How To Have A Happy Long Distance Relationship ?


Long Distance Relationships,the thought of staying away from each other in a relationship bothers but what happens when you really have to ?
Will it work?It will be difficult to continue things. How will we make up for things?

Yes, you can definitely deal with your long distance relationship in a happy way as you were before with each other.

1. Prioritize Talking

Prioritize does not mean talking to each other the whole day and doing no other work. Prioritise your time from your busy schedule so that you both have a particular time you both talk to each other because communication is a must to keep relationship healthy.

2. Give Virtual Space

Giving space to each other in a relationship is another aspect of a healthy relationship.Don’t rush to reply every text,email or message that you receive.

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Don’t expect your partner to immediately respond to every text you leave.Give them their virtual space to do so.

3. Skype

Texting and making phone calls is must but sometimes you want much more than hearing.Connecting with skype is the best way to talk to each other face to face.

4. Be Open And Honest

When you are in a long distance relationship,it is easy to hide things.But a healthy relationship requires honesty and transparency to grow stronger so better open up with your partner and talk about things that clinge your mind.

5. Regular Visits

Just like texting and talking and skyping with each other,meeting is also very important.Make sure you visit regularly to maintain the steadiness in the relationship.

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Remember regular visits does not mean meeting the person every week but it does not mean not visiting and seeing your partner for long span of time.

6. Virtual Dates

Yes,you heard right you can make up for dates.You can go on a movie date or a dinner date together.But how’s that possible?You can do it through skype watching the same movie at your place and discussing about the same or have dinner while skyping with each other in a romantic way.

7.Celebrate Everything

You are happy or excited about something.Just call him and dhare your feelings and how you feel with your partner.

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If you achieved something or got promotion,share it with your partner and celebrate the event virtually being with each other.

8. Write To Each Other

Try writing letters and emails or if you write poems that too will also work.Writing reflects your emotions and your feelings more deeply than talking or texting.


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