Badshah and Jasmine Masih Love Story : A private relationship & Secret marriage

Badshah & Jasmine Masih Love Story.

Who doesn’t Know Badshah? Badshah and Jasmine Masih Love Story proves that True Love Is The One That Sticks By You During Tough Times.

Although Badshah’s love story is so private. But his secret marriage was talk of town. He never shared a single bit about his love life. Scroll down to read more!

Who is Badshah?

Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia who is famous by his stage name Badshah is an Indian rapper and singer. Badshah was born in Delhi. This famous rapper did civil engineering from Pec, Chandigarh.

He started his career in 2006 alongside Yo Yo Honey Singh in his hip hop group Mafia Mundeer. In 2012, he released his independent Haryanvi song Kar Gayi Chull. Bollywood movie, Kapoor & Sons adopted Badshah’s Kar Gayi Chull song in the movie.

Who is Jasmine Masih?

Jasmine Masih was born in a Sikh Family. This gorgeous young lady was born on 9 December in Jalandhar, Punjab. She has two siblings. Her mother’s name is Grace Masih. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She has black hair and brown eyes.

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Badshah and Jasmine Masih private Love Story & wedding

Badshah got married to Jasmine in 2012.. He tied the knot forever in a very private ceremony. Only close friends and relatives were present in the same. There was no media coverage. Badshah kept everything about his love life personal. He kept his dating and relationship period also private.

He didn’t share anything publically.  His fans got to know that their hero has someone in his life after his marriage. Before it, no one had any idea. Even after his engagement, he shared no news regarding the same.

What Made Badshah Fall in love with Jasmine Masih?

 Jasmine supported him during the struggling phase of his career. As we say true love is the one that sticks by your side in difficult times. The same was the case with Badshah and Jasmine. As his ex-girlfriend left him while he was struggling.

He said in an interview that In a recent interview, rapper Badshah revealed that his girlfriend left him after he decides to become a rapper. As she thought it was not a “proper choice”. “I was madly in love with this girl. I was probably three years old when I fell in love with her,”.

But Jasmine stood by his side always which made him decide that she is the one. Badshah and Jasmine Masih Love Story prove the fact that “A woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing and A man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything”.

Badshah and Jasmine Masih were blessed by a baby girl after 6 years

Jasmine is a shy girl with reserved nature . After six years of their wedding, Badshah and Jasmine became parents of a baby girl. The couple even remained this a secret and doesn’t open up regarding the same.

The couple didn’t share this good news personally. The world got to know about the same when Raftaar congratulated the couple on the arrival of the princess on his Instagram. He posted a very adorable picture of a little princess and captioned it as ” Aww… isn’t she too cute to handle?”.

Badshah & Jasmine Masih Love Story.

Just like their wedding, from pregnancy period to the arrival of their little princess everything was kept low key by the couple.

Badshah’s life got changed after the arrival of his sweet little princess!

Hearing news of Badshah becoming father surprised many. As it was double dhamaka for some people. Some of the fans got to know that Badshah is married on the arrival of his baby itself. The couple named their baby girl “Jessemy”.

When Badshah was asked how Parenthood is treating him, he answered ” I never really liked kids before, and kind of hated them. I just didn’t like them. I don’t know why.

Everything’s changed since my daughter has born, and I have started loving kids now. Whenever i see any crying kid, I make sure that i make the kid stops crying.

Badshah got so involved in loving his daughter that he forgot everything

Badshah was so busy taking care of her baby that he wasn’t able to release his album, ONE (Original Never Ends). When asked about the same, he answered ” know, I know, I was supposed to release it last year.

Badshah & Jasmine Masih Love Story.

But I had to be there with her. Frankly, I just didn’t realize that ek saal ho bhi gaya. We just celebrated her first birthday, and this past year, I was busy being a father playing with my daughter. 

Badshah’s divorce with Jasmine Masih & rumours about new affair with a model!

Badshah and Jasmine Masih after being married for 9 long years got separated in 2020. The reason behind their sudden separation is still not out!

After his divorce with his previous wife. Badshah was alleged to be in an affair with a “Punjabi Model & actress”, Isha Rikhi. The Media also released some news that Badshah was getting married to his new girlfriend, Isha. Badshah made it clear through one of his posts that there is nothing like that!


Who is the wife of Badshah?

Jasmine Masih is the wife of Badshah. Both of them got married in the year 2012. Their love story and relationship journey is kept very private. Even Badshah & Jasmine Masih had a secret marriage too!

When did Badshah & Jasmine Masih got divorced?

Badshah and Jasmine Masih after being married for 9 long years got separated in 2020. The reason behind their sudden separation is still not out!

Does Badshah have girlfriend?

Badshah after his divorce with Jasmine Masih was alleged to be in an affair with a Punjabi Model & actress, Isha Rikhi. But it was just a rumour.

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Conclusion on Badshah and Jasmine Masih Love Story

At present, the couple is enjoying Parenthood. They both firmly believe in remaining low key. They keep everything about their personnel life private. Even after being a big celebrity, Badshah doesn’t share much information about his baby girl and wife publically.

The three ( Badshah, Jasmine, and Jessemy) are happy in their own little world and see their universe in each other. 

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