(10 Helping Tips) Start New Relationship With a Favorite Guy You Love


OMG! finally, you have decided to fall in love? Great most welcome in Gangs of Lovers. But still, confuse how to start a new relationship with a favorite guy you love? I think falling in love is easy. Big deal in to begin a new fairytale relationship with the person you love the most. Not to worry sweetheart I am sharing my personal love experience. It would help you also to carry on your love life.

Stop overthinking in the beginning. Question yourself if he is suitable for you or not. Never attracted at the beginning of the relationship. Stop expecting very soon from a partner. Hide relationship till 6 dates from friends. Give the relationship time to mature. Do not hurry for sex.

We only listen to our hearts when we feel something for a special one. Either it is late night chatting, daydreaming for him. But when it comes to start a relationship. We started listening to our hearts and mind.

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So the confusion is whom to listen? Heart or mind? I think when it comes to personal life we have to act logically. Come with me I am telling you what to do for a new relationship.


1. No moreover thinking

What is the big problem with the girls? Girls think why should I express my feeling to the boy? Why should I show interest in him first? Let him do this.

Why should I propose to him? I am a girl. Do not reply to his text immediately. Am I not right girls? Have you not tried it ever? I know most of you girls did this maximum time.

Avoid a situation like this. If you are thinking of starting a new relationship. Keep in mind this is not a case of male-female gender equality or inequality.

how to start new relationship with guy you love

So why is this mind game of why should I do first? Just be clear, straight forward, honest for your feelings and relationship. Instead of creating these types of confusing situations.

Give rises to some personal moment. Express your feelings for the person with whom you wish to start a new relationship. Remember men love honest, straight forward girls.

You have not to show off that you are in demand for other guys also. Just focus on one person make him realize that you are serious for him. Stop behaving like a teenager or school girl. Accept your love for him.

2. Question your self he is suitable for you or not?

The relationship is not a sudden feeling or decision. Before starting a new relationship make assure that your partner has all the qualities. Because you must be looking for a partner to start a new relationship.

And relationship depends upon communication, trust, respect, emotional support, physical affection. An ideal partner must have intelligence, emotion, caring behavior, honesty, sense of humor.

If your partner has all these qualities. And he is smart enough to understand your inner feeling. Then you can start your relationship with the guy you love. Because the relationship is not a materialistic thing.

It needs love, feeling, emotion, respect to lead a happy life in a relationship. Trust is the key factor for a relationship. In the beginning, we cannot trust our partner very easily.

But after spending lots of happy moments and memorable time together. Of course, you can develop trust. And also start a new relationship with the guy you love most.

3. Never attracted immediately at the beginning of the relationship

If you are dating someone. It is obvious he will show his best version in beginning. In fact, you would also show your best side. The thing is that do not be in a hurry to believe instant on your partner.

I am not saying do not trust him. I am saying why should you look for the best side only. Take your time. Let him mingle with you. It would let him express flaws also.

how to start new relationship with guy you love

Reality hidden in flaws. Not in show off or impressive behavior of first meeting.

When you feel comfortable with his flaws also. Then you are ready to carry on a new relationship with the favorite guy.

4. Stop expecting in the beginning, to start a new relationship

What kills the relationship? Your answer would be cheating, lie, bad behavior. You are right. But 90% of breakup happens over the earth because of expectation.

So if you are on the threshold of a new relationship. Keep your expectations low. Everyone has wishes or desire regarding love life and relationship.

The way we start dating, we started dreaming. Mostly expect “My boyfriend handsome, rich. He will text me good morning, good night, I miss you every day”.

Or you started expecting that your “man would buy a flower. Take you to romantic candle night dinner” and so on.

Must-Read Love Tips

Dear although this happens in real life also. But it would take time to strengthen the relationship.

My only suggestion is to keep going with the time. Give your relationship time and space to mature. Avoid expecting from the very beginning.

5. Hide relationship till 6 dates from friends

I know he has proposed you yesterday. Or you may have expressed your feeling to him. Stop jumping in joy and excitement. Because you have found someone to love.

Do not rush to your friend in a hurry to tell them about dating. It is your personal life to keep it secret. No, I am not saying to keep it secret always.

Just date your man 5, 6 times. Then break the news in your group. No need to show off your relationship on FB, Instagram or WhatsApp status.

how to start new relationship with guy you love

Hold down, make your self confirm first. That really you have started a new relationship. Or it casual meeting of 2, 3 date.

No need to talk about it in the college canteen. If the thing did not go well it would make you fun in the friend circle.

So wait till 5, 6 dates dear. Do not make your relationship a piece of breaking news. Take your time, let it nourish and grow.

6. Give your new relationship time to mature

As soon as you return back home after the first date. Do not be in a hurry to text, message or calls. Neither you need a minute to minute updating of your new partner nor he.

Calm down neither of you are going away from each other. Do not start missing too early. Take time to understand each other.

Although it is tempting to be in touch with a new partner the whole day & night. But 24 hours text and call can be irritating and time-wasting as well.

Your relationship needs time and space to grow smoothly. Give your partner time to miss you. Let him wait a little for your call or next date in the beginning.

The whole day and night instants messages or calls are not a guarantee of long-lasting relationships. Change the perception. Carry on professional life along with personal life. What a romantic combination. Is not it?

7. Never share a secret too early in a new relationship with a guy you love

It is okay if he loves you. Or You have a soft corner for him. But this does not mean to reveal every secret on the first date. Keep in mind this is not going to be your last date.

I am not suggesting to hide your secrets. But before that give your relationship time to grow up. Give time to trust each other.

What if you have told every single secret to him. And after 4,5 date you decided to end the relationship.

After that, it would give you feel like something very personal has stolen from your life. Am I not right? This is your just beginning in relationship. none of you knows whether it would last longer or not.

how to start new relationship with guy you love

I this case keep your secret in the stomach. Do not open up too soon. Take time to know each other very well first. Do not get serious about the beginning of the relationship.

The very first month of dating means having fun with each other. To know each other. Spend time to explore your partner instead of sharing you secret in beginning.

8. Appreciation brings you close immediately

Tell me what makes you smile? Or what makes you happy? I think when someone praises your look or appreciates you bring a smile on your face. Mainly we girls are miser enough to praise men. Am I not right?

Appreciate your partner by saying “thank you for helping me”. “You made my day”, “this shirt suits you”. When a loved one appreciates it gives secure romantic and confident feelings.

His happiness lies in your small praise or appreciation. A little praise can make his whole day happy. And it is enough to bring you closer to your partner.

9. Do not be hurry for SEX to start a new relationship with the guy you love

Sex is an important part of part love life. Stop girls do not end your first or second date into sex. If things happen like this that means you are not in love.

It is lust that drags you and your partner for sex. How can you sex randomly? I mean sex or sleeping with a dating partner is not wrong. But let your relationship be mature enough to try things like this.

Although sexual activeness is also necessary for a relationship. But before attaching so intimate. Make up your mind that both of you are ready for it.

Somewhere sex is a responsibility. And you are mature enough to deal with the thing.

Know your dating partner first. If you think now you are comfortable with him after 5,6 dates than you can go for sex. It is up to you.

10. Communication is the key

What brings you closer to your partner? I think it is communication. Of course, communication is the lifeline for any relationship. If you are a beginner in love life.

Not to worry. Keep talking with the partner on text or call. Communication can bring you more close to him. It gives you a way to know each other deeply.

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Even communication can solve your misconception in some small fight also. Be open in a relationship. Tell your partner that you do not like some habits in him.

how to start new relationship with guy you love

And also let him allow keep his thought for you openly. Either you set some boundaries, tell him also.

It means you must be open to communication. It would help to sort out many issues and bring you closer than before as well. Communication is the best way to start new relationship with guy you love.

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