Bryan Cranston (Heisenberg) Finds True Love With Robin After His Divorce

Bryan Cranston (Heisenberg) and Robin Dearden Love Story

Divorces are scary. The moment one realizes that the path of love they walked upon led them to a sour end like divorce, it’s hurtful. This is what happened in Bryan Cranston (Heisenberg) and Robin Dearden’s love story.

Till now divorces are frowned upon in our society. Marrying twice is still looked at as a crime. However, in Western countries, people often follow their hearts and don’t let judgments get to them.

In the article below you’ll learn how Bryan Cranston (Heisenberg) & Robin Dearden’s love story started after his divorce from his first wife.

Who is Bryan Cranston?

Bryan Cranston is an American actor and director. His full name is Bryan Lee Cranston and he was born on 7th March 1996. Bryan is heavily celebrated for his portrayal of an iconic character, Walter White in the AMC series Breaking Bad from 2008 to 2013.

He is also memorable for his role as Hal in the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle from 2000 to 2006. He is the winner of several awards like six Primetime Emmy Awards, two Tony Awards, one Golden Globe award, etc.


Bryan Cranston’s first wife, Mickey Middleton (1977)

Bryan met his first wife Mickey in Daytona Little Theatre. When Bryan first saw Micky, he felt sparks and an immediate liking towards Mickey. On the other hand, Mickey was also feeling the same way about Bryan.

Since Bryan and Mickey had mutual feelings and interest in each other they started dating. They were completely in love after spending time with each other.

Bryan Cranston & Mickey Middleton’s marriage in 1977

Bryan Cranston (Heisenberg) and Robin Dearden Love Story

After spending a couple of months with each other and having a good dating experience, the couple decided to get married. Many people like to know the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with a little more but it only took a couple of months for Bryan to know that he wanted to be with Mickey.

So, Bryan and Mickey decided to just get married and be with each other forever. They tied the knot in a very intimate ceremony in 1977. It was one of the most special days of their lives.

Bryan Cranston & Mickey Middleton’s heartbreaking divorce after 5 years (1982)

Bryan and Mickey did share a good period of time being each other’s husband and wife but things just crashed in their lives as time went by. The couple soon had different desires and wants from life and each other. Bryan was a struggling actor at the time he was married to Mickey and just wanted to focus on his career.

Sadly, Mickey wanted a baby, a home, part of a church choir, and a very happy family. However, Bryan was not ready to give her all that as he wanted different things in life. Even though the couple loved each other deeply they soon realized that it wasn’t enough and divorced each other in 1982.

Also, Bryan stated that his vows were never empty and that he loved Mickey deeply, but he wasn’t just ready for all the commitments of the marriage.

Bryan Cranston’s first meeting with his second wife, Robin Dearden (1986)

Bryan Cranston (Heisenberg) and Robin Dearden Love Story

Bryan and his present wife, Robin met on the sets of a show called Airwolf. Love stories are supposed to be all about romance from start to end but their story is quite different.

So, Bryan was playing a guy who was holding Robin and her sorority sisters, hostage. For Bryan, it was a very terrible interaction but for Robin, Bryan was the funniest man she ever met.

However, the sad part comes now. During their first meeting, Bryan and Robin both were dating but different people. So they did flirt a little with each other but then met again after one year and this time nothing was stopping them from getting what they really wanted.

Bryan Cranston’s proposal & marriage to Robin Dearden (1989)

Bryan Cranston (Heisenberg) and Robin Dearden Love Story

Bryan just knew that he would cry if he had to look over at Robin while proposing to her. So he got into deep planning and plotting.

He decided to propose to her while taking a bath and stuck the ring in his pinky toe. Further, he decided to just raise his leg up and tell Robin to take out her ring because it was too far from him to get it.

This proposal was definitely unique and one of a kind. To many people, it may feel weird but to Robin, it was the sweetest thing. Soon the couple got married in 1989 and still stand strong even after thirty years.

Bryan Cranston & Robin Dearden’s children

Bryan Cranston and Robin Dearden daughter

Bryan and Robin welcomed a daughter on 12th February 1993. Even after being married twice, Bryan only has one daughter. Her name is Taylor Dearden Cranston and she’s also an actress like her parents.

Who is Bryan Cranston’s wife?

Robin Dearden is Bryan Cranston’s second wife. He divorced his first wife Mickey Middleton.

Does Bryan Cranston have children?

Yes, Bryan Cranston has a daughter named Taylor Dearden Cranston.

Is Bryan Cranston still married?

Yes, Bryan Cranston is still married to his wife Robin Dearden.


Thoughts on Bryan Cranston & Robin Dearden’s love story

Bryan Cranston (Heisenberg) & Robin Dearden’s love story is proof that sometimes in love you can get lucky twice. Bryan was married once before but due to many reasons, it didn’t work out.

This shows that it’s better to end a relationship that hasn’t turned the way you wanted it to turn. Sometimes we need to let go of things to allow better things to come to us.

Only after letting go, one can truly receive what’s meant for them and what they’re worthy of. So always listen to your heart because we all deserve the best. So don’t deny yourself that.

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