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Deep relationship questions answer about love

A relationship is a delicate thing. Both the individuals involved in a relationship need to handle it with great love and care. But often couples face problems in a relationship. And the situation confuses them. And they can not come up with a solution. Do you remember such incidents where your relationship was a bit rocky? If you have any problems do not worry. I have come with 10 deep relationship questions answer about love.

We face tricky situations in a relationship. And often we seek help to get out of that situation. But you should take advice only from someone who is dependable. Many of us take help from therapists or what we call ‘love gurus’. So, are you seeking answers to your questions? I have got the best advice for you.

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Let us discuss some problems that you will definitely relate to. Come and read the relationship advice for the betterment of your relationship.

Deep relationship question answer about love


No relationship is perfect in this world. What you need to do is give the effort to make the relationship strong. But often we face some problems and seek help. We do not understand how to deal with that problem.

We face too many questions about our relationships. So, from all these questions I have listed 10 deep relationship questions answer about love.

1. I had a girlfriend whom I loved very much. But my bad friend brainwashed me and I left her. Now I’m regretting, what to do?

Often we depend on our friends too much that we forget to take our own decisions. It is normal to trust your friend and to listen to his advice. But if it is about your relationship, I would suggest that you make your own decisions. The relationship is between you and your girlfriend, not between you, your friend, and your girlfriend.

My advice is to not involve your friend too much in your relationship because it can harm your relationship. If you and only you are feeling that you want to leave your girlfriend for some reason, you should do that. But listening to some third person is not ideal for the relationship.

Now, your friend has already influenced you and you already have broken up with your girlfriend. And you are regretting your decision very much, right? Don’t worry I will help you to fix it.

Understand the problem and act wisely

If you realize that your decision was a complete mistake and you really miss your girlfriend, just let her know about these. The fact that you are sharing your true feelings with her, will definitely make her think of you two getting back together.

Express everything that is coming across to your mind. Be apologetic to her and accept your mistake. She will definitely be angry and upset with you. But, you have to maintain your patience and you have to give her time. Because it was not her decision to leave the relationship.

Deep relationship questions answer about love

In any case, she is not wanting to get back with you, do not force her. You have to respect her decision as it was completely your fault to leave her. Try to convince her but do not try to overpower her decision.

Also, you have to choose your friends wisely. Because in many cases, our friends tell us the right thing to do. But for that, you have to make good friends who are genuinely concerned for you, not those who just want bad for you.

Rely on your friends but have your own opinion too.

2. What should I do to my ex-bf? Move on? Let him go? Or stay?- Deep relationship questions answer about love

After a breakup often we deal with a dilemma that what should we do. And it is very important among 10 answers to relationship questions. Whether to get back or to move on. I have answers to all these questions. So do not stress out about your situation.

First, think about the reason for the breakup. Because, if the reason is serious like – cheating or abuse or violence, it would be good that you move on from that relationship. These reasons can not be ignored at any cost.

But, if the reason for your breakup was not very serious, you can think of getting back with your ex. Keep in my mind that if your ex-boyfriend is making efforts to sort things out, you can give him a second chance. But, this too only when you also have the same feelings of staying together.

But, if you feel that you do not want to go back to that relationship, just move on from that. Because holding onto something without full desire will only make things bitter.

Also, if your ex-boyfriend is showing no interest in getting back together, please let him go. You can not force someone to stay. Letting him go will be the best option for you two. So, always think before taking any decision.

3. When is the right time to end a relationship?

People often find answers to these types of questions. There is no particular time to end a relationship until you feel that. It is not necessary to end a relationship. But if any individual among the two is facing some problems related to the relationship, he or she may end that relationship.

In a relationship there comes a time when the couple faces problems. And they do not get any way to come out of that problem. In many cases, the problem can be of cheating, violence, incompatibility, or other reasons.

If someone is feeling that she or he is unable to carry that relationship and the relationship is turning burden to them, my advice is to end that then and there. Because, once you are feeling the relationship as a burden, you can not be happy in that relationship. Also, you will be unable to make your other half happy.

Deep relationship questions answer about love

If at any point you think that your relationship is not working anymore and you have tried a lot, just end that. Because the longer you will hold on the sour the experience will become.

So, it is advisable that you just end that relationship. Because it will be good for both you and your partner. But if you want to give it another try, think wisely and only then commit. Because later on there will be no one to blame for your decision.

So, better think before taking any serious decision.

4. I am in a long term relationship with my girlfriend. Her family is pressurizing me to get married. But I want time to settle down. What to do?- Deep questions answer about love

In every relationship there comes a time when both the families want their children to get married. But, in some situations, one family wants marriage but the other one does not want it too soon.

Especially in the case of men, they want time to get properly settled down. And only after that, they want to take the decision of marriage. But, not always situations are in the favor of every man.

This is very important among the 10 deep relationship questions answer about love. So, if you are facing this problem, at first try to convince your girlfriend’s family. Try to make them understand your situation and your plans. If they understand your situation, it is very beneficial for you.

But, the worst scenario is where they refuse to understand anything. In that case, you have a solution of marrying her. Don’t get afraid. What I am saying is, you can do the court marriage with her. And later you can arrange the ceremony when you feel is the right time.

In India, court marriage is considered secondary. But we forget the fact that court marriage is the legal and official one. So, if you are getting the pressure of marrying your girlfriend, plan a court marriage with a small ceremony.

Deep relationship questions answer about love

In this case, your girlfriend’s family will have no objection to anything. And you can also plan your future swiftly as you wanted. Later, when you feel that you are ready and settled, you can have a big celebration and ceremony of marriage.

5. My girlfriend is very sensitive about everything. I fear to hurt her all the time. What should I do?

Humans tend to get sensitive about things. Some show it while some don’t. But you have to keep in mind that there is nothing wrong about being sensitive and emotional.

Between girls and boys, girls have a more sensitive nature than boys. And you know what this is the one thing that guys like about girls. Often in a relationship, girls get sensitive about every little thing. And to boys, it gets hard to handle.

But, you have to understand the reason behind her sensitive nature. A girl who is very sensitive is also very loving and caring. If your girlfriend gets sensitive about every little thing, that means she loves you very much and you matter to her very much.

Your words will only hurt her feelings if she values you. If you would not matter to her, she would not care about what you say or not. It is not something bad about being sensitive.

But yes I understand where you are coming from. If you feel that your words might hurt her at some point, do not say that thing to her. But it is obviously not possible to not say anything at all. Even if she gets sensitive about anything, try to talk to her and make her understand your intentions.

Deep relationship questions answer about love

I can guarantee she will understand because she cares about the relationship. A relationship is based on two people expressing each other’s feelings. So, do not hesitate to express your feelings to her. Just remember if you hurt her, compensate that by giving extra effort.


Nowadays the majority of the couples are in a long-distance relationship. Long-distance relationships are hard to maintain. But if you have love and bond, you can survive in any situation. But still, couples face many questions and problems in their long-distance relationship. So among the 10 deep relationship questions answer about love, here are some questions and solutions related to a long-distance relationship.

6. Why do people fall out of love in a long-distance relationship?

Long-distance relationships are very difficult to maintain. Often couples in a long-distance relationship face this problem. They stop feeling the same love they had before.

This happens for many reasons. When two people started leaving apart, the chances of meeting with each other reduces. They do not see each other in person very often. Also, the two individuals get busy with their new schedule.

A couple who was not in a long-distance relationship from the beginning used to spend a lot of time together. But naturally in a long-distance relationship chance of spending time together not comes really often. And this starts creating the problem between the two individuals.

Deep relationship questions answer about love

Not meeting the partner for a long time makes the other one feel unhappy. And he or she starts thinking that love is not anymore there in the relationship.

Also, a couple starts to get accustomed to their new routine and often fails to give time to each other in a long-distance relationship. And this gap creates a lack of love in a long-distance relationship. But, just giving up is not the option.

7. I want to break up with my long-distance relationship boyfriend. He said he loves me but I do not feel anything anymore. What should I do now?

Most of the time in a long-distance relationship after a certain time couple feels that maybe there is no love left between them. But may not be the case. The long-distance relationship brings a space in the lives of the two individuals and this is normal to feel.

But if you are feeling that your boyfriend does not love you anymore, it would be good for you to clear the air with your boyfriend. Because it can be possible that you are misunderstanding him and he still loves you. Maybe he is a bit busy with his new life and is a bit puzzled with everything.

Confronting him about your feelings will make things clear for both of you. You should give him at least a chance so that he can explain his situation to you. Because not giving the last chance will be very unfair to him.

Also, you need to understand that why are you not feeling the love any more. Is it only because of the distance? Or, is it because you are seeing someone else?

Deep relationship questions answer about love

First, clear the situation with your boyfriend and see how he responses. If he wants another chance, you should give him that chance because he deserves that.

But, if you feel that you do not want to continue the relationship at any cost, just explain your feelings. Because forcing someone to continue the relationship is harmful to both the partner.

8. I am in a long-distance relationship. But my girlfriend does not like phone calls or video calls. What should I do now?

Long-distance couples often search for answers to these kinds of questions. Because not everyone is a phone call person. But do not worry I have solutions to your problems.

If your girlfriend does not like phone calls or video calls, first search for the reason behind this. If she feels uncomfortable in phone calls, I would suggest you not to force her. Instead of calling her, text her in WhatsApp.

Another thing you can do is you can write letters to her. Although we are living in the 21st century, the essence of handwritten letters never fades out. Your handwritten letter will show the love and effort you are putting in this relationship. And she will also feel very special and loved.

You can also ask her to reply with handwritten letters. It will not only add a flavor to your relationship, but it will also enhance the essence of your relationship.

Deep relationship questions answer about love

Wait, I still have another option. You can just fly down and give a big surprise to your girlfriend. Cause as you know, what can be better than meeting your girlfriend face to face. These little things show a great gesture and I am sure she will unable to stop loving you.

So, always keep in mind that try to think of different ways to get connected with your girlfriend. Because where one way closes, a thousand other way opens too. So, never stop giving effort to the relationship.

9. My boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship. I am worried if he gets drunk at parties and cheats on me. I would not know. What should I do?

Often couples face insecurities in a long-distance relationship. They always get insecure about their partner and think of many situations. Don’t worry I have answers to all these questions and insecurities.

At first, you need to think about why these thoughts are coming in your mind. It can be because of your insecurities regarding your relationship. A relationship is not only built on love, but it is also built on trust.

You have to trust your partner otherwise your relationship is never going to last. If you two have that strong bond of trust, there is no question of cheating.

You need to understand that if your boyfriend was present with you, he still could have gone behind your back to cheat you if he wanted. Because even if he is with you he has the chance. It is very irrelevant to think that he will only cheat on you if he gets drunk.

Deep relationship questions answer about love

Cheating does not depend on someone getting drunk. It depends on someone’s mentality. You need to clarify your insecurities with your boyfriend. Because it will only harm your relationship.

Maybe there is no chance of him cheating on you, but you are still doubting him. This will only bring distance in the relationship and he will feel insulted. Having insecurities is normal. But you have to clear those too. Because a relationship needs communication between the two partners.

10. My girlfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship. With time it is becoming boring. What can I do to make it special?- Deep relationship question about love.

It is one of the most important of 10 deep relationship questions answer about love. The long-distance relationship brings a large void between the two individuals. Not meeting each other for a long time actually makes things boring and dull.

But what can make it special and rejuvenated again is surprises. If you two are not seeing each other for quite a long time and are getting upset about it, don’t waste any more time. As we all know there is nothing as special as surprises.

If you are feeling to make your relationship special again, just fly down to your girlfriend and give her a big and cute surprise. When your girlfriend is least expecting of meeting you, just come to meet her.

This will actually show your love, effort, and loyalty towards her. She will not only feel special, but your bond will also grow stronger.

Another cute idea is giving a pleasant surprise on her birthday. You can just gift yourself in a big box as her birthday present. It sounds a bit dramatic I know. But a little drama in a relationship is required.

Deep relationship questions asnswer about love

It will be just shocking for her to receive something so special on her birthday. Making an extra effort always works in a relationship. Your little surprises will add that missing flavor to the relationship.

Also, you can send her chocolates with small messages about your feelings. These gestures truly enrich the sweetness of the relationship.

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So, I have finished 10 deep relationship questions answer about love. I will again say that relationship needs work from both the partners. You can not expect the relationship to run smoothly unless you put effort into that. A relationship is a two-way path. So, both need to give the same effort to make it work.

And if you guys have any other questions or doubts regarding your relationship, do not feel shy to contact me. Let me know about your questions in the comments section and I will try my level best to answer those questions. Keep reading on our site.

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