6 Family members killed a girl for (secret) love marriage in Delhi

6 Family Members Killed Daughter Because She Married To BOYFRIEND
6 Family Members Killed Daughter Because She Married To BOYFRIEND

The incident of honor killing took place in Ashok Nagar of Delhi. Six family members killed her daughter because she secretly married her boyfriend.

It seems honor killing is not a big deal for Indian society. In India, a girl mostly has to sacrifice life because of choosing a life partner her self. Exactly a very shocking incident of honor killing came into light in Delhi, Ashok Nagar as reported in indiatvnews. Her parents killed her because she married to boyfriend.

The victim girl was in love with the boy who lives in her neighborhood. They were in a relationship for 3 years. But the family of the girl was unaware of this love story.

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Last year in October 2019 the girl and the boy married in a temple secretly. After sometime when her family came to know about this love marriage. they tried hard to convince a girl to quit the marriage.

But did not get success. After that, the whole family members started planning to murder the girl. Along with mother & father and four other members of family. They killed the girl on 30 January 2020.

And dumped the dead body 80 kilometers away from the Ashok Nagar’s house to Aligarh lake in the Jawa area.


After that, the boy continues tried to reach her by phone calls but her phone was switched off. Then the boy suspects something wrong must have happened to the girl.

Immediately he reached to Ashok Nagar police station of Delhi for seeking help. And filed a complaint of kidnapping for the girl. Police then contacted the family member of the girl.

The family member tried to mislead the police. And said that girl has gone to relative’s home. After searching the call details of the victim and further investigation. The family got trapped.

All the members of the family found accused of honor killing. The investigation is going on the Delhi Police will arrest family members later.

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