Aditya Narayan & Shweta Agarwal’s Relationship Is Love At First Sight Romance

Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal love story

Aditya Narayan is a well-known Bollywood singer, television host, and actor. Have you ever experienced the very popular feeling of love at first sight? Do you believe that a person can fall in love by just looking at another person for a few seconds? Yes, Aditya Narayan is a lucky boy to feel this awesome feeling of love at first sight-romance. In Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal’s love story, their love indeed starts from love at first sight!

Just after taking one single look at the beautiful Shweta, Aditya knew that she was going to be his life partner. Aditya was in a relationship with actress Shweta Agarwal since their debut film “Shaapit” in 2010. Their love story is one of endurance, the couple has faced many ups and downs over the years. Despite the challenges, they have stood by each other’s side and have built a strong and loving relationship. Let’s take a look at Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal’s love story!

Who is Aditya Narayan?

Aditya Narayan is a famous Indian playback singer, television host, and Bollywood actor. He is the son of Udit Narayan. Aditya was born in 1987.

He is very famous for hosting an Indian show for singers called Indian Idol. His first-ever song was Mohini for a Nepalese film and an Indian film Rangeela.

Even as a child artist Aditya gave a hundred songs. His first movie was Shaapit and he signed it with Vikram Bhat in 2007. He was also the host of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009.


Who is Shweta Agarwal?

Shweta Agarwal is an actor who has worked in films like Tandoori Love (2008) and Shaapit (2010). She is a popular actor in the Bollywood industry. She entered the movie industry in 2002.

Her debut movie was Raghavendra in 2003. Shweta has also starred in a Turkish film known as Miras.

The first meeting of Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal (2010)

Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal first met each other on the set of Shaapit. They both starred in this movie opposite each other. This was in the year 2010.

Aditya Narayan was already in love with Shweta but like any other concerned and intellectual beings they decided to focus on their career before they get into the dating. They decided to remain friends for a while before they settle things.

Friendship indeed is the basic building block of any healthy relationship. To be lovers for eternity, be besties before lovers.

How did Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal fall in true love?

Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal love story

As mentioned earlier, Aditya Narayan met Shweta Agarwal on the sets of Shaapit (2010). Aditya Narayan in one of his interviews claimed that it was love at first sight.

Aditya Narayan realized his love for Shweta gradually. He started realizing that he was going crazy for Shweta. He later started pursuing her.

But this was the time when Shweta wanted to be just friends. And nothing more than that. Aditya’s mother, Deepa Narayan Jha played the cupid in their love story and told Aditya to call her and tell Shweta to talk to her the next time he goes to pursue her.

They were both young and thus focused on their careers. Both of them were highly career oriented and didn’t want to be in a hurry to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

This actually is beneficial and a mature decision. They took time to know each other, know themselves, and finally tied the knots of eternity when they got sure about each other.

Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal’s rumored breakup?

Rumors about Aditya and Shweta having a spat on the street were in the air for a very long time. Although Aditya later denied them, he said those were fake.

Aditya denied it and says that he feels upset about hearing such rumors. There were issues in the relationship but now everything is filled with happiness. The couple is together and very happy.

Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal’s engagement (2020)

Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal love story

Aditya was a complete sweetheart when it came to marrying the love of his life. Like an understanding and considerate to be son in law he went to Shweta’s parents and asked for her hand in marriage.

Moreover, he told them he does not care how many people come or where they get married he just wants to marry her. Dreamy, right? This just shows how much Aditya cares about Shweta and respects her parents.

Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal get married (2020)

Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal love story

After a whole lot of ups and downs, good and bad times together, the couple finally tied the knot of eternity on 1st December 2020.

It was the same day as Aditya Narayan’s father Udit Narayan’s birthday. Aditya had a plan of proposing to Shweta in March 2020 on a vacation in the Maldives.

Unfortunately, it was delayed due to COVID. They proved that the wait was worth it. Moreover, Aditya felt like he made the right decision because just after they got married second wave of COVID came.

Aditya Narayan & Shweta Agarwal’s children

Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal love story

Aditya and Shweta became parents to a beautiful daughter in 2022. They felt blessed. Aditya gave all his support to Shweta when she was in the delivery room

He felt inspired by her courage, bravery, and strength. Aditya never leaves a chance to appreciate his wife.

How did Aditya and Shweta meet?

Aditya and Shweta met in the movie st of Shaapit in 2010.

How did Aditya Narayan meet his wife?

Aditya met his wife Shweta through a movie called Shaapit where he starred opposite her.

Who is the GF of Aditya Narayan?

Shweta Agarwal was the girlfriend of Aditya Narayan.

Where did Aditya Narayan meet his wife?

Aditya met his wife on the sets of his debut film Shaapit.

Is Aditya Narayan expecting a baby?

Yes, and he had a baby daughter in 2022.


Conclusion on Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal Love Story

‘True love knows no boundaries’, we could not have had a beautiful depiction of this line. Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal’s love story not only turned out to be the true couple, but they also proved that to love it needs patience.

One simply cannot find true love if they have the tendency to give up on their partner. Despite facing ups and downs, Aditya & Shweta has always been there for each other and has built a strong bond that continues to inspire their fans.

The couple gives their fans major couple goals. Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal’s love story of a decade promise hopes of love. And teaches patience after all hardships.

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