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A writer from heart, mind & soul. Author of "In Search Of Divine Love". I write for you to cherish your romantic life. Connect with me to make LOVE LIFE full of feeling, emotion & memory.
one sided love story

An Incomplete, Sweet & Salty One-Sided Love Story

What makes you nostalgic, happy or sad? Do you still remember your one-sided love? Or you still think of your incomplete love...
true love story of india

Dislike Brought Shagufta-Danish closer, Love at its best

Some say true love does not exist, some belief true love has divine power. Every love story has a story. Some love...
astrid menks susan buffett

Don’t Miss Secrets of Astrid Menks-Warren Buffett,Susan

What do you wish to know? And why do you desire to know? I think you are willing to know the secret...
tips for long term relationships

How To Maintain Long Term Relationship After 10 Years

How is your love life going? I know it is moving at its pace. And you are happy with your relationships. But...
Signs man respects & care you

10 Romantic Signs Your Loving Man Respects And Care You

What do we expect in our life? Hmmm, success, money, stardom, happiness, and love. And what is the most important expectation of...
secret desire of a man for women

These Cute (Secret things) Men Like in Women Most

What do women know about men? Ummm you would say man are hardworking, romantic, loving, caring and sexy as well. And...

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ravish kumar love story

Love Story Of Ravish Kumar: A Tale Of Love

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NedwYmUC_QA Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. There is only one happiness in life, to love...

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