Deep Romantic Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Deep intimate questions to ask your girlfriend

As we all know that communication is the key to a healthy and happy relationship. Communicating with your partner is really important for your relationship to run smoothly. But do you face any situation where you do not find anything to talk about with your girlfriend? It is a really shit situation I know. So let’s spice things up in your relationship with these deep and romantic questions that you can ask your girlfriend.

So, you are having a good time in your relationship. She has said yes to you and everything is going great. And to add on you two are getting serious about each other. But there are times when you find nothing to talk about. You want to know her on a deeper level but do not get what to say or not.

And that is why asking questions is very important. It actually helps the conversation to flow organically. Plus it helps to know someone intimately. But do not think you can ask whatever you want to whenever. As you know everything has a time and you should wait for that right time. Do not rush into asking deep questions too soon.

Deep romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

Let me help you to actually understand everything. From what questions to ask, to when to ask it. Come and read with me the list of deep and romantic questions to ask your girlfriend to know what you should ask when.

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The time your relationship getting serious, you need to ask certain deep questions to your girlfriend. These questions will actually help you to know about her mindset and whether you two have the same wavelength or not. Because having similar values and mentality is important in a relationship. I know everyone says the opposite attracts but still you need to have certain similarities. And to know these things you have to ask these deep and romantic questions to your girlfriend.

Deep romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

Do not fear to get into a deeper level. Because a relationship has huge depth in it. So, you also need to cope with it. And trust me if you try to get to her on a deeper level, she will get more confidence in you. Now no more time-wasting and let’s dive into the questions.

1.what do you think about getting married?

Marriage is a big question in a relationship. And most of us want marriage as the next step in a serious relationship. So, if you think your relationship is gathering that seriousness, it will be good for you to know about your girlfriend’s perception about getting married. This will actually show if she sees her future with you or not. And if she sees it, congratulations in advance.

2. what do you want from life?

We all have different wishes from life. But what does your girlfriend actually want from her life is important to know. It tells a lot about her personality. Maybe her thinking is the same as yours. And that is why you need to know them so that you can help her get that thing.

Deep romantic questions to ask your girlfriend


What can be better than having similar goals as your partner? But before that, you have to ask her about this otherwise you will never know about her understanding. This question will actually help you to connect with her more. Having the same values in life adds to a relationship. And to have that strong bond go and ask her this.

4. Do you have any deepest secrets? if yes then what?

Somewhere we all have some deep secrets that we fear to share with anyone. And that is because we fear getting judged by the world. But if you truly want to know your girlfriend deeply, you should know these things about her. And if she trusts you wholely, she won’t hesitate to tell you. So, let’s see if you two are really connecting or not.

Deep romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

5. what is the biggest insecurity of your life?

Insecurities make people vulnerable. But sharing those insecurities with someone only makes the bond stronger between the two-person. And if you too want to make your bond stronger with your partner, you should have knowledge about her insecurities. These things will help you to comfort her when she needs you. And she will start trusting you deeply.

6. who is the person you will go for comfort?

We all have someone who comforts us every time we need them. And you should know who that person is to your girlfriend. Is that person her friend or family member? You need to know that because deep down you would want to be that person for her. You need to know who comforts her the most so that you can imbibe those qualities and be that person.

7. what are your thoughts about long distance relationship?

A long-distance relationship is difficult to maintain. But sometimes situations occur where you do not have any choice but to continue your relationship as a long-distance relationship. And in many cases, the relationship does not work out anymore. So, you need to know your girlfriend’s views about a long-distance relationship. And see whether your thoughts match with her or not.

Deep romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

8. who is your inspirATION IN LIFE?

Everyone has someone who they look up to. And it reveals a lot about them. Knowing your girlfriend’s inspiration will help you to be that ideal person for her. Asking these deep and romantic questions will express your love to your girlfriend. She will love that you are taking an interest in her life and ideals.


Romance is a non-negligible aspect of a relationship. There is no time where you can neglect romance from your relationship. It enhances the bond between the two individuals. And asking romantic questions to your girlfriend will convey your deep love for her. And to ask these questions you just need to make a cozy and romantic mood. When you two are feeling cozy, there should be no delay in asking the romantic questions.

deep romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

Romantic question answers build the connection more strongly between the couple. Do not get afraid of asking some romantic questions to your girlfriend. Gather a bit of courage. Do not try too hard. Just be yourself and ask questions and you will see that your conversation is flowing so naturally. Just be genuine with her and you will see she is also feeling romantic and wonderful.

1.what was your first impression of me?

As we all know the first impression is the last impression. But not every time this saying goes right. Because our impression changes with time about someone. Let her be frank and funny. Do not get offended by her saying that she found as dumb or funny. Girls love to joke about their first impressions. But wanting to know her first impression about you will open many doors of romantic conversation for both of you.

2. when was the time you fell in love with me?

Recherishing memories are always the best way to get romantic. This sweet and romantic question will test her memory. She will have that first butterfly moment again. And definitely, if her love is deep for you, these romantic questions will generate a proud feeling in your girlfriend. She will admit and cherish that moment proudly.

Deep romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

3. do you feel happy with me?

This one is a cute question. But it has romantic depth in it. This romantic question will reveal your care, concern, and deep love for your girlfriend. It is pretty obvious that she will say yes in reply. But, it will help you two to know each other’s concern and deepest feelings for each other.

4. can you share everything with me without any second thoughts?

When we love and trust someone intensely, we get the security to share our feelings with that person without having any second thoughts. If your girlfriend has that love and faith in you, she will also not hesitate to share everything about her. So if you are asking this question and her reply is not spontaneously yes, you two still have to work on your bond.

Deep romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

5. what is the one song that comes in your mind thinking about me?

This is a really cute question to ask. Because songs express our feelings in a way we can not do. Her answer would tell her feelings for you. It will also help to know whether you two have the same taste of music or whether songs have the same impact in your lives or not. And do not forget to make her sing that song a bit. Also in addition you two can sing together.

6. what is the best thing you find attractive about me?

Let her praise you a bit. Complimenting each other is the best way to carry forward a conversation. You would notice her feelings for you. She would take her time to list all the good qualities of you that she finds attractive. And she will save the best one for the last. Express each other’s deep feelings through complementing each other.

Deep romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

7. is there anything that i can do to improve our relationship?

Girls like guys who want to give effort to a relationship. She feels special and loved in a relationship. So, if you are asking these romantic questions, your girlfriend will feel overwhelmed by your deep love. And also you will get some facts clear about your relationship. Because a relationship always needs an effort to get stronger. So, just go for it and work on your relationship.

Important relationship questions to ask your girlfriend

Relationships face problems and it is a very natural thing to happen. But if you want to solve those problems and want to keep working on your bond with your girlfriend, you should ask her questions regarding your relationship. And if you talk and clear your thoughts from the very beginning, there is no way of having any problems. These important relationship questions will help your relationship to be back on track.

Deep intimate questions to ask your girlfriend

1. do you feel i have any bad habits that i should give up immediately?

Again wanting to know her opinion about you is really a great thing to do in a relationship. These types of questions will make her feel valued in a relationship. And you will get the perception of what she has to say about you. In a relationship, it is natural when a partner does not feel good about some of the habits of the other half. Her concern to you, her love for you will be expressed through this. And your connection will get better day by day.

2. do you think we communicate with each other enough? or there is a communication gap?

Communication is very important in a relationship. If you do not communicate with your partner properly, naturally you two will start getting distant from each other. And wanting to communicate with your girlfriend is really a great thing. This question itself is communicating. And yet it shows the concern and urge of communicating with your girlfriend. These questions are really something deep and romantic to ask your girlfriend. If she had any issues, you two can sort that out.

Deep romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

3. what is the best memory of our relationship to you?

As I said previously cherishing memories are the best thing to get romantic. And knowing about these memories is great for you. When you want to know about her best memory she will feel special. Because these things are really special for a girl. And when you know what is her best memory of your relationship, you can try to recreate that memory for her. This will definitely enrich the love between you two.

4. do you think i love you enough?

Loving someone can never be enough if that person truly matters to you. But often we think that we are giving our 100% love to our partner, but they do not feel it. It is not anybody’s fault. Because the thing is you are giving your love in your own way and maybe she wants something different to feel loved. And for that reason, this is a very important question to ask. If she feels that you are not giving her proper love, try to get to know what is she missing. And once you know it, just start working on it.

Deep romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

5. do you want to change anything in our relationship?

With time dynamics of a relationship changes. But if your girlfriend is feeling that something is not good in your relationship, it is better to know that before having any issues. The question is really caring and it definitely shows your genuine care and love for her. So, even if there is anything she wants to change in your relationship, try to know the reason behind it. And if it is a serious problem, fix that together.

Intimate questions to ask your girlfriend

Intimacy does not always mean physical intimacy. Though most people consider it like that, emotional intimacy is also very important as well as physical intimacy. And to get to that intimate level emotionally and physically, you need to ask the right intimate questions to your girlfriend. Intimate questions are really helpful to bond at an intense level. Here are some of the intimate questions.

deep Intimate questions to ask your girlfriend did you feel when i first kissed you?

Kissing someone is really special for a girl. She remembers the moment and cherishes it for her entire life. So, this question will definitely make her blush a bit. If you feel that her chicks are turning red, that means she truly enjoyed that moment with you. You will get her emotions considering the bond of you two.

2. what would you want to be your ideal date look like?

Dates are a really romantic thing. And we always wonder about having a perfect date according to us. Your girlfriend’s desires for a perfect date will reveal her romantic sides. You will get ideas about planning your next date according to that. So, do not make any delay and ask her this to start planning the next ones.

Deep romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

3. what is your wildest fantasy?

Every human being on the earth definitely has some wildest fantasy they would love to get fulfilled one day. Similarly, your girlfriend too has some wildest fantasy. When you want to know these things form your girlfriend, she will feel shy at first but she will see that you are really interested in her. Moreover knowing her wildest fantasy is beneficial for you. Because who knows you will be the one fulfilling them one day (wink).

4. whom did you have crush on the very first?

Relationships get strong and happy when the two individuals start sharing everything about their lives. From the first to the first kiss – if you two are not comfortable with each other, you can not share these things with your partner. So, if you want to get comfortable and intimate with your girlfriend you should ask these intimate questions. They will help you to build that strong connection.

Deep romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

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A strong relationship depends on the deep and romantic connection between the two partners. And it only can be built when the two are communicating freely. Chatting with your partner will always open new doors to topics. Do not think that this will be stupid to say or dumb to say. Because in many cases, stupid and dumb conversations pave the path to greater communication.

Try to avoid sensitive and hurting questions. Because you do not want to hurt your girlfriend unintentionally. And with the help of this list of deep intimate questions, you are ready to win your girlfriend’s heart again. Do not forget to give feedback in the comment section.

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