relationship will eventually fade away.

Efforts are not always monetary. Even small goodnight, good morning and I miss you messages can also enlighten the relationship. When someone truly cares about you, he/ she’ll make an effort and not an excuse.

Always remember, someone’s effort is a reflection of their interest in you. The one who is interested in you will never let you make feel alone due to their lack of effort.

Especially, when they are there. And someone’s nil efforts are a reflection of their lack of interest in you. In the long run, efforts determine the happiness of your relationship. 

12. Our relationship is facing the problem of resentment, how can it be solved? 

There’s always a way to talk to your partner about your feelings without blaming them. Most of the time, the problem of resentment arises in relationships due to a lack of communication. Resentment is a relationship that acts as a poison that eats the happiness of the relationship.

The feeling of hurt and insecurity never goes back on its own rather it increases with time. When one partner is more loving and affectionate than others, resentment builds up.

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Expressing your partner directly about your feelings clearly is the most effective way to diminish this problem. Replace your feelings of sympathy with empathy. Instead of always getting irritated by the negative qualities of your partner. Focus on their good and positive qualities and cherish it.

Understand your partner’s needs and try to act according to the same. Talk about every single small thing and never stay quiet just to not sound vulnerable. 
Do let us know in the comments that our true love tricky questions answers helped you or not?

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