Two blind Indian falls in TRUE LOVE

true love does exist

It is true that “Love is Blind”. An Indian couple proved true love does exist. Award-winning photographer Niraj Gera accidentally met the superb couple. Who inspires us to fall in love with inner beauty. If your love is true “Disability does not matter”. Below is the complete story of a blind couple. In his recent … Read more

Honor killing: 2 brothers kill widow sister for an intercast love affair

honor killing in india

It seems honor killing is not a big issue in India. Two brothers killed her own widow sister because she had an affair with an inter cast boy. The shameful incident took place in Kookda village in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar. Two brothers Sumit Kumar & Sonu have murdered her own sister. Because she was in … Read more

A man committed suicide because Girlfriend refused to meet on HOLI

man commit sucide because girlfriend refused to meet him on holi

The suicide incident took place in the Hatia river view colony, Ranchi. Gaurav Kumar was an MR, he committed suicide on the day of HOLI. Because of his girlfriend as mentioned in livehindustan. Gaurav’s hometown was Gaya, Bihar. He resided in Ranchi for the job of MR in a pharmaceutical company. Gaurav committed suicide on … Read more