Nas Daily(Nuseir Yassin) & Alyne Love Story Is A Rollercoaster Relationship

Nas Daily & Alyne love story

Have you ever seen oil and water? Do you ever try to mix them? When you do so what happens? Exactly! they don’t mix. Same as Nas Daily(Nuseir Yassin) & Alyne love story. We all know who is Nas Daily. Yes, that famous travel blogger & YouTuber. But do you all know his full-of-odds Love Story too? Full of Odds? What odds?

Nas Daily’s love story is an inspiring tale of overcoming obstacles and finding true love. Despite facing challenges and differences in culture, religion, and background, Nas and his wife Alyne has built a strong and loving relationship, proving that love knows no bounds.

Let us know more about Nas daily( Nuseir Yassin)

Nas Daily is an Arab – Israeli YouTuber famous for posting daily 1-minute Facebook videos for 1000 days. He is a travel blogger who travels all around the world and post a video about all people, their culture, their environment, and awesome travel destinations. know more about Nas daily

Nas Daily’s real name Nuseir Yassin is a boy from Arraba, Isreal. He was born on 9th February 1992. He quit his office job & and decided to become a social media influencer.

Who Is Alyne Tamir?

Alyne Tamir (born on June 18, 1990) is a popular YouTuber and content creator known for creating entertaining and informative videos on a variety of topics, including beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. She has a page with the name ‘Dear Alyne‘. She is also part of Nas Daily. Alyne is now a life-partner cum business partner of Nuseir Yasin.

She was born in Israel on the 4th of September 1989. She belongs to a Jewish- Mormon family.


Nas and Alyne’s Oil & Water Relationship

Have you ever seen all and water together? When we put them together, they are together but they don’t mix. They are the same being liquid but different in texture feel and all. that the case of Nas and Alyne.

They both love each other, travel together, stay together and earn together. But they are different. Two have different personalities and belong to different cultures, different places, and different backgrounds.

How Nas Daily & Alyne’s relationship started

Well, that’s an interesting story. How they come to know each other is a completely filmy story.

Alyen was one of Nas’s followers & one day she decided to text him. She texted him- Hey! I saw your video it would be fun to hang out and talk and explore.”

Nas fell for the way she texted him, the way she wrote the text. But most importantly the way she looked. And then they decided to meet and that’s how their love story begins.

After a year they made it official.

They are dating since 2017 & have completed 6 years of togetherness.

But as we all know, love stories are not that easy. They have many odds.

Nas Daily & Alyne had a big Breakup

Unfortunately, the couple had a breakup. All the odds come in between. They realized that they were too different from each other. They are not each other soulmates. There’s nothing such as a soulmate. They were disappointed & disheartened.

Like most cases, they also had to break up due to differences. Differences in culture, family, religion, race background, etc.

Here are the differences that came their way:

Nas daily and Alyne’s religion difference

Alyne, an Israeli native, came from a Jewish and Mormon family while Nas, a Palestinian, came from a Muslim family.

Failed first Marriage of Alyne

Alyne was married to a Mormon man. But their marriage didn’t last.

Alyne was still recovering from a failed marriage while Nas was ‘married’ to his work.

Nas Daily & Alyne Tamir Love Story.

Predefined society norms

What society expects from a couple is that a man should be older than a woman in a relationship. But in their case, Alyne was 2 years older than Nas(Nuseir).

And all these odds created a deep trench between them.

Nas daily & Alyne are Back Together

But no matter how deep the trench is, love bridges all the gap. Same as them, Nas & Alyne came together, solved their issues made everything clear, and stayed together.

They stated the reason for being together as-

One. It’s practical. We both have no jobs, love to travel, and are financially independent. Even though we share the same languages, sometimes we don’t even need words.”

Nas Dail & Alyne’s family Refused their love story

But the war is not over yet. Falling in love is easy but staying in love is too tough. Their families refused to accept their relationship.

Nuseir & Alyne didn’t give up fought all the odds and made their families agree. They stated-

“In one year, we taught our families to accept us. Our past, we learnt to let go, and our differences, we for over! It’s simple, we overcame our problems by looking inwards and improving ourselves first.”

And that’s how they made it through all the odds and oil & water stayed together.

Is Nas daily married?

No Nas daily fell in love with Alyne Tamir. Both of them were madly in love with each other. They even got separated due to their religion difference. Still Nas daily and Alyne Tamir aren’t married.

Who is Nas Daily dating?

Nas is dating Alyne Tamir. Their relationship started through a “Text”. Just one text turned their normal life into “Romantic life”.

Are Nas daily and Alyne still together?

Yes, despite so many hurdles, true love wins. Nas & Alyne are still together.


What we all should learn from Nas Daily(Nuseir Yassin) & Alyne love story

We all should learn from Nas Daily(Nuseir Yassin) & Alyne love story that all relationship have their differences. But staying together is our choice, no matter what we have to go through. We should talk and solve the issues, and the differences we are having. But shouldn’t give up on our true love. Every odds can be made even if two decide to do so.

So never ever give up on your person for something that society has defined or for religion or race or background. Talk about it and resolve it. Believe me, you are very lucky if you found your love. Don’t lose it for such odds.

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