Flirty & Intimate Questions to Ask a Guy

Flirty and intimate questions to ask a guy

When you are talking with a guy, there is always too many questions going on your head. I know you keep thinking that should I ask this or should I ask that. Guys love the girls who can be flirty, bold, and yet strong and independent. When you are talking to a guy, you should ask questions that will reveal his personality to you. And also your questions should reflect your interest in him too. Intimate questions are not always about the bedroom or romance. It also includes deep and wide aspects of someone’s life. Flirty and intimate questions are icebreakers to know a guy. But if you are too confused to select questions, I am here to rescue you girl. I have created a total list of flirty and intimate questions to ask a guy.

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Are you confused about how to start a flirty conversation with a guy that you like too much? Getting no way out of it? Don’t worry darling I am here to help you. But before starting the list, let me make facts clear to you. Flirty talks or flirty questions include funny questions too. Because we flirt with someone trying to be funny. Flirty questions show your direct interest in a guy you know for a while or want to know more about. So, do not be hesitant anymore. Let’s have a look at flirty questions to ask a guy you are interested in.

Flirty and intimate questions to ask a guy

1.what did you think about me when you first saw me?

Flirting starts when you show your eagerness to know his perceptions about you. Asking this question will help you to know his exact feelings about you. If you see his perception about you is good and he finds you interesting, the conversation will flow naturally. The only thing you have to do is initiating the first move.

2. what is a perfect date according to you?

Asking about the perfect date is definitely a flirty question and it will help you to know about that guy and his preferences. Just see what he will like to do on a perfect date. Will he be going on a dinner or a lunch or to a sea beach. If his idea matches with yours, what can be more perfect than that! Also, he will see your interest in dates and will get your hint(wink).

Flirty and intimate questions to ask a guy

3. So, what is the first thing you notice about a girl?

Guys notice a girl very keenly. They see every detail about a girl and then finds them attractive. And to ask about this thing is a really interesting thing. Because it can be anything! And you will also know if he mentions your features (your lips or eyes or sense of humor). His answer will reflect his thoughts about you.

4. do you find me attractive?

Let him praise you a bit. This question will provoke him to think about you more. He will observe you again and this time more intensely. And you will also get to know how he feels about you. What features of you he finds attractive and to add on his feelings for you will also be revealed through this. Because if he likes you, he will not take much time to answer it.

Flirty and intimate questions to ask a guy

5. you look too hot. do you work out?

Oooohhhhh……. Let’s bring some heat between you two. Let him know that you are checking him out. This question is actually a topic where you will get the opportunity to let him know about your attraction towards him. Also, this one is a very provoking question to start a flirtatious conversation.

6. if i plan a weekend for us, would you come?

Okay, I know this one is really bold. But you can not shy out every time from a guy you are interested in. So, do not be shy anymore and just ask this question. Because you will get to know if he is truly attracted to you or not. Also if he asks about the plan and destination, do not forget to mention the sexy locations like a beach or something.

Flirty and intimate questions to ask a guy

7.How are you still single being so attractive?

Let your flirtatious side take the lead. And just show that you find him really steamy. See what is his response to this question. Is he being modest and humble, or taking too much attitude? Because his response will make things clear for you too. So, you have to start getting forward.

8. do you see yourself as a romantic person?

Everybody feels romantic at some point. So, this has no particular answer. But still, it is good to ask a guy so that you can know what to expect from him or not. And see what is romantic according to him. You can tell about your romantic side too and you will clearly find the conversation flowing. Do ask these flirty and intimate questions to know a guy.

9. what is the most romantic thing you have done for someone?

Humans are all about romantic gestures. So, if you want to know someone and also be flirty with them, this is the right question for you. He will get to know that you are taking interest in him. And also his romantic side will also reveal to you. He will see your sensual side just by your questions.

Flirty and intimate questions to ask a guy

10. what is the worst pickup line will you use if i give you the chance?

Do you remember what I said at the very beginning? Being funny is flirty too. Flirting does not mean naughty talks all the time. This question will leave both of you in tears and the mood will also be lightened. He will find you funny and your sense of humor striking. So, do not think being funny is not good.


As I said earlier that intimate questions cover a wide area of questions. It can be related to someone’s childhood or someone’s past or the most important someone’s concept about love and intimacy. Intimate questions are very important to know a guy more on a deeper level. When you are interested in a guy, it is important to know about his thought process about everything. It will help your connection to grow stronger. So, let’s have a look at the list of intimate questions to ask a guy to know him more.

Flirty and intimate questions to ask a guy

Intimate questions about the past

To someone, it is important to know about their past. What was he like before you met him! It definitely is intriguing. So, if you want to connect to your partner on a deeper level, ask these intimate questions about the past. Gather some courage and ask them important questions.

1. have you been in love before?

Did he have someone whom he truly loved? It is important for you to know whether he is over that person or not. It will explain a lot of things for you. Like what is his perception about true love and if he had someone why did it end. And if his answer is no, your chances for falling for him will grow. And he will have that feeling of being in love (wink).

2. how long you are been single?

The time will tell you about him a lot. Because if he is single for too long, it is supposed that he wants a strong bond for a relationship. And he has not found it yet. And if the time is short maybe he is not thinking about any other relationship too soon. But knowing about the time period will clear things a lot more to you.

Flirty and intimate questions to ask a guy

3. how many relationships did you have previously?

This one is really important but does not be afraid to ask it out. Because the answer will have a great impact on the connection you two have. The number of relationships we have tells a lot about us. I am not telling you to judge him on the basis of the number. Maybe he has not found the right person still. But you will know whether he is a relationship person or not.

4. have you ever cheated on your girlfriend? or thought about cheating?

Okay, the mood is a bit intense with this question. Cheating is a big question in a relationship. So, if you want to progress with a guy, it will be best for you to know these things about him. He may think you a bit intrusive but think of your own good and just ask it. Your connection will depend upon his honesty.

Intimate and flirty questions to ask a guy

Important questions about love and intimacy

Love and intimacy are very important aspects of a relationship. You can not think of a perfect relationship without these two. So, there is nothing wrong with wanting to know about your partner’s view about love and intimacy. But if you are freaking out about what to ask or not. I have some suggestions for you. Read this list of important questions about love and intimacy to ask your partner. you believe in true love and love at first sight?

Not everybody believes in true love for their own reasons. But is the guy you find interesting also feels that there is no such thing as true love, it will be bad news for you. So, before growing more feelings for him you need to know these things about him. Maybe he doe not believe in love at first sight and that is not a bad thing. But these intimate and flirty questions will reveal a lot about a guy.

2. do you see yourself falling in love with me?

It is a very intimate and straight forward question to ask a guy. But do not fear anything. Let him see your strong and independent side too. His reaction to this question will disclose his feelings for you. Whether he likes you or not, or he finds you attractive or not – everything will be disclosed if you ask this question.

Intimate questions to ask a guy

3. what is the best way to show love to someone according to you?

if you want to know how romantic a person he is, this is the best question for you. We try to showcase our love differently. And it shows our romantic and intimate side. So, let’s try to get his romantic side a bit. Let him see your interest in him. These flirty and intimate questions definitely show your attraction to a guy.

4. do you like cuddling after sex?

Are you a cuddler? Then you will definitely need someone who likes to cuddle too. So, getting these things clear from the beginning will only be beneficial for you. Also, his approach to cuddling will show is he only about sex or something more. Intimacy is very important in a relationship and cuddling is a part of that. So this is very important to ask.

Intimate questions to ask a guy

5. what is your most sensitive body part?

Okay, the heat is brewing up now. Don’t be hesitant to get into some spicy conversations with him. It will be a nice start for you two to get to know in a more intimate manner. Your flirtatious intimate question will definitely catch his attention more. And his answers will grab yours (ahmm ahmm).

6. what are your thoughts about sex and intimacy in a relationship?

As I said you can not ignore sex and intimacy in a relationship. But that does not mean a relationship is only about these two things. So, getting his idea about these things is important. The answer will naturally reveal whether he is just about lust or love. Also, you will get a clear idea about his wanting from a relationship. And if it does not match with yours, run away.

Flirty and intimate questions to ask a guy


This generation is becoming phone oriented. And because of this nowadays we communicate with someone over the text all the time. And naturally flirty and intimate questions are always asked over a text to a guy or a girl. In many cases, girls find it easier to ask flirty and intimate questions to a guy more than asking face to face. So do not miss this list of flirty and intimate questions to ask a guy over text.

Intimate and flirty questions to ask a guy you miss me right now?

Well, if he does, it is great. Asking this question actually shows that you are thinking of him and you expect the same with him. Texting is great because you can ask these types of flirty questions to him which you could not if he was in front of you.

2. if you get the chance to come over what would you do with me?

There is nothing better than a sensual conversation over the phone with someone you like. These steamy topics are easy to say over the phone rather than saying in front of him. And his intimate feelings for you will be revealed swiftly through this question. So, you can be a little bold it is just a text.

Intimate and flirty questions to ask a guy

3. can you answer some questions using only pictures?

This will be actually a fun game for you two. Your bond will get stronger through this. And his responses will let you learn about him more. Asking this question will reveal your attraction to him. Also, these questions can be intimate, and let see how he answers them.

4. what would you do if you could return to your childhood again?

Childhood is our all-time best memory to have. And asking about someone’s childhood is really intimate yet really appreciating. If you want to have some non-sexual yet intimate talk with him, this is the apt question to ask. You taking interest in his childhood will definitely make him like you even more.

Flirty and intimate questions to ask a guy

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So, we have come to the end of flirty and intimate questions to ask a guy. It is always better to express your feelings rather than hiding them from someone. Because not every time you will get the chance to showcase your feelings.

So, do not make any delay now. And ask the questions to a guy whom you like a lot. And keep in mind that be strong and fierce even if you are asking something intimate. That will definitely catch his eyes.

And let me know if you want any other help in asking questions. Comment your queries below and I will be happy to help you. Till then read our articles and find your love of life.

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