Dakota Johnson’s Relationship Truth With Chris Martin After Dated Many Co-star

Dakota Johnson Love story.

Dakota Johnson is the most loved actress nowadays. She is known for the most famous movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Dakota Johnson’s Relationship Timeline & dating history is complicated and unstable!

She looks stunning in the movie. Viewers appreciate her real acting in the movie.

Dakota Johnson dated Jordan Masterson, Matthew Hitt and Chris Martin. She was even in a kind of friendship with Jamie Dornan from “Fifty Shades Of Grey”.

Now, Dakota Johnson is with Chris Martin who divorced his wife and has two kids. Dakota Johnson spends time with him and his kids. But, didn’t admit whether she want to marry him or not.

Who is Dakota Johnson?

Dakota Johnson was born on 4th October 1989. She is an American actress. Dakota Johnson is the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Dakota made her film debut when she was ten years old. The film was “Crazy in Alabama“.

Dakota Johnson is loved for her character as Anastasia in “Fifty Shades of Grey”. She was working on this with the Co-actor Jamie Dornan.


Dakota Johnson dated Cara Delevigne and Jordan

Cara Delevigne and Dakota Johnson were rumored to be in a relationship with each other. They both were together on Dakota’s 27th Birthday on October 2016.

Dakota Johnson's relationship timeline & Dating History

Cara Delevigne and Dakota Johnson posted the Birthday picture together. Somewhere there was little indication that Cara and Dakota had a romantic relationship.

Dakota Johnson also dated Jordan Masterson for about two years. In September 2013, the couple completed their year of the relationship. After this by July 2014, Dakota and Jordan broke up.

Matthew Hitt was Dakota Johnson’s third boyfriend! Then, Jamie Dornan became the fourth one!

Dakota then started dating Matthew Hitt. It’s a kind of rally of relationships! She then worked with Jamie Dornan, her co-actor from the movie “Fifty Shades Of Grey”.

Dakota Johnson's relationship timeline & Dating History

They both claimed that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were more than friends during the shooting of the film. They were sharing a bond that was a mixture of friendship and somewhat more than that.

It was because of the film as they had such situations in the scenes where they needed to have such a bond!

Dakota Johnson is dating Chris Martin since 2017

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin started dating in 2017. In October 2017, the couple was together having dinner with each other at Los Angeles Sushi Park.

Later they were spotted together several times. Dakota Johnson was seen in many concerts of Chris Martin’s band Coldplay. She was seen watching the show from the VIP level.

Dakota Johnson's relationship timeline & Dating History

The couple was seen together in many places. Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin were seen having dinners and lunches together.

They used to go to beaches and even got the same tattoos. Even, Chris Martin used to visit Dakota Johnson’s award functions.

Chris Martin’s divorced wife Gwyneth Paltrow

Chris Martin was married before meeting Dakota Johnson. He also has two sons from his ex-wife.

But, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow divorced each other before Chris came into a relationship with Dakota Johnson.

Dakota Johnson Love Story.

Dakota Johnson was seen with Chris Martin’s sons on outings. They spend quality time together.

Even, Dakota and Chris are seen together with his ex-wife Gwyneth at some parties and events.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson rumored as parents

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin were celebrating a Birthday party. Where both of their respective parents, families, and friends were present.

The party was like a gender reveal party. It included Blue and Pink balloons. So, people thought that Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin were having a baby.

Dakota Johnson's relationship timeline & Dating History

But, on a show, Dakota revealed that it was just a birthday party and she is not pregnant! Oh my god! The couple’s relationship was so much under the observation of people.

Are Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson married?

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are together for a long. But, they are not married and there is no thought or desire shown by Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson for marriage.

They are enjoying their lives together spending time with each other. They go on vacations to different countries and different places. Dakota Johnson goes on concert tours with Chris Martin’s Band Coldplay. They are having their happy couple moments together. This also sounds good!


Who is the Husband of Dakota Johnson?

Dakota Johnson is still unmarried. She has no Husbands only boyfriends. Dakota is currently dating Chris Martin.

Is Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin Still together?

Yes, They both are still together. Dakota & Chris started dating in 2017. Although the couple has no plan for marriage.

Did Dakota and Jamie Dornan have a child together?

No. Dakota and Jamie didn’t have a child together. They just dated each other.

Conclusion of Dakota Johnson’s Love Story

Dakota Johnson dated many celebrities for some time. She may be wasn’t sure about them or maybe their bond didn’t work!

It is okay to have multiple relationships to get that One and only! Now, Dakota Johnson is with Chris Martin and she is having the best moments of her life with him.

Dakota Johnson’s relationship timeline & dating history involves multiple partners. But, it doesn’t means that she didn’t put effort into those relationships! Dakota Johnson’s Love Story tells us that we need not force ourselves into those relations which are not meant for us!

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