A man committed suicide because Girlfriend refused to meet on HOLI

man commit sucide because girlfriend refused to meet him on holi
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The suicide incident took place in the Hatia river view colony, Ranchi. Gaurav Kumar was an MR, he committed suicide on the day of HOLI. Because of his girlfriend as mentioned in livehindustan. Gaurav’s hometown was Gaya, Bihar. He resided in Ranchi for the job of MR in a pharmaceutical company.

  • Gaurav committed suicide on the day of Holi.
  • His lover girl refused to meet him on the day of Holi.
  • Gaurav informed the girlfriend about committing suicide, but she took him lightly
  • On the next day, she found him dead

Gaurav was living in Hatia on rent. But after getting information about suicide. Jagannathpur police took his body under and sent the dead body to RIMS for postmortem.

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At that moment the police team took his room on custody and found rat killer medicine, alcohol, some medicine as well. Police have doubt that Gaurav might have mixed poison into alcohol and consumed it for killing himself.

The girlfriend said NO, and Gaurav committed suicide

On the occasion of Holi Gaurav wished to meet a girlfriend. He called her to meet. But she declined the proposal. After this, they have started an argument. After some time Gaurav called her again to meet otherwise he will commit suicide. And this time she also refused to visit his home. And said do what you want.

At the last time before consuming poision Gaurav called her and informed about committing sucide if she would not come. But she did not take it seriously she said No again. And lastly, he ate poision.

Whereas on the next day she tried to call him. But when he did not receive her cal. She informed his brother and landlord.

When the landlord and brother Shishir Mohan reached the room. It was locked from inside. After breaking the door they found the dead bodies of Gaurav in the bathroom. They instantly took him to the hospital. But doctors declared him dead.

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Gaurav had affairs with a divorced girlfriend for three years

It was not that they did not inform about their relationship at home. The woman was divorced. She lives in Harmu, Vidyapati Nagar with a daughter. There was an affair between Gaurav and her for three years. She used to visit his house in Hatia also. In fact, the Gaurav family was aware of the relationship.

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