Question About Love|Boyfriend Wants to Marry Me. What to do?

Question and answer about love and relationship

In a relationship, it is very important to have clarity in one’s mind about where the relationship is headed. You need to know if you’re together in this for the long haul. If you really like someone, you’ll obviously be trying to do the right things in order to make things work between you two. You need to question yourself and your partner over and over again and communicate with each other about each and everything. In this article, you’ll find a question-answer about love and relationship.

Making a relationship work for the long-term takes a lot of work and effort. Nothing comes without hard work. So when it comes to relationships, you do need to put a lot of effort.

This is more serious as somebody else’s feeling is involved in this too. You can’t just care about yourself but you have to give your time and attention to your significant other too.

Question and answer about love and relationship

Even before you get into a relationship, you need to clarify things between you and your future partner. This will help you to have a great start to the relationship which is a very essential thing. Your foundation will be rock hard.

Discussing question-answer about love and relationship with your partner solves a lot of problems in the relationship and creates a better sense of understanding for both of you. This enhances your trust for each other and also build up a good connection between you two.

But don’t worry we are here to guide you through everything. Be with us to get all your doubts cleared and all your questions answered. Here are some important questions and answers about love and relationship that will help you have a better relationship with your partner as well as with yourself. Let’s get started!



Question and answer about love and relationship

Question answer about love is quite helpful when you are confused or you are going through a tough time in your relationship. It really helps you to clear out your mind and think straight.

In a relationship, you might come across a lot of situations where you don’t know what to do. You will be totally baffled. Sometimes talking to your partner helps solving issues. But when it comes to big life altering decisions you need to take matters into your own hand.

Don’t worry. We are here to guide you through every confusing situation. Just be with us and keep reading till you figure out a solution to your problem. Trust me you won’t regret it!

1. My Boyfriend Proposed Me For Marriage And I Am Confused. What Should I Do?

Question and answer about love and relationship

You are in a relationship and your partner recently proposed you for marriage? There are certain things you should consider before accepting one’s proposal. This is an important question-answer about love and relationship.

1. Do you see yourself with him your entire life?

Marriage is not a small thing. It is a very big deal. You promise to spend your entire life with each other, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer and in sickness and health. So this question is mandatory.

Before accepting his proposal, you need to make sure that you really love him and it is not just attraction or infatuation. Because only if you love him then you can spend your whole life with him.

Otherwise, it would become a living hell for you when the honeymoon phase is over. You would feel suffocated and want a way out of the marriage and you don’t want that right? So make sure what exactly you feel for him.

Question and answer about love and relationship

If you have been dating this person for quite some time then you will know him pretty well. You would know by now all his good habits and bad habits. You must also think if you can put up with his bad habit and tolerate them forever.

When we love a person dearly, we tend to ignore all the facts that displease us but when it comes to marriage we should consider everything as this is what you have to live your entire life with.

Be smart and don’t ignore the red flags as later those become the biggest problem in your relationship.

2. Is your boyfriend reliable?

Is your partner reliable? And is he responsible? In marriage, both husband and wife have major responsibilities. And one cannot carry out another’s responsibilities. If one of the two fails to be responsible, sometimes, it happens so that the whole marriage falls apart.

It is also mandatory to have a discussion with your partner about what responsibilities each one of you will carry out. This helps in clarifying a lot of things and makes your marriage much more meaningful.

3. Do you see him as the father of your children?

Question and answer about love and relationship

When you are about to get married, questions like these are mandatory. You need to consider even the smallest things. Well, this is not a small thing at all.

People get married to start a family of their own. That is why family planning is necessary. And when it comes to family planning kids are involved.

Children are huge responsibilities and you cannot raise them on your own. Your partner needs to understand you and your needs. So be very careful while you choose your life partner. Make sure he fulfils all your criteria.

2. I Am In A Relationship For 5 Months. Is It Advisable To Tell My Boyfriend About My Past Relationships and Life? Important Question And Answer About Love and Relationship

Question and answer about love and relationship

Telling each other about everything and being honest brings out clarity in a relationship and makes you transparent. But it is totally optional to tell your partner about your past.

It is not mandatory to talk about your past. Everybody makes mistakes and as long as you are trying to do better constantly and trying to improve yourself as a person you are good to go.

You can tell your partner about how many people you dated but there’s no need to talk about your past relationships in detail. Sometimes talking constantly about your exes can bring a lot of jealousy and insecurity into the relationship.

It might seem as if you are not yet over your ex that is why you keep talking about him. So don’t do these mistakes.

And if you are not over your ex then you are not ready to date yet. You should give yourself time and heal first. Otherwise, it would be unfair to the person who you might be dating.

Telling about past relationships is advisable but to a limited proportion. You can always talk about your past life. It will help him get a better understanding of how you function and what are the struggles you went through.

Being honest and vulnerable is always a good thing in a relationship. That’s how the other person will learn to trust you.

At the beginning of a relationship you need to get to know the person and understand how he is. You should try to figure out if he is trustworthy and if he actually cares about you.

5 months into a relationship seems like a good time to talk about your past life. You must know him enough by now to figure out if you can trust him with everything or not.

Keep reading for more Question-answer about love and relationship.

3. My Boyfriend Is Obsessed With Me- Is It A Good Thing Or Bad Thing?

People might think that if somebody is obsessed with you it means that they are madly in love with you. This is not true always. Obsession in itself is not a good thing. It might mean some underlying insecurity.

It becomes more problematic when it interferes with your everyday life. Insecurity leads to excessive possessiveness which is extremely hard to deal with.

If you think your boyfriend is too obsessed with you then you should sit down and talk to him seriously. You should tell him how being obsessed is bothering you.

Sometimes people do it unintentionally and once you acknowledge this to them, they understand it clearly. Because everybody needs their personal space.

Obsession is never a good thing in a relationship. At first, it might seem very romantic but with time it can become more aggressive. You need to watch out and be careful. If you feel uncomfortable you should talk to him about it right away. Suppressing these things is never a good option.

Later, the person develops an attitude as if he has authority over you. And you don’t want that. In a healthy relationship, both of you have an equal say and nobody should feel inferior. Mutual respect and love is the key to a happy relationship.


Question and answer about love and relationship

We all know that life becomes tricky. With that relationships become tricky too. Love question-answer can get tricky. Sometimes it gets really hard to deal with situations and we just feel like giving up, right? Well, you are not alone. We have all been there.

When you are in a relationship, you come across a lot of situations where you just don’t know what to do. You get stuck. You don’t understand what is wrong or what is right. In these situations all you need to do is keep calm and not over react because it will only make situations worse.

Analyse your problems are you’ll get to know the right thing to do. Communicate excessively with you partner about your problems in the relationship and if he really loves you and care about you, he’ll work harder along with you to make everything alright.

4. My Partner Complains That I Am Too Needy. How Do I Know If It’s True?

Question and answer about love and relationship

Being too needy in a relationship is not an attractive thing at all. It shows that you are in constant need of attention from your boyfriend/girlfriend. Giving attention to your partner is very essential but when you give it in excess it might suffocate them.

But sometimes it happens so that we become too needy in the relationship. And this might cause damage to the relationship. Here are a few signs that you are too needy in the relationship-

Calling or texting excessively.

You call or text your partner excessively. No matter how much time they give you its never enough. You want more time from them. Though it can be a sign that you are falling in love with this person. It becomes needy when you start fighting with them for not giving you most of their time.

A desperate need for constant reassurance.

Everybody needs reassurance in a relationship. It makes you feel more secure and helps fight insecurity. It also brings you closer to the other person. But when the need for assurance increases to a great extent it becomes problematic.

Your partner might feel frustrated and might not want to deal with your insecurities. So you need to control yourself and not get desperate.

You get extremely jealous.

Being jealous in a limited proportion shows that you care about the other person and fear losing him/her. But when it becomes excessive that’s when the problem starts. You start stalking them and even the slightest things make you very jealous. This leads to constant arguments and causes a lot of damage.

Your world revolves around him.

If you make your world revolve around him then you seriously need to start living your life because this just means you are wasting your life. You are expecting him to fulfill all your needs and he’s the only source of your happiness.

That is not how a relationship works. You cannot expect your partner to take that big of a responsibility. That is too much pressure on a single person. You need to realize this mistake and try to correct it.

5. How To Be Truly Happy In A Relationship? An essential question and answer about love and relationship.

Question and answer about love and relationship

A person can never be always happy right? But we need to push ourselves constantly to be in a better place mentally. Only we are responsible for our happiness. It is important to remember that if you are not happy single, you won’t be happy in a relationship either. Happiness does not come from the relationship.

You need to make yourself happy with your decisions in life. Nobody would do it for you. Once you know you are completely happy and satisfied with yourself then only you should enter into a relationship.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend cannot bring you happiness for a lifetime. Everybody is a part of your life and your world should not revolve around them. Achieving happiness is not a small thing. It takes a lot of effort and it is not easy.

Once you are in good mental health you should enter into a relationship. To be truly happy in a relationship you should know your worth and your value. And if you get anything less than what you deserve, you should leave the person then and there.

Sacrifice and compromises in relationships are made together. A relationship can never work if one person keeps on sacrificing while the other pretends as everything is working out. That is toxic. You should always treat yourself well and put yourself first.

But once you get the person who is actually treating you right then you should be very communicative with him/her. Your partner must do the same. Communication is the key to a happy relationship.

Keep your expectations reasonable and don’t put too much pressure on the other person. Be a trustworthy person and learn to trust your partner too. Put some efforts like the other person. And you are good to go!

6. I Feel Like My Boyfriend Emotionally Abuses Me. What Should I Do?

Question and answer about love and relationship

Our society puts a lot of emphasis on physical abuse. Indeed, physical abuse is one of the worst things you can go through in a relationship. But is it the only thing? Physical abuse comes with emotional abuse.

What is emotional abuse? It is simply abusing a person emotionally or mentally. It can be verbal abuse, constant harsh criticism, and also subtle techniques like manipulations. Well, this has a very deep impact on one’s mental health.

You are in a relationship to be happy, and certainly not to get abused. At first, you need to identify if what you are going through is actually emotional abuse. Here are a few things that you might relate to if you are in an emotionally abusive relationship.

He yells at you.

It might seem pretty normal in the beginning because yelling is one of the characteristics of human beings when things go wrong.

But you can notice that they yell at you and blame you for things that are not in your control and when it’s not your fault. They also call you by different names to degrade you like for example, ‘stupid’ ‘idiot’.

You need to understand that these things are not normal in a relationship and if you are facing something like this you should talk to your partner. Usually in this kind of relationship talking does not solve anything.

Because no matter what you say or do, you cannot change the way they treat you. And the more you tolerate the more they will torture you.

He makes you feel guilty.

If you are in an abusive relationship, you might notice that your partner always makes you feel guilty for everything. Whenever things go south, it is your fault. You are supposed to take responsibility for all the downfalls in the relationship according to him because he can never be wrong.

He would always play the victim card and make you feel bad about yourself. Eventually, you are the one who ends up apologizing always as he makes you believe that whatever happens its always your fault!

He belittles you.

You would notice that no matter what you accomplish in life, he would always find a way to belittle and criticize you. You almost never hear him appreciating you and you try harder and harder to be better but nothing comes from his side. And this is extremely frustrating.

Your accomplishments are never a big deal and he clearly shows that it means nothing to him. It’s extremely hard to be in a relationship like that where you are not appreciated. Nobody deserves that. Stop letting him push your buttons and understand that if that man cannot appreciate that then he most certainly does not deserve you.

Other signs of emotional abuse include talking in a sarcastic tone most of the time, publicly embarrassing you, threatening, manipulation, giving direct orders, lecturing, behaves like a parent, calling you needy.

What can you do about it? Question Answer about Love and Relationship.

If you identify properly the nature of your relationship and it turns out to be abusive, then you need to leave your partner. Relationships like these start with emotional abuse and mental harassment and go up to the point of physical abuse. So unless you want to get beaten by your partner, you should leave the relationship as soon as possible.

Nobody deserves to be treated like that in a relationship. And do not beat yourself up for this. People fall in love with the wrong person and sometimes that makes them a much better person.

Being in these kinds of unfortunate relationships teaches you a lot of things unexpectedly. You learn to value yourself and understand your worth which is one of the most important things in life.

After going through such relationships, many people go into therapy and it takes years for them to trust another person enough to be in a relationship.

If you are going through something like this. Just remember you are not alone and it might seem impossible to leave a person.

Whom you love so much but once you do you’ll understand how miserable you were. And you deserve to be happy.

7. I Am In A Relationship For More Than A Year And Sometimes It Gets Exhaustive. How Can I Practise Self-love While Being in a relationship? Question and answer about love and relationship.

Self-love is always an important thing, be it in a relationship or not. If you can’t love and care for yourself, how can you do it to others? Relationships can become exhaustive sometimes. It takes a lot of effort and time to make a relationship work but if you are doing it for the right person it is always worth it.

So the question is how do we practice self-love while being in a relationship? Here are a few ideas that you will find helpful when you are intending to practice self-love.

Treat yourself right in order to let other people treat you right.

Yes, you read it right. You set the boundaries for other people to know how to treat you. You need to respect and love yourself enough so that people do the same to you. Relationships are very intimate.

You are vulnerable and you let your partner know the dark side of your personality too. But your vulnerability is never a reason for your partner to treat you any less than the way you deserve.

So always love yourself and do not have self-doubts. You know you are trying your best to do good things for both of you and you have nothing to feel bad about. So do not let anybody demean you. Always be proud of yourself.

Have some alone time. Question-Answer About Love And Relationship.

Question and answer about love and relationship

Having some alone time is never a bad thing. You get to spend time with yourself and explore yourself. ‘Me’ time is really important for everyone. You get to do whatever you want and enjoy yourself.

It gets hard to have alone time when you are in a relationship because you hardly get any time to spare on yourself.

But it is important to take some time out of your busy schedule and spend time alone doing something you love. Pamper yourself with a day at the salon or spa.

Start learning a new language, go to your favorite restaurants, and have a meal all by yourself or be in bed all day long watching Netflix if that’s what makes you happy.

Everybody needs some space at some point in time and your partner needs to respect your personal space. If you neglect to take care of yourself it might jeopardize your relationship and the damage might be irreparable. So there’s nothing bad in wanting to spend time with yourself.

Don’t depend on other people to make you happy. Question-Answer about love and relationship.

It is a misconception that people believe, relationships make you happy. We need to understand that nobody can make you happy. The only person who can truly make you happy is you yourself. Other people in our life can add to that happiness.

But you cannot expect someone to just come into your life and make you experience happiness like you never did before. That is just not possible. You need to be happy and satisfied with yourself then only you will be happy in a relationship.

Relationships cannot fix your emotional problems. We should not depend on other people for our happiness because you can make yourself happy the way nobody else can.

It takes a lot of effort to understand yourself and it does not happen in one day. It is a process and it keeps happening every day. Each one of us is striving hard to be a better person for tomorrow.

When you are truly happy with yourself and accept yourself as you are that is when you are practicing actual self-love.

8. Things Are Not Really Working Out Between Me And My Boyfriend And I’m Confused Whether To Try Harder Or Let Go Of The Relationship. What Should I Do?

Question and answer about love and relationship

Relationships are full of ups and downs. Couples are supposed to overcome the thick and thin of life together. When you are with somebody for a long time.

It tends to get boring sometimes but that does not mean the spark between you two is over. You and your partner are responsible for keeping the spark alive.

We need to understand that no relationship can always be rosy. Being with someone is not always easy. It takes a lot of hard work to make things work and when we fail to put equal efforts the relationship falls apart.

There are bumps on the road and we need to acknowledge the problems in the relationship instead of neglecting those. The first step for a healthy relationship is to communicate about the problems. Once you do so, you can help each other with a lot of things and solve difficulties.

Sometimes, it happens so, that the relationship becomes too toxic and cannot be saved anymore. Too much damage has already been done to the relationship.

And a cracked has appeared so big that it cannot be fixed. Either you become toxic or your partner does. At this time, the best decision is to leave the relationship. Here are some signs that it is time to let go of a relationship-

You don’t feel the same around your partner anymore.

All your materialistic problems can be cured but once you start feeling different about your partner, it is really difficult to go back. This usually happens when too much damage has already been done to the relationship and nothing you do can fix it.

You might feel this way about your partner because of some long term problem in your relationship which you did not acknowledge to your partner. It might happen so that you did try to talk about your problems genuinely with your partner but he refused to take any interest in that.

That just shows he does not care enough if you are struggling through something. That is not how a relationship works. This is a major sign that you are not been valued by your partner and you don’t deserve that. Don’t lose your dignity over this and leave the relationship.

Your needs are not getting fulfilled.

Being satisfied is one of the most important things in a relationship. You can only be satisfied with your partner if he fulfills your needs. It can be both physical and mental or emotional.

If you have an active sex life with your partner and your needs are not met then you do have a big problem on your plate. Ignoring this issue will only escalate it. You should be able to discuss these problems with your partner.

When it comes to relationships, somehow, we tend to become extra sensitive. So even the smallest of things hurt us a lot. But most of the time you can fix the issue. But when you are getting troubled emotionally for a long time, it is time to consider if this relationship is really worth it.

Nothing is more important than your mental peace. You need to be happy and comfortable with your partner in order to make things work between you two. If you are not, then it’s best to let go of such relationship.

If your needs do not get fulfilled by your partner, its human nature to seek other people in order to fulfill those needs. That is why you should always take care of what’s yours.

So the other person does not lose interest or go to other people to provide them with things that you are supposed to do.

If you are seeking other people for your needs then definitely there is a lot of problems in your relationship and some might not be fixable.

Your relationship is not supported by your friends and family.

If your friends and family do not support your relationship then this is a major red flag. These people care about you and they would always want what’s best for you. You might not notice a lot of things that are wrong in the relationship because you are in love with your partner but they do.

They can figure out if there are major problems from outside. And you need to listen to them. Sometimes they are right about this and if you understand early, it would save you from a lot of misery.



These were a few questions and answer about love and relationship. I hope these questions-answers about love and relationship was useful for you and helped you through doubtful and hard times in your relationship. If you have any more questions related to love or relationship you are most welcome to ask them in the comment section below.

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