Asha Negi love life in live in relationship

Asha Negi Love Life: Love in a live-in relationship

Smily girl Asha Negi was born in Uttrakhand, Dehradun. Beena Negi received Asha Negi on 23 August 1989 in her lap. Being...
Adolf Hitler Love Story

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun- A Dangerous Love Story

I suggest you to do war but never love because in war either you live or you die. But in love neither you live...
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Heer and Ranjha True Love Story: Immortal Love

The tragic love story of Heer and Ranjha is one of the most famous true love stories of Indian origin. The horrible way in...
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Mandodari Sita and Ravana Love Story: Line between Love and Lust

History has many secrets buried inside of her, many love stories yet to be discovered one of those is Mandodari Sita and Ravana Love...
Rani Padmawati Love Story

Rani Padmatvi Story: Glance of the Beauty

Padmavati's Beauty is one of most talked ever since she was the young princess. Every King tried to woo her for marriage but only...

Lord Krishna Love Story: A Love So Historic, But still Inspiring

The Radha- Krishna entanglement was such a pure and mythical tale. Wasn't it? Even today, this amour stands as one of the most adulated story...