Sebastian Stan’s Love Story Timeline: 6 Girlfriends Who Broke His Heart

Sebastian Stan love story

Sometimes love comes but doesn’t really stay. People often find other people whom they like but the question is whether they will stay together, forever. Just like this, in Sebastian Stan’s love story and relationship timeline, many women come but no one really stayed. You may ask why. Shall we find out?

Dating is hard, loving is harder, and staying in a relationship without love is the hardest and also the worst thing. Sebastian Stan has a passionate romantic history with six different women but still, he has failed to win himself a queen of hearts. Why did his relationships not work out? Was it always his fault or of the women he dated?

Sebastian has an abundance of ex-girlfriends but still remains on a quest to find the woman of his life. Let’s take a look at all the gorgeous women Sebastian has dated but never really stayed for it to become something more. Here is Sebastian Stan’s love story and relationship timeline that stays unfinished.

Who is Sebastian Stan?

Sebastian Stan is a Romanian-American actor who was born in 1982. He is most popular for his role as Bucky Barnes also known as Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His birthplace is Constanta, Romania.

When Sebastian was just two years old he had to go through a difficult time. His parents decided to get divorced. Maybe he did get affected by this and later on, when he finally started dating he couldn’t really make any of his relationships work.

Recently his portrayal of Tommy Lee in the Pam & Tommy miniseries on Hulu gained him a lot of recognition and love. He has done movies like I, Tonya in 2017, and Fresh in 2022.


Sebastian Stan’s first girlfriend, Leighton Meester (2008)

Sebastian Stan love story

Sebastian Stan and Leighton Meester first met on the sets of Gossip Girl where they both were playing huge roles. He liked Leighton and found her interesting, sophisticated, and extremely funny.

For Valentine’s Day, Sebastian got a custom abstract painting made for Leighton based on her favorite colors and poems! If that doesn’t scream romance I don’t know what will! The two love birds were flying happily across the world full of love.

But after two years in 2010, everything crashed and burned. Sebastian and Leighton broke up with each other. Why? Apparently, Leighton didn’t know how to be in a relationship and never really liked any of her boyfriends. Her fans still don’t understand what she might mean by that. After all, love and like are two completely different feelings.

Maybe, it is hard to love and like the same person. It is not important that you feel both of these feelings for the same person. Still, she mentioned that it was quite devastating to have their relationship end like that but it also did teach her a lot about herself. This shows how Leighton still tried to stay positive.

Sebastian Stan’s second girlfriend, Dianne Agron (2011)

Sebastian Stan love story

Sebastian and Dianne started dating each other in the middle of the year 2011. However, the relationship wasn’t long-lasting at all and they broke up just in a couple of months.

The reason behind their breakup was long distance relationship as well as Dianna’s constant fear of Sebastian cheating on her with some other girl. Trust can break or make a relationship. It is still not clear if Sebastian gave a reason to Dianna to question his loyalty or not.

Undoubtedly she had some relationship issues and it got the best of her and Sebastian. She couldn’t stop worrying and he just couldn’t keep up with all the reassurances. All the boyfriends around the world cannot play the game of validation 24/7. But dear readers, those who do, keep them.

Sebastian Stan’s third girlfriend, Jennifer Morrison (2012)

Sebastian Stan love story

After his break up with Dianne, Sebastian started dating his costar Jennifer from the sets of Once Upon a Time. Now you may be wondering how these two met.

They started dating when Sebastian came as a guest on the show but their romance was really short-lived. The couple broke up after four months of dating. Apparently, they just grew apart.

They would have made a really cute couple though, don’t you think? Unfortunately, looking cute is not something that leads a relationship to success.

Sebastian Stan’s fourth girlfriend, Margarita Levieva (2014)

Sebastian Stan love story

Sebastian and Margarita were together for two years from 2014 to 2016. The couple was really cute and would often share each other’s pictures on their Instagram. Talk about giving your fans a public display of affection.

However, they broke up as well. It’s still not clear why the couple broke up because the way they showed their affection towards each other in front of the entire world was truly contagious. Everyone loved them!

Sebastian would send her flowers on her movie set and they would dance together all the time. They never gave any reasons behind their breakup. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Sebastian Stan’s fifth girlfriend, Alejandra Onieva (2020)

Sebastian Stan love story

Sebastian and Alejandra were seen kissing on a yacht in Ibiza in 2020. They kept their relationship pretty private for a couple of years but then started being public about it.

They would share cute video montages of each other from their relationship and share them online. But soon the couple broke up in 2021 and they also gave no reason behind their breakup.

It is truly frustrating to not know the real reason behind a celebrity couple’s break-up! However, we should also be respectful of their privacy and let our curiosity get the best of us.

Sebastian Stan’s sixth girlfriend, Annabelle Wallis (2022)

Who doesn’t know the famous Peaky Blinders actress, Annabelle Wallis? Well, our dreamy boy, Sebastian Stan, and Annabelle Wallis sparked relationship rumors when they were cozying up to each other at Robert Pattinson’s 36th birthday party.

Please remember that they both had come out of very serious and heartbreaking relationships at that time. Annabelle had broken up with Chris Pine and Sebastian was still getting linked to Onieva. In December 2022, they were also seen making a public appearance together.

Is Sebastian Stan currently in a relationship?

No. Sebastian Stan is not currently in a relationship.

How long did Sebastian Stan and Jennifer Morrison date?

Sebastian and Jennifer only dated for a while and broke up within some months.

Who is Sebastian Stan’s girlfriend?

Currently, Sebastian is not dating anybody but his last relationship was with Alejandra Onieva.

Are Sebastian Stan and Margarita Levieva still together?

No, Sebastian and Margarita broke up in 2016.


Thoughts on Sebastian Stan’s love story & relationship timeline

Sebastian Stan’s love story & relationship timeline is definitely still unfinished. He is going through his fair share of relationships in the industry. Even after finding many women that he can be compatible with the actor has still failed to find his true love.

This shows us that finding love that stays with you sometimes can be hard but it also teaches you a lot about yourself. Hopefully one day he will indeed get the woman of his life and be happy with her forever!

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