How to write a sweet love letter for boyfriend

sweet love letter for him

This beautiful practice of writing love letters dates back to much before the Roman times. Husbands wrote letters to their wives if they worked far away from home and expressed love through their writeups. And, from there the name came ‘Love Letter’. Isn’t it interesting, that the importance of love letters is still not gone? And couples still exchange reminiscing letters to relive the feeling of old school love. A sweet love letter can be the best present for him.

Writing a love letter is a practice that can never become outdated. It can be a small hymn or pages of lengthy texts. But its something special that can be cherished by your loved one forever. You can stick it as a side gift for your boyfriend’s birthday or send it via postal services if you are in a long-distance relationship.

sweet love letter for him

Although, communication has become much faster in modern times. But there are few things, whose value never changes. Maybe you don’t know where to begin or you might be facing hurdles framing your emotions into sentences. Don’t worry, here I am for your rescue. Here presenting tips on how to write a sweet love letter for him.


Pour down all the emotions you have got. Make it as sugary as possible. A sweet love letter bounded with love is something that would surely melt him. Your words ought to be as sweet as the candies and marshmallows.

The love letter should be coated with sugar. Maybe just like your boyfriend’s favorite biscuits BourBon. Your sweetness and cuteness, both should be highlighted through your words.

sweet love letter for him

Think as if you are describing your favorite dessert. The similar way you have to elaborate while writing sweet love letters for him. Address him with cute sweet nicknames, even if it seems cliche. Because in love everything is fair

1)You are writing a love letter for your boyfriend, so don’t be informal

In schools and colleges, we have always learned formal letter writing. But when you are writing a love letter for your boyfriend, skip the word ‘formal’.

Refrain from using professional language. Think as if you are writing a diary. The way you open up in front of your diary, the similar way you have to open up with your emotions while writing sweet love letters for him.

You are free to use cheesy language, make spelling errors. Because you are writing a love letter to him, and not your boss (unless and until your boyfriend is your boss!)

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2)Imagine as if he is sitting in front of you and you are talking

Your words will speak up in your voice. Your style of writing should be in such a way that when he reads, he should feel you yourself saying those words.

sweet love letter for him

Make your writeup as conversational as possible. Ask him questions like, “how are you darling”, ” I hope my baby is doing fine”, “I ain’t getting hiccups lately, aren’t you missing me as I do you”, ” Are your classes running fine”, ” Do I still come in your dreams”.

3)You are a drama queen and he is a drama king

Boyfriends love their dramatic girlfriends. Because they are the sole audience who see their girl acting crazy around them.

And you have to do the exact same drama while writing your love letter to him. Write down stupid phrases like, ” you are my heart and soul. “you are more precious than the diamonds to me”, “you are my oxygen, I can’t live without you.

dramatic love letters for him

Your boyfriend will surely fall for this because he knows that your sweet love letter is solely personalized only and only for him.

4)Your pen is your wand and it contains ink directly from your heart.

Be emotional, Be sentimental. Cry out your heart when you write you miss him. Draw out your heart when you say you love him. Express how much you love him with a hymn, a poem, or a quote.

Maybe your creative skills are clumsy or you aren’t too good with your poetry. But when you will try doing it for your love, it will come out of love.

sweet love letter for him

You may write a sonnet especially based on him, or a poem describing your boyfriend’s importance in your life. Don’t worry about your grammar or vocabulary, just let your fingers dance with your pen.

Even your simple attempt will make him fall for you even harder. He will preserve your love letter and always re-read it.

5)Recall those lovely moments with your boyfriend.

You can start your letter with ” do you remember the first time you took me out for a dinner”, or ” do you remember how I blushed seeing you in my favorite dress”. Yes! You got it right, go down the memory lane.

Express how you felt while sharing those moments of him, talk about your feelings you have never mentioned to him. Like, ” I never told you this but I was very worried when you left for your outstation trip’ or honestly speak up how tense you become for him, ” Maybe I have pretended to be strong but at times I really get worried for you”.

sweet love letter for him

You can be thankful by describing how overwhelmed you felt when he gifted you a rose . You can also describe your adrenaline rush when you first held his hand.

Talk about things you have refrained from mentioning before, Your excitement, your happiness, or even your silliness. Because when you will express what you feel and open up, you would be able to connect more with your boyfriend.


Let’s come to the designing part. Your sweet love letter for him is not an ordinary letter written in the ordinary paper. The letter should look extraordinary and special just like your boyfriend.

Use your creative skills in making it decorative with illustrations or some beautiful threads and ribbons. Sweet love letters are the best to go if you are also planning to gift him something. Like for the occasion of Valentine’s day or his birthday.

sweet love letter for him

It is always best to go with a theme for decoration. Suppose your boyfriend is a doctor, so you can write your sweet love letter in a combination of blue and white papers. Or if your boyfriend loves photography, you can stick a border with camera stickers.

Your sweet love letter for him should come straight from your heart. Your boyfriend should gleam with happiness so that he is excited to finish reading and wants to keep reading it again and again.

1)Draw out your heart

Illustrations are the best way to drive your man crazy. Even if you are not good with your drawings, try sketching out small hearts or smileys along the borders. Use a variety of colors matching up with your chosen themes.

You can also make up a stick figure of a couple holding hands, and that can be outlined with a heart. Or for a benchmark illustration, you can draw his caricature and only paint a heart with red.

sweet love letter for him

If you are running out with your borders and tapes, then put your lipstick on use. Imprint a lipstick marked kiss at the end of your sweet love letter for him.

2)A photo of you two to frame in his heart

How about including the first selfie or a cute photograph of you two as a go along with your sweet love letter for him. This will aid with a nostalgic feeling down the love memory lane.

sweet love letter for him

It will make him remember a romantic moment you both have shared and this would surely make him cry. You can also attach a rose with your sweet love letter. Either you can stick the photograph or you can just tie it around with a beautiful thread or a ribbon.

Make sure your photograph is printed on a photographic paper, so as the picture can be preserved for a longer duration. The frame of the photo can also be decorated with shining tapes which are easily available in the market.

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3)Your sweet love letter for him should be as vibrant as your love

Make your love letter to your boyfriend like a rainbow. Apart from painting down your emotions, paint it down with colors too. Avoid using supplementary colors, instead, use more complementary colors to make it look like your letters incorporate with a theme.

You can use a variety of color pens or sketch pens. You can also stick the kid’s sticker of his favorite childhood cartoon or heart stickers. Try using colorful paper as it looks unique and cool.

sweet love letter for him

Mix and match up with colors well. It would be very best if you use your boyfriend’s favorite color as your theme and use white paper for text writing.

Play with text styles and fonts. For example, your first paragraph can be in italics and the next paragraph can be in bold. Where you write dear, or his nickname you can highlight those with special colors or font sizes.


After all, it’s your efforts that will come down with your words. Even the simplest of love letters will hold a special corner in his heart. Your boyfriend will always cherish the sweet love letter which will write to him. Whether it is in the case of a long-distance relationship or a letter of gratitude or thanks, this old school practice will never fade away. I hope the above tips will definitely help you in drafting a cute and sweet love letter for him. Happy love writing!!!

sweet love letters

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