Dawood Ibrahim-Mandakini Love Story: A Gangster’s Love & Lust

Dawood Ibrahim love story.

Power attracts many people even Bollywood celebrities. It is said that everyone loves power and who else can possess great powers that the underworld dons? Many actresses have been the Love interests of India’s underworld terrors.

Dawood Ibrahim was also in love with many Bollywood actresses. But, one of his most famous love stories is with Mandakini. She was the beauty of the B-Town back then!

Everyone was amazed and surprised by her god-gifted beauty. One of them was the most notorious Dawood Ibrahim also! He was completely mad at her during those days!

Some such love stories are well known while some are still under the carpet.

Who are Dawood Ibrahim and Mandakini?

Dawood Ibrahim was born on 26th December 1955. He is an Indian Mafia- gangster. He is also a wanted terrorist from Dongri, Mumbai. Dawood Ibrahim is accused of heading a vast illegal empire in India. He is one of the notorious crime syndicates D- Company in Mumbai.

Mandakini was born in Meerut to a British father and a Kashmiri mother. Mandakini spelt her magic on screen. She tasted instant superstardom with Raj Kapoor’s film ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili” (1984). She became Bollywood’s biggest & most successful heroine in no time.

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Mandakini’s sensual beauty made Dawood Ibrahim fall for her!

Mandakini’s sensual and bold presence in Bollywood mesmerized everybody. The tale of her beauty reached the underworld too! Don Dawood Ibrahim was also pleased by her beauty! She became Dawood Ibrahim’s first love.

Dawood Ibrahim and Mandakini love story.

Dawood Ibrahim catches the notice of this blue-eyed beauty. For the first time when he saw her debut movie Raj Kapoor’s superhit ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’.

Dawood was lost in Mandakini’s beauty at a party organised by him

Dawood used to organize lavish parties. Entire Bollywood bracket used to be invited. Don used to not leave any stone unturned for their hospitality. Also, he used to take care of guests.

At one such party, Dawood feels weak on his knees of Mandakini’s beauty. There this lover boy saw his dreamy girl for the first time face-to-face. So, apart from a 55mm screen, T.V., magazines, newspaper and his dreams!

Dawood Ibrahim’s first conversation with Mandakini, he just drowned in her eyes!

At that party, Dawood sang praises for Mandakini. He gave accolades for her performance in Ram Teri Ganga Maili’. Impressed by Dawood’s complement Mandakini too started to indulge in the conversation. About the storyline of this film.

Dawood Ibrahim and Mandakini love story.

To her surprise, Dawood could reply only in ‘Ha’,’ Huh’,’ Yes’, and’ Oh’. Finally, she realized, this guy saw the whole movie, gazing at Mandakini. He had no idea what the film is all about!

Dawood Ibrahim started following Mandakini at different parties!

After this, Mandakini shot to fame with many films offers used to come. Often went to different events and functions to meet several film producers. There, Romeo use to follow her and pretend like it was by chance.

Mandakini doubted and asked him whether he was following her. To which Dawood replied, just 8-9 times by chance! They met. Although Dawood Ibrahim’s image is a dark and aggressive man! Because of his profession! But deep inside he is a “True Love Boy”.

Mandakini was upset due to Dawood Ibrahim’s unnecessary favours on her!

Smitten by this beautiful actress. Dawood has financed a lot of her Bollywood movies. It is said that he coerced directors to cast Mandakini in movies.

Mandakini is a self-determined girl, so wants to make it big in the film industry. Furthermore, in her struggle and hard work. Not by favours offered by this ‘Don’. As she uses to know him then by this name.

Dawood Ibrahim and Mandakini love story.

Once known about this, Mandakini immediately expressed her desire to Dawood. To stop being favourable towards her unnecessarily.

Dawood explained was to helping your loved ones to excel is an ‘unnecessary favour’. Finally, she realized Dawood did this for her better life and future.

Mandakini stayed at Dawood Ibrahim’s villa in Dubai for a modeling project

During their visits to the Gulf countries for her commitments to modeling assignments. The only known person ‘Is Dawood Ibrahim’. Those days Mandakini used to live in Dawood’s villa.

It is often said that Dawood’s influence got her in. In Dubai, lovebirds use to shop, roam and enjoy their life to the fullest.

Dawood Ibrahim got obsessive about Mandakini and he crossed all limits

Dawood’s heart was only on Bollywood’s glamorous actress, Mandakini. A film producer Javed Siddhique was brutally murdered. The reason behind this murder was that it was told Javed had refused to sign Mandakini in his film.

This made people think that behind this murder was Dawood Ibrahim. As he belongs to such a brutal and harsh world where killing and murdering wasn’t a big deal for him!

Dawood Ibrahim and Mandakini’s affairs got official at a cricket match!

Cricket broadcast in India increased the glamour of Dawood’s television in India. But Dawood himself had a great deal of glamour. The stars going to Dubai to watch the match from Mumbai were his special guests.

There was also a picture that was not taken by the wishes of Dawood. But when it came to the fore, the Tehelka went out. Yes, with the one-time famous actress Mandakini, the picture of Dawood was drawn only during a match with Sharjah.

The picture of Mandakini is enough to make his closest statement to Dawood. It was evident that Mandakini was Dawood Ibrahim’s girlfriend. Scroll down to read the actual twist of Dawood Ibrahim Mandakini love story.

Because of Dawood Ibrahim, Mandakini & Dawood went underground!

After the 12th March 1993 Bombay bombings, which Ibrahim allegedly organized and financed. He became India’s most wanted man. Dawood Ibrahim in the 90s had become a dreaded and hated name.

So, Daud left the country and Mandakini went underground into a farmhouse in Bangalore. Surprisingly, Mandakini got a clean chit in the police investigation.

Dawood Ibrahim believed in Mandakini and confessed his innocence on their last call!

It has been claimed that during their last telephonic conversation, Dawood, who was one of the main accused in the 1993 blasts case, claimed his innocence to Mandakini.

He didn’t want the whole world to know that he was innocent. For him, only Mandakini mattered! Dawood Ibrahim explained himself to Mandakini and went left the country!

Mandakini quit Bollywood & married Kagyur

Mandakini acted in a few more films but never managed to recreate the success of her first movie. Therefore, Mandakini opted to lead “a normal life”. She married Kagyur Thakur. Together they run the Tibetan Herbal Centre.

Mandakini and Dawood Ibrahim’s love story was so pure aside from his profession. He was a die heart lover of Mandakini. But, it wasn’t in their fate! Dawood Ibrahim mandakini love story is so unfortunate and painful!

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Who is Dawood Ibrahim’s wife?

According to the reports from NIA, Dawood Ibrahim’s wife is Maizabin and they together have three daughters. But, before this, he was in a deep relationship with Mandakini.

Is Mandakini the first wife of Dawood Ibrahim?

No. Mandakini wasn’t Dawood Ibrahim’s wife. They were in a relationship for some years. But, recently Mandakini strongly denied her relationship with Dawood Ibrahim.

How Mandakini and Dawood Ibrahim’s affair start?

Dawood Ibrahim was mesmerized by Mandakini’s beauty. She was famous for her beauty and sensuality in those days. At a party, Dawood Ibrahim saw Mandakini and got deeply attracted to her!

Who is Dawood Ibrahim’s Girlfriend?

Dawood Ibrahim was mesmerized by Mandakini’s beauty when he first saw her. He started getting attracted to her first and then eventually he fell in love with Mandakini. “Dawood Ibrahim Mandakini” were spotted together everywhere after they made their relationship official at a “Cricket Match”.

Conclusion of Dawood Ibrahim & Mandakini’s love story

Dawood Ibrahim was accused of the bomb blast! But, only the two knew that he was innocent! One was him and the other was his love of life, Mandakini!

He had to leave the country due to the accusation. But, somewhere he did this for Mandakini’s safe and secure life! He always loved her wholeheartedly.

Dawood Ibrahim supported her in her career through thick and thin! He did everything possible to see her smile. But, they were unfortunate to have a life together!

I hope you like reading Dawood Ibrahim & Mandakini’s love story. What are your views on Dawood Ibrahim’s love story? Comment below in the comments section.

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