Manmohan Singh & Gursharan Kaur Love Story


People have their own various perspectives with regard to every aspect of life. Even when one is a famous personality, they have their own characteristic attitudes. The former Prime Minister of our Nation, Dr. Manmohan Singh too had different perspectives. On the various aspects of life along with the intellectual and moral values as well. Today we will share love story of Manmohan Singh and Gursharan Kaur.

“STRICTLY PERSONAL – Daman Singh Inks The Story”

Not much is known about the bonding and the personal life of Dr. Manmohan Singh, not as the Prime Minister of India. Until his daughter, Daman Singh decided to ink the life story. The story of her parents, Dr. Manmohan Singh and Gursharan Kaur into the beauty of words.

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Then she began and went on to name the book as “Strictly Personal”. Daman went on to describe her mother as a vivacious, talented and resilient person. She has been the center of the family for all.

Dr. Manmohan Singh had his perspectives about the idea of marriage and about the girl he would get married to. Gursharan Kaur was a young beautiful girl. Gursharan Kaur had an outgoing personality of hers, a lot different from that of Manmohan Singh.

He had his basic values and moral thoughts about being educated. And the importance of education according to Manmohan Singh was even more important than any other aspect.

He expected he would be wise also to be valued with the quality education. The very first question was based on her educational qualification.

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Manmohan asked Gursharan about which division in BA she had achieved. Singh was satisfied as she responded to give a reply as “Second Class”.

But still, he didn’t stop there. Singh went on to the respective college in which she had studied. Manmohan met the Principal and enquired about her academic credentials.

Gursharan Kaur career interest

Gursharan Kaur was average in her studies and was never like Manmohan Singh. Gursharan Kaur used to just manage to pass her exams. Gursharan was more interested in singing Gurbani and games. Kaur intended to be a school teacher.

Manmohan Singh & Gursharan Kaur love bond

Manmohan Singh and Gursharan Kaur got engaged even without having a glance at each other’s face. But they were allowed to meet after their engagement. They were given no time to cherish any love between them.

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Dr. Manmohan Singh was 26 years old and Gursharan Kaur was 21 years old when the two got married in the year 1958. They have three daughters, Upinder Singh, Daman Singh, and Amrit Singh. They have till date lived a cherished and happy life. Even though they have been 2 people from totally different thoughts and characteristics. Manmohan Singh & Gursharan Kaur love story is sweet.

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