Chanda Kochhar: A Banker’s Love Story

Chanda Kochhar: A Banker’s Love Story

Chanda Kochhar is not an unknown name. In fact, Chanda Kochhar is the synonym for ICICI. A strong personality with a confident smile. She does have a personal life. She also fell in love in her college days. Chanda’s love story is a little bit filmy. At first, she declined the proposal of a lover(now husband). Come with me to know the love story of Chanda Kochhar.

Before direct landing on Chanda Kochhar’s intimate life. I think we should know a little bit about her childhood.

Must-Read Love Story

Chanda Kochhar is a Rajasthani Girl

Chanda Kochhar was born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan in 1961. She did her schooling from Jaipur. When she was a teenager of 13years. Her father died. Then her mother decided to left Jaipur.

And Chanda with her mother decided to shift her maternal home town in Mumbai.

Mumbai became her turning point

Chanda Kochhar never knew it that Mumbai is going to lucky for her love & career. Mumbai is the place where she continued her further studies. In fact, finished her bachelor’s and master’s degree. Because Management fascinated Chanda during her college days.

Chanda found true love in College

When Chanda Kochhar pursued her MBA degree in one of the renowned colleges of Mumbai. She met her classmate Deepak Wiki. They became good friends. As time passed by Deepak developed some feelings for Chanda. And proposed her.

But Chanda declined his proposal. Although this did not finish their sweet friendship. Chanda then got a high paid job. After two years in the job. Chanda proposed Deepak for marriage.

Basically Deepak is an entrepreneur & business tycoon in wind energy. He is a founder & CEO of NuPower Group. Deepak loves to stay away from limelight and media. And the pair tied a pious knot of love and responsibility with simplicity. And Chanda Kochhar love story began.

Chanda has a happy personal & professional life

Chanda Kochhar Wiki has two children. A daughter Arti and a son Arjun. The children are also passionate about their careers. Arjun is a sports lover whereas Arti joined Reliance.

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