Ronaldo love story
Ronaldo love story

Cristiano Ronaldo, known for his virtuoso football and chivalrous tricks has surely captured attention of a lot of women!
This heroic man, aged 32 is not only admired by women but also the young girls out there!
Isn’t that true ladies?
Well is he to blame? His striking personality, and nonpareil charm surely makes him one of the most popular men, on this planet!

Your Love makes me Strong and your Hate makes Me Unstoppable.


A Brief History of Ronaldo
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This multi-billionaire is a huge philanthropist! And that’s one of his qualities that’s makes him special!
His noble deeds are truly appreciated by everyone, and we believe that he is no doubt, a Hero!

Maybe they hate me, because I’m too good!

A multi-billionaire’$ multi-relationship$

We all know how stunning Ronaldo is!
Being a benefactor, is just an add on!

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Ronaldo has been into myraids of relationships! Well there were a few rumors and some of they were actually true!

Glance at some ex-girlfriends

Even before Ronaldo became a star of the Football world, it was rumored that he dated the gorgeous Portuguese model, Karina Ferro.
In 2003, he dated the Brazilian model, Mario Jardel.
In 2005, he dated another Portuguese model Merche Romero, who was 9 years elder to him!
Well it seems he is a monomanic about the models, isn’t it?

His relationships and girlfriends kept increasing with a boom in his career!
Some of the women he dated were, Mia Judaken, Gemma Storey, Tyese Cunningham, Gemma Atkinson, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian.
Well, the list is never-ending.

A lesser known fact is that, this footballer even dated the gorgeous Indian Actress, Bipashu Basu, back in 2007!
Surprising! Isn’t it?

Irina Shayk and Ronaldo Love Story

Irina Shayk and Ronaldo Love Story
Irina Shayk and Ronaldo Love Story

Irina Shayk, was the one stunning woman, whom Ronaldo dated for 5 years!

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Well there were rumors, stating that Ronaldo was caught sending flirty messages to girls. And due to this, Irina was left heartbroken and thus ended the relationship.

His Junior Footballer

Ronaldo’s statement came as a shock when he declared in 2010 that he now has a kid.
The world was swarming with curiosity, at this new proclamation.
As an altruistic person he is, Ronaldo had already taken over full guardianship of the adorable Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Ronaldo love story
Ronaldo With Family

This little Junior doesn’t need a mother for loving him.
Cristiano, as magnanimous he is, has bought up his child in the best breeding manner and would continue to do so till perpetuity.

At present, whom is Ronaldo dating?

In November 2016, Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez, a Spanish model were spot on many dates together, in public.
Since then, things between them have escalated quickly.
She has a magnificent relationship with Ronaldo’ Junior.
She is also expected to play a key role in raising Ronaldo’s new surrogate twins Eva and Mateo.

To everybody’s surprise, Georgina gave birth to baby daughter Alana Martina on November 12, 2017.

Alana Martina is just born! Both Geo and Alana are doing great! We are all very happy!’

An affair to Continue!

This romantic lad has also presented his fiancee a 5 carat diamond ring!
And there are rumors that these two will officially get married, after the next year’s World Cup!

Ronaldo love story

Ronaldo’s fans have surely benefited from this new lovey-dovey relationship!
Maybe it was because of her attendance that, Ronaldo helped Real Madrid to a second straight Champions League and their first La Liga title in five years.

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Maybe this is it for Ronaldo.
After dating inumerous girls, he has finally set his eyes upon one girl whom he truly loves!

True Love is all about supporting each other, not only in the good times but also in the bad times.
Isn’t it?
You realize a person’s love towards you, when he\she stands as a rock and faces all the situations with you!
No matter how hard they are!

The single girls out there must surely be getting envious to know that Ronaldo finally has a serious relationship!
Tough luck ladies!

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