Binny Bansal, an Indian software engineer and internet entrepreneur, is the co-founder of Flipkart.

He has now been promoted to being the Chief Executive Officer(CEO).

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He graduated from IIT Delhi with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

Just a simple one

Having a simple yet a precious love story is hard to find.

Trisha Vasudeva met Binny Bansal during his IIT days.

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She was doing Engineering from YMCA Engineering College, in Faridabad, back then.
She originally belongs to Faridabad itself.

It has been said that Trisha had visited IIT Delhi for a project submission in a national level seminar.

And there she came across Binny with whom she exchanged glances and they soon started striking conversations.

And then they became friends.

And then you obviously know, how the cycle works.
Long Conversations,and a few dates made the deal.
And this is surely enough for a boy to fall for a girl.

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And soon, Binny proposed Trisha, at which she immediately and happily responded positively.

Long Distance!

Binny then went to the US in seek of a job, while they maintained their relationship strongly.

He was previously employed with Amazon and was even rejected by Google, twice.

Binny (left) with Sachin (right) – the founders of Flipkart

He then came back to India, with a goal of starting something big, and then he co-founded Flipkart, with Sachin Bansal (not a relative).


Binny soon married Trisha Vasudeva, now Trisha Bansal,who was his girlfriend since many years.

They got married on th February, 2010.
They now stay in Kormangala, Bangalore.

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Their house is just near the Flipkart Headquarters and Binny’s parents still stay in Chandigarh.


Isn’t this just a simple yet a valuable love tale?

2 lovers meet, they work hard towards their career, work for a purpose in their life, set benchmarks, and when they get successful and satisfied, they fulfil their previous vows by getting married and loving each other till eternity!

A love so perfect!

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