Arijit Singh Love Story: A Romantic Melody Of Hearts


You’ve known him as a performer, a musical genius and an artist who has become an Indian youth icon. But do you know Arijit got married the second time? The charismatic singer with the hooded eyes and wavy locks may have stolen a million hearts with his honeyed voice. But who is the girl walked away with his heart? So fans I am going to tell you Arijit Singh love story.

Being as media cautious as he is, this brilliant singer has always tried to keep his personal life under wraps, until now.

Read on to know everything about Arijit Singh love with Koel Roy.

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Arijit Singh Love Story Starts With Immature friendship

Arijit belongs to Jiaganj, in Murshidabad, West Bengal. The girl belonged to a traditional zamindar family whose ancestors migrated from Bundelkhand to Bengal, her grand-father was titled as RaiBahadur and her name was Koyel Singh. Both of them were of same age.

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Arijit Singh Friendship Grew Into Love

Arijit fell in love with this neighborhood girl at his hometown Jiaganj when the singer was in high school. This was the girl who called Arijit when he was in Fame Gurukul and whom Arijit wanted to be his life partner as he admitted in the days in Fame.

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Arijit started struggling in Mumbai and his cute, fair, dimpled girlfriend waited for him at Jiaganj. Both dreamt of tying the knot once Arijit establishes himself as a successful singer. But…

But things were not meant to be happily ever after.

In Fame Gurukul Audition, Arijit met a fellow contestant ‘Ruprekha Banerjee’ and started going well together. They made it to the final 14 contestants in the show.

Ruprekha Banerjee And Arijit Singh Marriage

It was then Arijit got attracted to her and mutual on the other side. Arijit was a runner-up whereas Ruprekha managed to win the title. After there return to Kolkata, both the lovers tied the knot in court marriage…

Arijit Singh on his divorce “She and I wanted different things from life.”

Eventually, the couple split for good and moved on to their separate ways. Because they accept that their marriage was in a hasty and that was immature decision also.

Destiny planned another thing.

When Arijit prospered, Arijit met an elderly divorcee Bengali woman also from Jiaganj. This ordinary lady had nothing attractive compared to Ruprekha. But both was an acquaintance. Guess who??

Her name also was Koyel, now Koyel Roy. She had a baby girl from her previous marriage.

By this time both Koyel, her first, childhood and true love, a girl whom Arijit had forgotten in the blindness and shine of name and fame, returned in his life.

Time came to propose Koyel

It was one evening in Kolkata, and the two were recollecting the days spent together. Now, realizing they have nothing more two lose. Arijit proposed Koyel by singing his rage song of that time ‘Tum Hi Ho’. Why only Koyel any girl will say ‘yes’ in that case.

Koyel Roy who became now Koyel Singh by his husband’s surname.

He gets married to childhood friend

By this time Arijit Singh cemented his status in ‘Bollywood’ as the ‘new singing sensation’. Rolling out one mega-hit after the other and in demand 24×7, Arijit Singh decided that it was time to finally settle down with the true love of his life and start a family.

Life called Love. Love called Koyel. Destiny called Marriage.

Gossips began about their love affair. The lovebirds closed all these gossips when both the couples tied a marriage knot.

On 21 January 2014 at the Tripathi Temple in West Bengal, Arijit married his childhood sweetheart Koel Roy.

The wedding was a traditional Bengali affair with only close family members and friends from music industry. Pritam helped Arijit Singh to establish his career in the music industry.  And Pritam was also present in his marriageas his best supporting man to bless the couple.

Music of married life

Ever since Tum Hi Ho from Aashiqui 2 in 2013, his big break with the huge hit. Arijit has never looked back and reach the height of superstardom.

Arijit and Koel, from teenage to their growing up years. They really know how to keep their relationship cool. And now they are super successful couple.

The four-year-old baby girl from the first marriage of Arijit Singh’s childhood sweetheart and now the loving wife is Koel Singh. His daughter is very fond of the superstar singer.

A Chance To Love

Here is what our singing champ has to say about his love and life.

“Just the fear of getting hit or fell, one can’t stop walking. Just the fear of death, can’t stop from breathing. It’s never too late to again in love and life as well.”

“The two of them had a ‘mannat’ at the Kali temple, which is why the wedding was held there. Both the families had their consent in this marriage.”

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Arijit’s three lifelines: One daughter and two sons are grooving to his mesmerizing voice with his wife Koel Roy Singh by his side in their peace forever.

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Now romantic life began

Arijit begins to fill out his relatively new role as husband and father. You can be sure that the road ahead for him with maybe the latter mellowing down as is going to be filled with many more famous and infamous moments.

So this is the dramatic Arijit Singh love story. We wish Arijit a harmonious future with Koel.

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