Alok Dixit is a journalist turned social activist and founder  of ‘Save Your Voice’ and ‘Stop Acid Attack’ campaign.

Laxmi Aggarwal, known as Laxmi is an acid attack survivor who is now associated with ‘Stop Acid Attack’ campaign.

The Beginning 

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Laxmi  became an acid attack victim when an obsessed lover threw acid on her face in 2005.Her case spread like fire and she was in news and newspapers.One of her journalist friend knew Alok who was running the Acid Attack campaign at that time and introduced Alok to Laxmi.

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Alok, who was impressed by Laxmi’s bravery quoted:

I love people who are alive and want to change the world and just not live their own life. She fought for justice despite her own ordeal.

And Love Happened

Alok admits that it was Laxmi’s spirit that made him fall in love with her:

When she came to us, she was bold and smart. Unlike other girls who shy away and move covering their faces but Laxmi moved with open face. I saw a fighter in her and gradually fell in love.

The two were mutually attracted to each other not by their physical appearance but by the fact of being the voice of change. They had same mission – to fight for acid attack victims.

In fighting for justice a day working together, the two fell in love with each other.

The Marriage

Laxmi and Alok are together since 2014 but aren’t married. They have immense love for each other and duo respects ones decision. They are committed and engaged in live-in relationship.

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On asking about their marriage :

Laxmi says-

We don’t want people to come to our wedding and comment on my looks. The looks of bride are most important for people. So we decided not to have any ceremony.

Alok says –

We do not intend to get married because I do not believe in the institution of marriage. I believe that two people do not need a certificate to remain together in the society. So in the beginning itself we decided that we are not getting married and would stay in a live-in relationship.

Love explored


“I hated men for a long time after that”

“Love was a word that unsettled me. That idea of love, the one that you get to watch in Bollywood films, haunted me. I would sing love songs but the words were hollow. They didn’t mean anything to me.”

“Alok was a breath of fresh air for me. I had been feeling suffocated and burdened. I felt he was ready to share the burden with me”


“I have immense respect for Laxmi. She is a tremendous life force. She chose to fight in the face of adversity when other victims like her were discouraged by families or were reluctant to come out of their homes”.

“She has instilled confidence in other young women who see her as a beacon of hope. She has compelled them to come out of the closet and face the world. Mind you, it’s not easy for them to face people staring at them which often reminds of the event that has altered their lives.”

Pihu-The gift

The most beautiful gift this sacred relationship is Laxmi and Alok’s daughter-Pihu.

Alok and Laxmi declared themselves to be proud parents when their daughter Pihu was born on March 25,2015.

So ,do you still believe looks are important in loving a person?  Laxmi and Alok have turned down the norms of society and are happily living together giving the true definition of love that people genuinely need.





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