During the initial days of love, man does not accept his love story. But after some time he wishes to express his feelings to a secret lover girl. But initially, a man pretends that he does not like you. Although he does. Because he fears rejection. So how will we girl come to know whether the man likes us or not? Okay, girls not to worry. I have brought sweet and romantic signs a man likes you but shy to say.

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1. He pretends he likes you

First of all, he will joke about his feelings for you. He is not going to confess his love instantly. First, he would use effort to know your feeling for him. After your little confirmation, your man started showing his likeness. To show his attraction for you he makes jokes of liking you.

 signs a man likes you

Or he may show his desire by saying these kinds of lines in joke form.

  • Yor are my favorite girlfriend among all!
  • You are my crush, not love( blushes).
  • Let’s date with me.
  • I would take you on a long drive( if you do not mind).
  • Would you like to be my valentine!!

The reason he tells you these kinds of jokes because somewhere he is willing to know your reaction. If you are able to understand his love feeling, then began your romantic journey.

And in case you do not like the guy no issue. You may express your feeling too as a joke.

2. He will show affection through body language

Body language is more communicable than verbal language. Mostly when a man likes you secretly but shy to say, his body gesture says a lot then. In the case of love or infatuation body language helps expressing emotions well.

In terms of man, he notices his secret princess countless times. But how can we girl discover whether the man staring at me is loving me secretly?

In fact, you cannot directly look into the eyes of a man to inquire about his feeling. So to tackle the confusion of love situation. You have to watch the secret sign of a man likes you madly.

  • At first, try to touch you in a friendly manner.
  • He stares at you every minute.
  • Sometime he will comment on your look. Like you are looking pretty today.
  • Smiling and happy facial expression in your presence.
  • Touching his face when looking at you.
  • Try to sit or stand near you.
  • Try to held his hand on your waist.
  • Sometime he may put his arm around your shoulder to make you feel protective.
  • Doing some weird motion to grab your attention.
  • He does not wish to go away from you.

3. You are famous (dream girl) in his friend circle

In maximum love cases, the targeted dream girl is unaware of his prince charming. But dear girl, everybody knows about your prince charming’s feelings except you. Have you ever noticed when you meet his friend circle?

They are aware of your biodata!! You no need to tell them about yourself. That means he has talked about you in his close friend circle. So most easy sign to identify his crush for you.

signs a man like you

Try to remember when you had crush for the first time in life. Did not you tell the story to your besties? Yes, and guys do the same dear.

4. He may show possessiveness by getting jealous.

When a man secretly likes you. He cannot afford it if you talk about some other guy. Or you have another crush but he does not know about your feelings. Although jealousy is not for the growth of a relationship.

If you talk about another man flirting or dating with you. You can be able to see his little angry attitude. Although he would try to hide his jealousy. And appears like he does not care.

5. He stares you every single minute

Looking at you countless time calms his heart, mind, and soul. A man likes staring at his princess’s every single action, expression. Because he wants to know your like, dislike, comfort, mood everything belongs to you.

If you catch the man’s eyes looking at you countless times. This means you are his strong crush. But usually it happens, when you catch him staring at you. He would try to divert his eyes to somewhere else.

Even he will try to pretend not looking at you. Because of he afraid of expressing his feeling. Now it depends on you to accept his staring or reject.

His flirting with eyes is a sweet sign a man likes you but shy to say.

6. He appreciates your work and looks

When a man likes you secretly. He started noticing you so much. He keeps an eye on every single thing. But initially, he is not going to give you a compliment. Because at first, he will try to mingle with you. Then he starts giving you sweet, simple and pretty compliments.

  • You work hard, that is good.
  • You maintained confidence level very well on stage.
  • This color suits you.
  • You look pretty in this dress.
  • Your smile is so cute. Sometimes it steals my heart.
  • You did very well in that project.
  • Your positive attitude is very appreciating.

7. He finds an excuse to spend time with you.

It is a very simple desire of human beings. That the person he likes the most, the more he wants to spend with them. And if a man likes you but shy to say. He will moment to spend with you. He would try to steal your time to mature the feelings.

And on the other hand, you have to understand his romantic feelings. If you also feel happy in his company. Then begin your love story dear.

If a man secretly loves you, somehow he will manage to spend time with. Or else he would find an excuse to be with you in a personal moment. He just wants to be around you most of the time.

  • He will stand around you at the food stall.
  • He would manage to sit beside your table during lunch or dinner.
  • Even in a friend group, he would love to stare at you.
  • It appears like he wants to say something, but does not say.
  • He tries to attend every show, party or picnic with you.

8. Indirectly he cares you

No matter you are unaware of his love feelings. But he fulfills his caring responsibility for you. He cares if some guy teases you, he brings a smile on your face if you are sad for some reason. Even he tried to fulfill your cute demand too. Such as your chocolate, icecream or little teddy bear.

9. He smiles because of you

Your mere presence is the reason for his smile. You are damn lucky for his happiness. This is the cute signs a man likes you but afraid to express. If a man feels happy around you, he would love to be around you again and again.

So the important thing is you have to look at his smile. And to find out the reason behind it. If you are the reason the wow carry on dear. You are the lucky girl brings smile on his face.


What is most heart touching feelings for girls? I think the signs a man likes you secretly. Is not it? Do not you feel special? When a guy loves you, but shy to confess love. So I have explained to you the way he likes you. Signs he shows his love to understand. All you need to do is understand his feelings, and if possible than accept his love.

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