radhika apte love story

Well Love surely doesn’t have any conditions applied for the alluring actress- Radhika Apte!
Radhika Apte has worked in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, and Marathi-language films.

Being beautiful, versatile and evolving out of her comfort zone has surely made Radhika Apte an independent and a strong woman.

I can’t have double standards, so I do what I believe in!
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Recently she was seen in the movie – Padman, which made us pay a drastic heed to awake our senses towards the major issue in our society!
Kudos to this Woman!


Man of Radhika Apte Life! Benedict Taylor

As passionate and tenacious she is, she never stopped leaning new things.
Back then Radhika visited the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, to learn her Contemporary dances.

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While she was in London, who knew that she’d meet the love of her life- Benedict Taylor, who came from a respectful British family.

Benedict was a renowned contemporary musician. And it was because of their similar interests that they hit it off being a great couple, in no time!

No conditions applied for Love!
Obstacles? What are they!?

Long distance relationships don’t work? Well, take lessons from these two love birds!
Having a long distance relationship , surely didn’t worsen things for these two! Infact, their love developed more and more for each other!
Being an actress, Radhika had to perform sensual scenes at times, but by having the required support from her man, Radhika never backed out and outnumbered all the scenes impeccably!

I don’t have a boyfriend, because I am married


Wedding Bells!

Radhika and Benedict soon opted for a court marriage just after completing a year of dating. Well, when the Love is real and pure, you just know it.

And can we even blame Benedict? Radhika has proved to be so flawless that she has attracted so many handsome men towards her magnificent personality!

Later in 2013,Radhika and Benedict got committed in the holy bonds of matrimony and emerged as an official strong couple.
It has been 5 years since they got married, but it had remained a lesser known fact. Isn’t it?

Life after Marriage Rahhika Apte & Bendict Taylor

Due to a busy schedule of work in the movies, Radhika mostly lives in India. And Benedict, in London.


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And that’s the thing about Radhika and Benedict, they have always kept their personal and private lifes in their own categories and have supported and loved each other unconditionally.

I try and visit every couple of months and he also comes so we’re not away from each other for more than a month.

Loving and marrying a person of another Nationality surely involves obstacles. But Love is all about the efforts you make and the little contributions you put in your relationship. That’s how Love evolves and stays strong.
And as for these two love birds, love for them is increasing expeditiously day by day!

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