OMG !! 2 years love affair, divorce after 12 hours of marriage.

OMG !! 2 years love affair, divorce after 12 hours of marriage.
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It happens only in India. The couple was in love for 2 years. But took divorce after 12 years of marriage as reported in gulfnews.

Hamirpur: There sweet romantic love story continued for two years. But after the happy ending of a marriage. The girl decided to end the eternal relationship after 12 hours of marriage. This high voltage drama took place in Hamirpur district’s Maudaha.

The girl and boy Sandeep were in a relationship for two years. They met each other as a classmate. In fact, the pair decided to marry each other.

In the presence of Sandeep’s family, they married in a temple. When the news of marriage reached to girl’s family. They began pressurizing girl to file a report of sexual harassment in Maudaha police station against Sandeep.


The girl did the same. And police took Sandeep in custody. After an hour girl withdraws the complaint. Infuriate with the anger of withdrawing complain. Girl’s family threw her out of the house.

Then the girl again returned to Sandeep’s house begging his family to accept her. But the next day girl again changed her decision for Sandeep. She was willing to end the 12hours old marriage.

Now Sandeep was irritated and fed up with the girl’s unstable decision. And he agreed to end the marriage.

Then the newly married couple went to Maudaha police station and said they were ending marriage instantly.


Talking to reporters, Sandeep said, “I am fed up with her fickle-mindedness. I loved her, but she did not know what she wanted. I am relieved that the matter has ended.”

After that police called the girl’s family and requested to take her home.

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