(10 Question) never ask on First Date from Girlfriend

(Secret Question) not ask on First Date to a girl

First dating OMG !!! lots of butterflies in the stomach. Lots of excitement, curiosity, questions are bubbling up in your mind. Dating means the beginning of dream life, romance, commitment. But guys before imagine this romantic dream. Be careful about the girl’s perception. Although you are willing to know every single detail of your dating girl on the first date. But beware of your questions. Try not to make your dating an interview. I have made a list of 10 question not to ask on first date to girl.

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Question not asked on first date from girl

1. Tell me about yourself

 Although dating apps have solved the problem of meeting new people. You are meeting her first time. Curiosity to know her at deeply. And it is normal. Before knowing herself make her comfortable with you.

Behave like a friend. And ask about her slowly not directly.Talk about her hobbies, likes, dislikes. It is enough to know about her. Never try to interrogate.

She will expect you being a guy give her some space and time so she can engage herself in a conversation with you. Go for a place that is cozy with some good music and food this will lighten the mood. So if she is nervous it will calm her down. Falling in love takes time.

2.  Do you want commitment?

So on the very first date do not ask for the commitment. It will make your image serious & arrogant somewhere. Girls do not like serious guys. And girls need time also for taking such decisions. You might really like her but the feeling needs to be same on both the side.

Never force her to fall in love with you. Falling in love is an eternal process. Until your girlfriend doesn’t get assure about you she will not give you the confirmation. If she is interested in taking your relationship forward she may ask you for meetings and find ways and means to keep in touch.

Thus by chance, she does not anything like this which means it is casual dating. So this kind of situation it is better to take that slowly and end it at that moment. This is something that can be discussed later.

question not asked on first date

3.   What do you expect from our relationship?

Keep one thing in mind. Expectations can kill you and your relationship. Stop expecting anything since your first date. You must avoid asking this question. This may be really unwanted question to ask.

I know you are meeting as a dating partner but you are complete stranger to her. So Asking her what is she expecting from this relationship will be something ridiculous for her.

Even though to expect something one needs to be in a relationship. The first date does not mean that you both are in a final relationship.

In fact, you are dating to know each other not to fulfill your expectations. It would be better to wait for a perfect moment. Until you get a green signal.

4. Never ask this question on date.Why did you break up?

It is okay you are on the first date. And she is dating you after an earlier breakup. But this does not mean you got the chance to ask the highly personal question. You are stranger although you are dating.

Asking such questions will create unwanted stress between you both. Maybe she does not wish to remember that harsh breakup. And you are trying to recall her that heartbroken moment. This is a type of question not to ask on the first date.

Maybe this question will stop her to come close to you. This will give her the idea that you are much inserted in her past rather than present.

You want to know about her past, your intention may not be wrong. It is better not to indulge in it instantly. If she is fine with you she will just come and talk.

question not asked on first date

5. How is your relationship at home?

Some concerns may be shown by you. It has is nothing wrong with it. But what if she does not share a good relationship with her parents. Good bonding might not be shared by her with her peers.

It may make her uncomfortable. As your first date is nothing merely then a meeting. And here if you take too much interest she may get doubtful about you. If she decides to disclose her personal life to you it is a good sign.

To take your relationship further. Be extra careful when you are talking to her. Stil you are a stranger. So wisely question her.

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7. With how many, you had intimate relationships? Not askable question on first date

Intimacy is something really very intimate secret. Asking about her intimacy lands you nowhere rather than insulting your morals value. Obviously she will feel embarrassed by this kind of question.

Though this information is extremely personal. The choice is hers. If she wants to reveal it or not. This type of question shows that you are of dominating nature.

You are more into what she had before rather than focusing on her for now. It is inappropriate to ask such things. If she is not asking you then respect her decision.

She will share it with you maybe later if she finds you worthy. There is no need to know the opposite person’s sex life. Especially if you are meeting her for the first time.

If she had an intimate relationship with anyone. It was her choice before sh doing so. Thus you must accept if she does not want to share.

question not asked on first date

8  What is your eating habit?

You are silly or lame it will indicate that. It is none of your business how much she eats or drinks. That is a personal choice. So try not to ask this question. Let her self -explanatory. That will give her the idea that you do body shamming.

She may be of any size or shape. To you looks matter more than the person. A bad impression left. Avoid asking such dating questions. She is on a date with you and not on a fashion show.

Do not judge her. On what she eats or drinks. Drinking may also count the consumption of liquor. Indirectly you are giving her a red signal. Avoid doing so. These are some question not to ask on first date.

question not ask on first date

9. Top question not ask on first is which is your favorite dating apps?

What do you wish to know by asking this type of question? Maybe you are willing to how many boys she had dated earlier?

None of your concern. Something so irrational. Thus there is no point in asking such a question. It is just your first date. Not a committed relationship to encounter such kind of questions. It has nothing to do with you.

She may be looking for a better option then you.  Do not make it vague for her. It is your first date and not a wedding or a lifetime commitment. Yes if you are seriously looking forward then it is a different thing. So don’t be foolish. Be smart

10. I want to know more about you.

This is your first date make sure not to make it last. You are not going to die. So do not be in a hurry to know everything. You cannot know her completly at the first meeting.

Behave like a gentleman. Make your first date memorable. You need to give her space. Just don’t be ready with a list of questions and queries about her.

Do let her breathe. Give her time. Be a man that she wants to meet again. Thus invest your time knowing each other. Let it be special. Do not ruin it by misleading talks. Provide her personal space as much as you can.

question not asked on first date

Conclusion on question not ask on first date to a girl

So, guys, you got closer view about question not asked on the first date. The important things you have to keep in mind while dating does not ask a personal question. never dare to ask about a past relationship or reason behind the breakup. It represents you as you are not respecting her personal life. Her likes dislike is not important question for you to know on the first date. Leave something for the next date too. It is not your last date.

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