Long-Distance Relationship Question, Problem & Failure.

Long Distance Relationship-Question Problem Failure.

In our generation, long-distance relationships are quite tuff. Most people believe that long-distance relationships never work and that is why they avoid doing it. What people don’t understand is that it does not always have to be hard, it can be extremely sweet and romantic too if you do it the right way. Today I am going to clear all your doubts related to a long-distance relationship and you might change your mind about it totally. Below is an article about Long Distance Relationship-Question Problem Failure.

If you are considering being in a long-distance relationship but you are too confused about it then this article is a must-read for you. We’ll go through all problems that you might face when you are in a long-distance relationship and the reason for which these relationships usually fail.

Many people try to be in a long-distance relationship. Some of the couples survive too. But there’s always some proportion that does not survive. Their relationship falls apart. It takes a lot of effort, courage, and dedication to making a long-distance relationship work. So you need to be extremely committed towards your partner.

You need to put more effort into long-distance relationships than in a normal relationship. Usually, the distance between you and your partner is the real hardship to deal with. It can get challenging at times. So be true to yourself and always listen to your heart.

Long Distance Relationship-Question Problem Failure.

Do not quit when things go wrong because that’s just a bump in the road. If he/she is the right person for you and if you act right you might just have the happiest relationship ever. The most important thing is to maintain a sense of understanding between the two of you.

You cannot let ego get the better of you. Always be considerate and love and respect your partner at all times. As this article is on Long Distance Relationship-Question Problem Failure. We will go through every topic to calm down your romantic problems. Without any further delay, let’s get started!



If you are in a long-distance relationship or you are considering being in one that does not mean its just boring phone calls. There are a lot of fun things you can do in the comfort of your home. The main thing in a relationship is to make your partner feel special.

That’s how the spark never dies. Here you’ll find long-distance date ideas. Also, you can engage each other in a lot of different activities that will strengthen your bond.

But for this, you need to be committed. Consistency is one of the most important constituents. You need to prove your commitment to your partner every day. You cannot love him/her one day and forget that he/she exists the next day.

If you do things like this that only means that you are not serious about your partner and have no intention to work things out.

In relationships, we tend to have big expectations which are not a good thing at all. Keeping big expectations only hurts our own feelings. Keep realistic expectations and try to live up to your partner’s expectations too. The long-distance date ideas are-

1.Video Call Dating

Video call dates are one of the most common types of dating in a long-distance relationship. You can dress up nicely for the date. This is also a great way of spending time together. When you are in love with somebody and you get to see them after a long day of work or studies, that feeling is truly beautiful.

Even though you cannot be with your partner physically, you will feel close to them emotionally. Always remember that distance can never separate two people who really love each other and will go to any lengths to be together.

2. Watch a movie simultaneously together.

This is a very innovative and fun idea for a date. You and your partner can decide to watch a particular movie and watch it simultaneously in the comfort of your own home. This is a great idea to spend quality time together.

You both can decide the type of movie you guys want to watch. The distance makes it really hard and its very natural to miss your partner but when you meet him the next time you know it is going to be magical.

3. Send gifts to your partner occasionally.

Long Distance Relationship-Question Problem Failure.

You should send gifts or flowers to your partner quite often. This will make him /her feel a whole lot special. Gifts always have a very sentimental value when it comes to relationships. So when you choose a gift make sure it is thoughtful and meaningful.

You can gift things like a photo frame with a picture of you two. Personalized gifts like engraved bracelets and necklaces are really precious gifts for women. For your boyfriend, you can give him personalized wallets or watches.

Other date ideas/activities for long-distance relationships include- Create a mixtape, read a book together, share a journal.


Long Distance Relationship-Question Problem Failure.

These relationships come with a lot of difficulty and problems. It gets really tough at times when you really need your partner by your side but you cannot because he/she is too far away.

That is why many people think that long relationships never work. Here I have listed a few important long-distance relationship problems-

1.Feeling like the relationship is losing its spark.

This is a very common problem in long-distance relationships. Usually, it happens because it feels like the relationship is virtual as you cannot connect with your partner face to face that often.

But remember that no matter how less you meet your partner, the feelings and emotions that you feel for that person is absolutely real.

As most couples have to communicate through phone calls it might feel like you have nothing to talk about anymore. It will get boring at times and no relationship is easy. It does not mean the spark is gone.

So don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Work hard together on each other and trust me someday you won’t have to live so far away from your partner and all this hardship will be worth it.

2. You expect instant call back or text reply

This is a problem which many couples feel even in a normal relationship. And it is common more so in long-distance relationships. We tend to set unrealistic expectations and expect them to call or texts back as soon as we did.

But what we need to understand that sometimes people are not in the right situation to answer texts as they might be busy at work or doing other things.

We get angry if we don’t hear from them right away and this leads to arguments and not talking for a few days. This is a very unhealthy practice.

We should be able to communicate with our partners and be supportive. That is how a relationship works. So put your ego aside and have the courage to talk it out with your partner.

2. Getting lazy to talk

Long Distance Relationship-Question Problem Failure.

Spending time with your partner is one of the most essential things in a relationship. In normal relationships, couples spend time by meting each other for lunch and dinner dates.

But when you are in a long-distance relationship the only way you get to spend time with your partner is by talking to them.

That is how you guys communicate. So make sure that you make your phone call sessions romantic and interesting. This will keep a positive impact on your relationship.

But sometimes, in long-distance relationships, people get bored with the texts and phone calls and loose interest and thus they feel lazy even to call you up.

This is a very bad thing and it causes a lot of damage to the relationship. You need to prioritize your partner in order to make things work between you too.

Feeling lazy to spend time with him/her just shows how disinterested you are. Nobody would want to be with a person who behaves like this.

4. Getting insecure

Getting insecure is always a bad thing in relationships unless your partner gives you a reason to be insecure. Insecurity increases in long-distance relationships as you are not physically present with your partner and you actually don’t know what is going on in their life. You have to blindly trust his words.

And people get cheated in a long-distance relationship way more than normal relationships. This increase the insecurities even more.

Even the slightest change in behavior makes or something on social media makes you overthink, all the jealousy creeps in and you stress yourself out.

You obviously cannot trust a person right away. Trust takes a lot of time to build but once you know that your partner is trustworthy all these insecurities disappear. Work hard to make yourself trustworthy and learn to trust your partner too. Then you will have nothing to worry about.

As this is about Long distance relationship-question problem failure let’s get to the next part of this article!


People believe all long-distance relationships fail and that it is not sustainable. Though it is not true always, many time this happens too. In our generation patience is quite less and we always want what is right in front of us.

We tend to forget that connection is what really matters in a relationship. The bond that you share with the right person is totally magical and nothing feels as special as that.

And you can have an amazing connection and bond with a person who lives far away from you. You just need to have commitment.

The long-distance relationship fails because it requires much more effort, emotionally, and most people do not go to that extra mile to make things work. This causes two people to grow apart and eventually they do not feel the same for one another anymore. This is how most of the long-distance relationship ends.

Cheating is also a very common reason for the failure of a long-distance relationship. People who want to have an active sex life are more afflicted with cheating in long-distance relationships. Getting physically intimate becomes a necessity for them.

As they cannot do it with their partner they tend to get physical with another man/woman. It becomes difficult for them to control their urges and they commit infidelity.

This only means that they put their needs before the integrity of your relationship. A long-distance relationship is not for this kind of person.

Before entering into any relationship, you should first discuss what you expect from each other and what are you looking for in the relationship itself. Clarity is always an important thing when it comes to relationships.

Let’s move on to the next part of Long Distance Relationship-Question Problem Failure which focuses on how to handle yourself after the failure of this relationship.


Long Distance Relationship-Question Problem Failure.

Breakups are always hard be it in a long-distance relationship or in a normal one. Getting your heart broken is never an easy thing to deal with. The thought of no longer having a person in your life who meant so much to you is dreadful. Going through it is another kind of pain.

It’s important to understand that humans only make mistakes. It is definitely not your fault if you chose the wrong person. You could have not known. Rather you should be thankful that you found out sooner and you saved yourself from a lifetime of misery.

All you need to do now is get back on your feet and show the world that nothing can break you. Here are few ideas about how to deal with a long-distance relationship break up-

  1. Lose all contacts with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend- It is an essential part of break up that you stop being in contact with your ex for at least a few days if not forever.

You need to give yourself enough time to heal and start feeling alright. Breakups can be really hard itself and you do not need any more of your ex’s happy Instagram story to make you feel more miserable.

2. Spend time with permanent people in your life like close friends and family- It is very much recommended to spend time with your friends and families because it will give you a sense of comfort.

You know in your heart that these people will not leave you ever and will stick with you no matter what and trust me that is what you need right now.

They love and care for you a lot and they would surely go to an extra length to see you smile. So don’t lose them and let them help you to get through these tough times.

As you can see, in Long Distance Relationship-Question Problem Failure, we are done with both problems and failure of a long-distance relationship, its time to discuss questions related to the long-distance relationship.


Long Distance Relationship-Question Problem Failure.

Long-distance relationship in itself is a very confusing thing. People have lots of doubts and questions when it comes to long-distance relationships.

So here we are, with few questions that people ask or have doubts about when considering being in a long-distance relationship. Don’t worry! We are here to answer all your queries.

1.I met a boy through Instagram and we became friends. Now he wants to be my boyfriend. He does not live in my city. If I say yes, we will have to experience a long-distance. Do long-distance relationships last?

This is a pretty natural concern. When you are investing your time and feelings into somebody, you would obviously want the relationship to work. And you would expect the same from the other person.

If a relationship does not work out you’re the one who’s going to be heartbroken at the end of the day and nobody wants that.

I cannot guarantee you that all long-distance relationship works, but I can surely say some of them do. It is much harder to do long distances as you cannot see your boyfriend on a regular basis and it gets really tough when you actually have feelings for them.

The only way long-distance relationship work is by putting equal effort by both of you. Honesty and communication are some of the most important things in this type of relationship.

You need to be 100% honest about everything with your partner in order to help him/her gain trust and your partner should do the same.

Because relationships are based on trust. Show affection as much as you can and as often as possible. This will ensure that you love and care about them and they are always in your thoughts.

So the answer to the above question would be YES, long-distance relationships do work but it requires a lot of work.

2. I am in a relationship with a guy for 2 years. Now he has to shift to another city for his job. We really love each other and want to continue the relationship. How can we make long-distance relationships work?

Mutual love is the most important component of a relationship. The foundation of a relationship is based on love and trust. So if you really love each other and willing to work things out between you two putting aside the problems then half of your worries are over.

This means that you both already trust each other enough to take this big step and a pre-existing relationship is always helpful. It make things much easier.

If you want to continue the relationship that means you guys are extremely committed to each other which is just want you to need in a long-distance relationship.

You obviously want a future with this man and he wants the same. So the chances of messing things up here are very less. To start off, you can follow the LDR dating idea I shared above.

Other than that, you know that both of you has to be consistent and keep showing love and affection to each other so that the spark between you two is always alive.And be completely honest about your feelings and emotions at all times. It will make things much less complicated.

3. How can I make my partner feel special in a long-distance relationship as I cannot meet him quite often? Long Distance Relationship-Question Problem Failure.

To make your partner feel special, you need to express your love for your partner from time to time. Make sure he/she knows how much they mean to you. You can send them handwritten love letters. It’s considered really romantic.

Public affection also works a lot when you want to make your partner feel special. You should post about them in your social media expressing your love for them.

This will make your partner really happy and it will show that you are not an affair to acknowledge your love in public and that you are proud to have them as your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Another thing you should do is give proper attention to your partner and listen to them when they are talking. Be supportive at all times. Encourage and motivate them whenever they are at a low point in their life. Trust me they’ll always be thankful to you for these little moments.



Long-distance relationships are definitely not the easiest thing to do. But it is not impossible. The distance would not matter when you fall in love with the right person and intent to love him/her till the end of time. When you really love someone you automatically become very dedicated to them and they become your priority.

What more would a person want? So always be true to yourself and do what feels right to you. Trust your intuitions. I hope Long Distance Relationship-Question Problem Failure helped you in some way or the other. If you have any more questions feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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