Digvijay Singh & Amrita Rai Love Story is Beyond Politics

Love story of Digvijay Singh and Amrita Rai: Love beyond politics

Love knows no age boundaries. When we are in true love, reputation and status are of no relevance. A 67-year-old Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh accepted his affair with 43-year-old Rajya Sabha TV anchor Amrita Rai. Their news of marriage completely rocked the chair in parliament. Let’s get a sneak peek of what is this … Read more

Sachin pilot & Sara Abdullah Love Story was Hindu-Muslim DRAMA

sachin pilot sara abdullah love story

Love is blind and has no boundaries. It’s something beyond Society, Religion and culture. It is the purest and selfless form that connects two souls forever with each other. The heart-melting love story of Sachin pilot and Sara Abdullah will make you believe the power of Love once again. Let us read Sachin Pilot & … Read more



Imran Khan is famous crickter, poltician and now PM of Pakistan. Today you are going to read Imran khan love story & relationship. Two individuals find love in one another but the path of its continuation seems to be a very difficult act. Numerous relationships or names come to the spotlight if taken in the … Read more

Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton Love Story Began in Civics Class

Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton love story

Not all the politicians are into their serious and political characteristics. Even they have their own coolness and loveable attitude. The political power couple, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton both share a really lovely bond and a cute love story beyond their political moves. So scroll down to read amazing Bill Clinton & Hilary Clinton … Read more

Shashi Tharoor Love Story is Incomplete with 2 wife

shashi tharoor love story

Life is never stable in an individual’s life. Life always plays its game and takes its turn when unexpected. It was the same with the love and life story of Indian Politician and writer Shashi Tharoor. Shashi Tharoor & Tilottama Mukherji marriage end Tilottama Mukherji is born a half – Kashmiri and half-Bengali who was … Read more